So, Dems “Won” The Election. Now, Will You Just LEAVE US ALONE!?

So, Dems “Won” The Election. Now, Will You Just LEAVE US ALONE!?

People voted for DJT because they wanted to be LEFT ALONE. We wanted to just live our lives without the government bothering us. Thats why we all voted for Trump. We didn’t want any more of your ‘progressive’, (Communist, foreign ideological) politics.

We just want to be left alone. That’s all. How is that too much to ask? Pass your lunacy in established Communist states. NOT the ones you stole like Arizona & GA. Just leave us be. Stay out of our lives. Stop pushing your chit all over us. Push your baby murder and tranny silliness in your own states. Go do it there and leave us be. We do NOT agree on abortion and homosexual militancy. We WILL NOT EVER agree on these issues. So, stop shoving it on us. How hard is that?




Go screw each-other in your own stupid states and off your own children THERE. Leave our states alone. That’s all. That’s it. Do your “Progressive” insanity in YOUR states. Encourage YOUR fellow Leftists to go move there. Stop bullying us. Leave the churches and synagogues alone. Leave us be.

We do not want you in our lives. We don’t want your ‘education’. Go teach it to fools who do want it. LEAVE US ALONE. If people do not want something you are peddling, you LEAVE THEM ALONE.

I cant stand Roger Waters because he just hates my few Israeli friends but this song totally states what I feel.

PS: I will not ever believe Biden ‘won’. He got more votes than Obama the insane? Nope.

So, Whats Issa Going To Do Being That Sebelius Obstructed Justice??

So, Whats Issa Going To Do Being That Sebelius Obstructed Justice??

More smoke and mirrors.  Talk, talk and talk some more. Do a tap dance and give we the people the old razzle dazzle ’em bullsht…

A fashion look from August 2013

Darrell Issa singing to us stupid Americans:

UPDATE: So, I Hear That Obama Is Accusing Dems Turning On ObamaCare Of Mutiny?

So, I Hear That Obama Is Accusing Dems Turning On O’Care Of Mutiny?

Anyone else hear this?  My Mom just called me and said she saw it on a ticker-tape on a TV news station? That Obama Is ‘Accusing Dems Turning On O’Care Of Mutiny?’   Anyone else hear Obama trashing his base?  Accusing them of ‘mutiny?’   HA.   Is it possible they are showing it on ticker tape because they’re scared of being called racist?   We’ll soon see.  At any rate: Obama is the mutineer against WE THE PEOPLE.   He’s got some damned nerve.. 


Update, Megyn Kelly:

#BusinessPrivilege Why Would “Wild Wings Cafe” S.C. Kick Black People Out Of Their Restaurant?

So, Why Would “Wild Wings Cafe” In SC Kick Black People Out Of Their Restaurant Est?

The blacks that were asked to leave are complaining RACISM…. But:

A person that investigated both sides of this incident said that the black people used derogatory language and insulted a deaf girl.

AND: ANY BUSINESS CAN REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE,  and, it is highly probable that nothing of a racist nature happened at all….!

BUT:  I have been explaining to people that the rebuke of the minority is here. (This means left-wing Jews and lobby-Jews as well, ditto Mexicans)  Americans who are aware that the racism is now directed at them are fearful.  They are not scared of black people because of their skin color; They are fearful of them because of the behavior of many young black people across America.

What is the solution?

Black pastors, black leaders, the Sharptons, the Jacksons and all of the other race-hustlers need to stop their foolishness with the constant racial baiting against white people, who, for the most part, don’t bother you.  They need to address their own people/s.  Face the facts that many of your male youth: those under 25 (predominantly) are violent, rapists, murderers and robbers OF whites.  White Americans are scared of becoming the next casualty in America’s race war. 


OR…Maybe the Establishment was afraid something like this, below might happen. OR, maybe they did not have enough seating for 25 people because they showed up at separate time & needed a reservation?

Selah, think about it. I just about guarantee this is not a racist issue at all.

So, Beyonce’ Lip Synced The National Anthem? So? She Can’t Sing, Anyway.

Why is everyone making a big deal out of Beyonce’s lip syncing? I don’t get it.  This witch hates America. She is a racist that hates white people.  She WORSHIPS Obama.  She has never liked the National Anthem. Liberal idiots have always hated the anthem.  She can’t even sing well, anyway.  So, what’s the big deal?  Beyonce’ is just a sign of our depraved country.  A nation that pretends God is blessing us – while we murder innocent babies, kill children in other countries, allow men to marry each-other and spread our sick ‘democracy.’

