Military Dogs STARVING, Looking For Food/Water In Kabul. DISGUSTING. ARREST DEMOCRATS, NOW!!!

Military Dogs STARVING, Looking For Food/Water In Kabul. DISGUSTING

Dogs roaming the airport. Just terrible. They are looking for food and water. This is absolutely repulsive. I’m just about vomiting. Our nation has become a complete disgrace.

Where are all the liberal animal rights groups?

The Kris Kelly Foundation is in Kabul, Afghanistan.

CLICK: AfutgucnsestSdeoSpuaot 31 nidasshrsrt 1oe2:lrt41t edPM  ·

OR:  Exclusive Video: US Contract Service Dogs Abandoned in Kabul Filmed Roaming the Airport – Biden Lied generated Image



People better wake up.  We ARE headed into a Super Depression.  Companies and corps cannot survive what the Governors have put them through.  People are not going to be able to make their Mortgages. They won’t be able to pay for their cars.  Their rent, etc.  





You may be thinking to yourself, “Once this coronavirus crisis ends, then the financial crisis will end, too.”

Don’t bet on it.

This was a crisis waiting to happen. All the ingredients of a serious financial crisis were already here in America long before coronavirus even appeared in China.

It was gunpowder waiting for ignition. The virus is simply the spark that blew it all up.

The truth is, this crisis is already worse than the Great Recession. And it’s even approaching the Great Depression in severity.

So, everyone who’s counting on the government to get us out of this mess is in for a rude awakening.

Because even if the Federal Reserve floods the economy with trillions of new dollars, it still won’t be enough.

The government simply can’t bail out every small business and every big corporation in America.

It can’t bail out every city and every state that’s in trouble.

And it can’t bail out all the banks that go broke.

As this crisis continues to unfold, these glaring truths will become all too apparent — and painful.

TRUMP’S Emergency COVID19 Pkg Is For THE PEOPLE, NOT D *OR* R Political Interests!!!!!!!!!!!

TRUMP’S Emergency Coronavirus Pkg Is For THE PEOPLE, NOT D OR R Politicians

President Trump wanted to give THE PEOPLE $1500.00 per working person and $500.00 per child during this SNAFU.  This pkg (which we really can’t even afford) is supposed to be for THE PEOPLE.  Both sides of the political aisle want either:  A: D’s-Money for baby murder or B: R’s-Money for Corp’s.  

The PEOPLE do NOT want to pay for Corporations!! You animals need to take your own money from your own reserves and help your own damned company.  R’s keep throwing their Corps in.  Democrats keep throwing in Communist causes like paying for baby murder.  What the HELL is wrong with you pigs!?




Republican pork:

Democrat pork:

This is what is intended:

KS SOS, Kobach Requests Prosecutors Use Ku Klux Klan Laws With Illegal Supporters Harassing Him

KS SOS, Kobach Requests Prosecutors Use Ku Klux Klan Laws With Illegal Supporters Harassing Him


First, the illegal-supporting slimes throw shoes at nice, handsome, law-abiding Kris Kobach.  Now, they act like the KKK.  It SO figures.  I get told off all the time for referring to Commies as Nazis, but I see no real difference.  The Nazis were racists, Illegal Mestizos are racists.  The Nazis targeted Jews.  The Dem/Commies targets Christians AND Jews – as do the illegal supporters.  The Nazis shoved their way into peoples homes. The Demo-Commies and the illegal enforcers do the same.  So, tell me off all you want, but they act like NAZIS.  Add Obama, the leading henchman who is a Christian-hating, Jew hating, gun-grabbing NAZI just like Hitler and you have the perfect SNAFU:

Click: The Huffington Post 

Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach (R) continued to push back Tuesday against a weekend demonstration by pro-immigration advocates, arguing that the gathering outside his home was an example of a “KKK type of intimidation.”

Scotty FACE

Good Jew or, at least…funny:


Take A Good Look At The EVIL Obama, Kerry & Klinton Have Brought To The Syrian People

Take A Good Look At The EVIL Obama, Kerry & Klinton Have Brought To The Syrian People

These bastards should be tried for crimes against humanity.  Throw the Bush’s in while you’re at it.  (Sorry, GOP people, he was bad, too)  Just look at the misery in OUR name:

We will not escape the wrath that is coming.  Or, are these people not important because they’re not AmeriKan?  I used to think that way.  Before the internet came along…….Anyway: We had a commenter here, yesterday who takes up for these insane freaks.

 ‘The US backed Jihadists have been threatening to use chemical weapons all along. In recent weeks, Jihadists have posted videos threatening to use poisonous gas and showing off stockpiles of ingredients for poison gas… video hat tip False Flag?


It’s WONDERFUL How My Constant Bickering Has Turned My Fooled Moderate Family Into Americans, Again.

