DICTATOR/Tyrant, Obama Offers H.S. Seniors $30,000+ To Snoop For NSA

DICTATOR/Tyrant, Obama Offers H.S. Seniors $30,000+ To Snoop For NSA

I was watching the “Swing kids” last night on DVD.. So many horrible similarities in Hitler, Stalin and now Obama.  Watch this video @ 6 mins-7 mins (Thomas, the son turns his father in to the nazis.)  It seems that this is the way the radical left wants to take us, just slightly different:

Now, Obama wants to buy our kids off for a pot of porridge so they can sell out parents & patriots–God only knows what else.  It’s fascism, stupid. What the hell else do you think it is????


ISRAEL-Obama’s NSA Snoops The Jews, Too~Says Former Mossad Agent.

So, Obama’s NSA Snoops The Jews In Israel Too, Says Former Mossad Agent.

I am not shocked by this.. BUT, if Obama was running an illegal 3rd term, the Commie Jews would vote for him, anyway.  Most Leftist Jews hate Israel.   Its not “Zionism” that isn’t Judaism, its Communism that isn’t Judaism.  True Jews support their brethren in Israel, if only with moral support–as we do here, for the most part.   Anyway-Its odd.. Nazis and Commie Jews–both on the same page in so many aspects when it comes to Israel.. 

It’s not just in Europe where US evesdropping on diplomats’ phones has taken place. They’ve been doing it even with Israel’s:

It is very likely that American spy agencies are listening in on Israeli leaders’ phone calls, as they are accused of having done in Germany and dozens of other countries, former Mossad head Danny Yatom told Maariv/nrg.

“It could very well be that it happened here, too, because when the Americans think they need to listen in on someone, that’s what they do,” he stated.

Seriously, sane fellow Jews:  Go Independent & Patriotic.  You’ll always be safe that way in America.