She is just an example of how our light has gone out.  Why all the hype?  This snot-nosed, black, liberal brat entertained Gaddafi and then when Obama helped murder Gaddafi, (her friend) she said nothing.  

So, she’s a 2-faced bitch as wellGet lost you nasty wench.  I am glad she lip-synced.  She is a fake.  All leftists are FAKE. ALL Obama-bots are FAKERs.  No talent, mediocres at best– in everything they do.

Why would anyone want a leftist-NAZI, Obama-worshiping creep singing our national anthem??  One that was written by a great patriot, Frances Scott Key.

(This was one of my gifs below. America’s moron, Beyonce’ in 2009)

So, What Happened To The “War On Women?” Is It Over? Was A Peace Treaty Signed?

Of course you all know there was no ‘war on women.’  It was ALL trumped up bullshit to re-elect the faggot from Kenya.

Take a good look at the lying propaganda that helped Hussein’s campaign/election it was all over:

Women in 2012 are free to:
Have a good job and get paid even more than men.
Go to work and raise brats without any accountability.
Have $4.00 birth control.
Pretend they are equal to men.
Treat men like dogs. (Especially white males)
Have dildos bigger than eggplants.
Dress like sluts. Act like whores and chauvinists.
Sleep with women, and even animals (beastiality)
Disrespect mothers who stay at home.
Win sole custody, alimony, and beat their children by pretending they are depressed.
Murder babies.
Fake pretense rapes.

There is NO ‘war on women’.  There never was.

`Anyone that actually believed that crap is a total idiot. Congratulate yourselves, Marxist women.. You put in a Muslim from Kenya who will enslave you. Good.  I will be happy.  Hopefully, we will watch lib-women bow to allah and have to submit to their radical Jihadi husbands….very soon, God willing.

American women are constantly complaining about where the men are.  Well, you emasculated men and now you want them to ‘take your country back.’

Suffer, you bitches.

Yes, SADLY… I, too, am an American woman.  And, quite frankly, its embarrassing.

Romney Wants To Aid “Rebel” Al Qaeda In Syria Against Assad?!

Romney wants more US involvement in Syria

Are Muslim/Kenyan policies Romney’s policies?  Have we not had enough of the Obama bullshit?  Now, Romney wants to continue Obamas war-mongering.  Come on idiots… Think.  What did we hear about Assad before OBAMAS Arab Spring? NOTHING.  Assad just started murdering off his people out of no where?  You really believe that?  Are you insane?  

So, Romney is a Kenyan/Muslim ass kisser as well.  If this article is truth, Romney is also FOR Obama’s Kenyan, anti-colonial policies.  He is the liberal wet dream.  I cant stand these bastards.  I told you I would not this jerk get away with HIS insanity as well.  This idiot does not listen to Russia and China advising to stay out of Syria’s Civil war.  It is evident.  Romney ALSO wants a war with Russia and China.  His stance on Syria is proof.


So, What has America’s Humanitarian democracy brought to Arab Spring?

So, What has America’s Humanitarian democracy brought to Arab Spring?

On 9 August 2012, it was reported that Tui Travel’s profits have fallen 73%

Tui Travel is the world’s biggest tour operator.

The BA and Iberia group has reported a loss and fuel costs have dragged Virgin into a loss and Cathay Pacific has suffered losses

Tui said its pre-tax profit fell to £3m in the three months to 30 June, down from £11m last year.

“Leisure companies and airlines in Europe have posted losses, or seen profits fall sharply this year, as people travel less amid gloomy economic conditions…

“According to a recent French survey, four out of 10 people in France will not go on vacation this year, one of the lowest readings ever recorded.” [ Go for Sarkozy’s testicles]

Shares in Thomas Cook fell on 2 August 2012 after the tour operator released a trading update.

Thomas Cook revealed that it posted an underlying operating loss of £26.5 million in the three months to June 30, which is the third quarter of its financial year, from a profit of £20.1 million a year earlier.
[Bankrupt Britain , already Bonkers is frothing and foaming ]

Angela Skelly, director of hotel room provider JacTravel, said: ‘Compared with the same period last year, bookings for London are very substantially down…’

Some two-star establishments have slashed prices from £200 to £50.

Tom Jenkins, chief executive of the European Tour Operators Association, said visitor numbers to London are ‘dramatically down’ on a year ago.

Number of tourists from Iran visiting Turkey drop by 41 percent

Avoid Turkey.

Turkey has emerged as a nasty country, which exports terrorism.

Don’t say you were not warned.

And avoid Tunisia and Egypt, which are in total chaos.

To us in the East, its music to our ears. While our people fill up the restaurants and enjoy the finest gourmet cuisine.

Enjoy your green peas!