If you sat at the Thanksgiving table, and you did not take the opportunity to tell your family to wake the hell up..Then, you are a person that is just full of shit in life and on the blogosphere… In fact, name yourself cowardly-traitor.   If you care so little for your own kin, & unwilling to piss them off to get their asses moving, then YOU are the one that helping enable this SNAFU….

  Now, take my life… I never shut up about the threat of Communism. NOT EVER. I have screamed, shouted, ranted and raved to my family & friends for over 20 plus years.  I have told them for 2 decades that America was/is going Commie. I have written many letters, composed soap-boxes, sent in editorials to just about every newspaper in the few towns I have lived in, and have been published time and time again.    My family would get annoyed…because they didnt want me to ‘stir the pot.’  Well, I cant help it.  I will ‘stir the pot’, cuss, be a mean pain in the ass,  until my family and EVERY person around me wakes the hell up to the Commie takeover of the once great USA.  If they  keep listening,  they will realize that their frustration toward me was in vain if the things I predict come to pass.  Do people realize that genocide & death comes along with Commu-NAZI-ism?? Hello?

  Anyway…. Finally, my mother has had enough of the ‘H.N.I.C’.  You that are over 35 know what this means.  She hates Obamas guts so bad, that my once semi-p.c. mother called our prez a “Communist, Muslim Nigger“.  Whahhh, thats racist… I told her–pushing her just a little… She said: “Daughter, I frankly dont give a good G’d-damned”.    Well, well… Isnt that a peach…!!  Why would I think this is a ‘peach?’    Because nobody gives a crap what names you call people anymore.  Thanks “Liberals!”  You over-used your little weapon, and now the weapon is n.a.d.a.  I figured this would happen at some point. Hoorah.

  This, of course, shocked my devout, religious brother. 😀    But, too bad.    And, I DO love him very much…I told him flat out: ‘Brother, you were in the USAF for 20 years…you went to the 1st Gulf war, Korea, 2nd Gulf war and Afghanistan. You fixed fighters jets…for what? So my mother can vent, as an American is SUPPOSED to vent when their govt is INSANE‘.  He could only shake his head, in agreement. I wont even go there with what my step-father feels…

So, I will end with this, until I feel like writing more:

If you cannot stand up and demand your family listen to the danger we are in and headed towards- Shut your trap on the net.

If a little fighting in your living-room gets you in a tizzy, you aint worth America and never were. America suffers from cowardice and YOU are the problem..Face the truth.


NOBODY picks this up. The REAL news goes unheard.  This is UNBELIEVABLE to me; A shootout between civilian gangs and the police/task forces in broad daylight!?  You should see many of these people, telling the writer of this story he is ‘inaccurate and racist’. Are we kidding here?! People are being MURDERED and these asshats still say “RACIST?”  WAKE THE FK UP! This subversion is getting more people murdered. If you  lack the courage to stand up to the bully, the bully will WIN.


Maybe some people are  too intimidated by these criminal, occupying invaders. I think so. At any rate this is the real news of the terror, REAL terror that Salinas residents are living in. There is still about 38% whites in Salinas. But, it is overwhelmingly Hispanic, and it is dangerous. This is what gangs and occupying invaders do; TERRORIZE. Islam has ZERO on these gangs.  This below story is the facts, with the exception of the body count; I don’t give a rats ass about criminal occupiers, but there are thousands of sneakers hanging on the cable lines in Salinas, which means there have been way more murders that the city allows to be printed.

UPDATE! Last Night, FOX News FINALLY Covered The SNAFU Bed-Bug Situation

Go to fullsize imageRATED R Post.

I have been talking about these friggin bed-bugs for months.  This is a SNAFU, and FINALLY Fox news covers it….Now?? Is this nation f*cking insane?  What the hell is up with FOX News?? UPDATE: Yahoo is covering this right now:

Bedbugs shut down NYC’s Niketown

 Bee 2 Companies have closed down, and where is our precious MSM? No-place.  What the hell are they hoping for? That we all keel over and die from illegals?? You think these damned bed-bugs came from INSIDE America? It didn’t.  It is coming in from 3rd world scum/ILLEGALS. See this, I have already written about it:

Bedbugs In NYC, & Salmonella Eggs? ILLEGALS~Bill Clinton INFECTED! HA HA HA! & Bed Bugs Now In Colorado College-SNAFU, Epidemic~FROM ILLEGALS

   Fly When is FOX News going to just say: “FUCK IT, FUCK THE LEFT, we have to report the truth, even if we lose our jobs”  It is not like they are poor.  Honor and nobility, more important than all the money in this world.

This is what bed bugs do to people:




I just do, I see it, and one thing people, whites stand alone while the vermin RAVAGE, pillage, plunder and rape. 

And they WILL.  When there is NO $$$, they WILL RIOT.

If anything I can see from the election of Barack HUSSEIN Obama is a massive UPPITY attitude from American ‘minorities’

You know who I am talking about….3rd worlders, uh…black people…uh.. illegals…uh mean Mexican people.


