Isn’t Jeff Timmer A Precious Soul? Such A Strong Little “Man”

I was reading about how this little man who is a no name—-Jeff Timmer. Evidently, he is dumping all over Melania Trump. Such a tough guy. A real man….Bravo, sweetheart.

As I was browsing some online magazines about Mrs. Trump today, I came across an article written by a Left wing loser….But, this person being a Left wing Loser stopped to notice that Melania Trump has been the LEAST vocal First Lady in our history. This means she is really undeserving of this type childish behavior.

That didn’t stop this little mary, Jeffy Timmer from being an ‘asshole’. But, then again, Timmer prides himself on being one. People who have to present themselves as ‘assholes’ usually can’t get attention any other way.

In any event…… I find it interesting that the “Never Trump” crowd are really like menstruating, whiny, teenage girls. What’s that other idiot’s name? Rick? Wilson? He was always crying about Trump. The one with the bald head—-he looks like Humpty Dumpty.

At any rate, the ‘proud to be an asshole‘ Timmer said this about Mrs. Trump:

One of Timmer’s ‘friends’ said this:

I guess the Biden calls for unity went over these ‘asshole’s’ heads. For 4 long years, the Communists and their Pinko GOP allies absolutely psychologically took ‘horse dumps’ all over Conservative people. Still, they’re not happy that they ‘won’ the election….(although, with voter fraud.)

Anyhow… Let’s pray someone kicks this mary in his bacteria sized pecker—really hard.

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