 The people I know that are black and Mexican, are GOOD, God fearing individuals that LOVE America,  I REFUSE to hang with the dregs of society, whether they are white, Jew, Christian, black, brown, yellow, etc..but the FACT is that the ‘minorities’ will RIOT when things get out of control. 

The bad part is we DO NOT have morally sound people in the W.H., but traitors that will probably let the streets go to hell. 

 I need to REFRESH your memory how BAD IT CAN GET:

(click on the pictures for a bigger view)

“White people will never riot a la Watts.”

You’re right, White folks would have a chain of command and a strategy for getting what they wanted, not just a mindless desire to raise hell. They’re also a good bit more lethal once aroused, something many seem to have forgotten in their haste to blame all the world’s evils on white folks. Sooner or later, they’ll figure, “we’re already getting blamed and paying for being evil, let’s do it”.

Rev. Manning is more in touch with things that most I’d say. People are fed up and they’re only waiting for the straw to come along to justify their declaring the camel’s back broken. If history is any guide, some stupid democrap will break the camels back with something they intended to be just for gaining the upper hand in democrap infighting…. see where I got this from:


Several talk-radio hosts have discussed the overtly pro-Muslim (and even anti-American) remarks in the text of [Alleged] President Barack Obama earlier today in Cairo. But, so far, even some of the heavy-hitters of the talk-radio world have avoided analyzing the “code-speak” contained in his landmark speech.

This column seeks to help average Americans to understand the hidden meanings that Obama has conveyed — on our behalf —  to the Muslim world.

see the rest here: <<Home link.

People better take a look at this wild, insane Jokerman that has turned America over to our ENEMIES.

Mr. Kovach {above} was kind enough to share this information to the world, (but mainly the U.S.) so that I could place it here, in hopes of EVERYONE please linking this on your sites, this very unsettling information:

The Holy Bible is full of examples of people who had names with prophetic meaning. In fact, every person in the Bible has a name that carries a meaning relevant to the story. My favorite example is from 1st Samuel 15, where a man named Nabal picked a fight with David’s militia. The name Nabal means “fool”.

I have written previously about the meaning of the name of the name of Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmedi-Nejad. (Although it is commonly written as all one word, his family name is actually a compound word.) Every time the president of Iran signs his paycheck, he looks down and reads in Farsi: “the praiseworthy descendant of the one most highly to be praised”. Is it any wonder, then, that he has such an enormous ego as to consider himself prophetically ordained to destroy Israel?

In most cultures of the world, the naming of children is taken very seriously. Many cultures do as the Hebrews did during Bible times, attaching prophetic significance to a person’s name. That is also the case with the Luo people of the Nyanza province of southwestern Kenya.

That is the ethnic group from which American presidential candidate Senator Barack Hussein Obama descends. The senator’s father, a Muslim, gave his son names from the Arabic language. The first name Barack means “blessing”. (Oddly, in the Hebrew language, the same word, barak, means “lightning”. For the Bible significance, see Luke 10:18.) The senator’s middle name means “handsome”. But, the last name Obama does not come from Arabic. It comes from the Luo language.

It means “crooked”. 1

Really. Obama means “crooked”, “zigzag”, or “not in a straight line”. So, the meaning of his entire name — as it would be understood by diplomats from Africa or the Arab world — is: “the blessing from the handsome one that is crooked”.

So… is his name prophetic, or mere coincidence?

1. Obtaining a reliable translation from the Luo language — which is spoken by only 13 percent of the people of Kenya — proved difficult. There is no complete Luo-English dictionary. Two professors of African studies at universities in the United States were not able to provide the translation. The staff of the Embassy of Kenya was reluctant to even discuss the Luo language with me, much less provide a translation. (As it turns out, there has been ethnic rioting in the street, because the supporters of the second-place presidential candidate believe the election was “stolen” by fraud. The second-place candidate, and the rioters, came from the Luo tribe.

(Hmmmmmmmm.) A reliable translation finally came from a professor of linguistics that grew up in Kenya and is a Luo speaker.–Obama_name_means.html

**Please see that this is a man of great integrity, that is an AMERICAN Conservative Independent, like  many of you, my friends that come here.

PLEASE support him for his run in Congress:

Mr. Kovach: TN state chairman
America’s Independent Party
works with API, so that we all can get this word out ASAP.  This HAS to be stopped, people.

Mr. Kovach will stand up to this, I am 100% positive.

PLEASE support Tom Kovach, in ANY way that you can. Even if we drop to our knees, if we have a man like Tom Kovach, he is strong enough to take us through terrible times, he has a keen sense of the prophetic which I see is 100% Kosher.

Information on Mr. Kovach {click  on these links}:


public speaker


founder of
Change Our Schools

Writer (including
investigative columns)

Thanks to API, and Mr. Kovach, this information is here, to LINK and pass on.

To book Tom for a speaking engagement, please contact the 1SG Agency.