Was This Another US Supported Attempted “Color Revolution” (REGIME CHANGE) In #Kazakhstan?

Was This Another US Supported Attempted “Color Revolution” (REGIME CHANGE) In #Kazakhstan?

Based on this Tweet below, I think this just might have been ANOTHER US attempted regime change in Kazakhstan. The EVIL bastards in DC can’t leave Russia alone. (See the map below) Russia slams US statements as ‘baby babble’ , This also: The Hunter Connection? Kazakh Security Chief Arrested For Treason Was “Close Friends” With Bidens. This too: Why The Kazakhstan Crisis Is A Much Bigger Deal Than Western Media Is Letting On

Is it RUSSIA who is changing regimes in Mexico and Canada in order to encircle us? NO.

It is the US GOVT with Soros/NGO ops that are surrounding Russia. OUR GOVT is the aggressor – EVERYWHERE. See this map:

You can PLAINLY see Kazakhstan and Ukraine & how close they are to Russia – perhaps Mongolia (will be next)

Larger image:

(Click on Pic)

Russian ‘Protests’. Sparked By US Democrat War Mongers? US Dem Media Supports Seditionist Protests In Russia

Russian ‘Protests’. Sparked By US Democrat War Mongers? US Dem Media Supports Seditionist Protests Overseas

Convenient how this started right after Jo’Bama’s inauguration… Obama just started right back up where he left off. The Joe’Bama regime has not wasted ANY time in attacking Russia. Also Sending troops to Syria. They crave a war with Russia—bigtime. Think not? See:

Russian jet buzzes U.S. warship in the Black Sea, Jan 31

U.S. Navy Deploys Two Destroyers To Black Sea Triggering Russian Anti-Ship DrillsThe Drive Jan 30

As that is happening…


Large gathering of people for protests against Putin


I don’t give a damn if Russian instigator, Navalny is supposedly ‘right wing’. Its NOT our business to be involved in other countries affairs. This whole phony, US led ‘protest’ in Russia reeks of Soros, Obama, Murphy and the war mongering lunatics who have destroyed the world and America also.

I find it really interesting that the Democrats support insurrections overseas in one country after the next but here in the states, they accuse patriots who are dissenting against an overreaching govt of ‘treason‘. The Democrat party and members of the GOP support treasonous activity in other countries. But, if some patriots are FED UP with the Dem media and their bed buddy politicians that they decide to march to the capital and even get shot dead for their dissension, the Democrats foam at the mouth like the damned demons they ARE.

Wikipedia already has a page for the US instigated protests in RU, it was put up 4 hours ago. 2021 Russian protests – Wikipedia

FP Navalny Protests Sweep Russia as Kremlin Cries U.S interference…

CBS: Tens of thousands join protests in support of Russian opposition leader, Navalny ...

WA TIMES Russia protests: Alexei Navalny supporters defy Putin ..

.NY SLIMES: Pro-Navalny Protests Sweep Russia in Challenge to Putin …

Zero Hedge: Kremlin Tells US ‘Back Off’ Navalny Case As Viral ‘Putin Palace’ Story Deflated

Why are these MONSTERS antagonizing Russia? Do they WANT us bombed here at home? Does anyone recall that it was RUSSIA that defeated the Nazis? They did the major amount. You really think the Russian people are going to sit back as the neo Commu-Nazi Democrats attack them? Are these DEMoncrat GOBLINS insane? God AINT on the side of our queer military and our LGBT, baby-slaughtering country.


My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos, By: The Mad Jewess

So, What Is Coming? Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dreams

#SorosSucks & Now I’m An “Anti Semite” (LOL)

#SorosSucks & Now I’m An “Anti Semite” (LOL)

Im an ethnic, Portuguese Jew and I am Christian oriented: Much to the dismay of fellow Jews and fellow Christians. I believe what I want and that’s that….


I was just listening to a clip by Bill O’Reilly.  He said “Fox believes that if you criticize Satan Soros, you’re an Anti semite”

Oy Vey All Day! Button

Here’s the facts:  Soros is evil. Soros has assisted in destroying one country after the next.  He broke the bank of England. He helped put Nazi’s in office in Ukraine.  Soros is a piece of garbage and its NOT “anti semitic” to say so.  He is hated in Israel. He is hated in Hungary. He is hated in Russia. I don’t know where he is not hated.  He’s a damned goblin.  A real monster. I hope he chokes. 

Criticize Soros and do not stop.  No matter how much the ADL cries.  Any person, Jew or not, who funds domestic terrorists should be hanged.  

SEE: #RandomAssBricks”, (Rioter) Dropped This Note & “ProtestJobs.Com”

SEE- Police Officers Delivering BRICKS?! “Random Ass Bricks”


CLICK here: To see this ‘accidentally’ dropped  photo on Twimg

“Protest” jobs are real & the riots were paid for: “ProtestJobs.Com”

 I have NO idea if these Police are delivering bricks or taking them away.  They look nervous, however:

In this below, the video is showing bricks at different riots:

This is an analysis:

Its Kiev In DC, Its NOT About #GeorgeFloyd. #Soros & The Left Are Trying To Overthrow The Govt

Its Kiev In DC, Its NOT About #GeorgeFloyd. #Soros & The Left Are Trying To Overthrow The Govt

White House during Obama.


I wrote about the violent overthrow of  President Yanukovych for 2 years on this blog. Americans called me a ‘Russian troll’, ‘Paid by Moscow’.  I warned it would come here. Its here.  
FIFTY Secret Service agents have been injured, and they are fearing possible car bombs in the area.

Obama’s secret service shot and killed people that even drive an inch to close the the white house..

This is what Soros did in Kiev in 2014.  It is very possible that the Soros ‘army’ will not stop until they have overthrown the Pres.  They overthrew Mubarrak, Gaddafi, they attempted to overthrow Assad. They overthrew Yanukovych.

The hyped Coronavirus was preparation for the possible overthrow.  

Trump has really not fought the Left since he has been in power. It is very possible that these people could murder him.  Or: the military surrounding him could fly him out.


Fox News is now reporting- A senior official in the direct chain of command for defending Washington D.C. told Fox News that more than 50 Secret Service officers have been injured Sunday night so far, and that some rioters are throwing bottles and Molotov cocktails.

As observed in New York City and elsewhere, groups in D.C. are planting cars filled with incendiary materials for future use, Fox News is told.

Molotov Cocktails were the number one weapon in Kiev in 2014.

*I dont know whats going to happen. Your guess is as good as mine.  If this happens, prepare for the country to break out in mass chaos.  Pray and hope this does not happen.
Flashback, 2014:

  • America spent 5 billion dollars through a decade & more to destabilize Ukraine through revolutions, one in 2004 and the recent fiasco.  Victoria Nuland is public, admitting this:  Google search News for Victoria Nuland ukraine 5 billion.  Destabilization takes time, it does not happen overnight–it can take years.


Joshua Feuerstein: “Dozens Of BRICKS Placed Randomly At Riots In Dallas, TX”

Joshua Feuerstein: “Dozens Of BRICKS Placed Randomly At Riots In Dallas, TX”

Of course.  This is what Soros does.  Trump is lax on arresting Soros. Strike the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered.  I don’t know why he does not take care of this.

· 6 hrs

This is DALLAS! These loads of bricks are placed “randomly” on the corners of streets the nights of these riots? Coincidence? You’re NAIVE if you don’t think there are major political strategists behind these “spontaneous” riots! SHARE … BECAUSE FAKE NEWS WONT!


#PLANNED Terror-All Mayors Of Leftist Cites Are DEMOCRAT Communists:

#PLANNED Terror-All Mayors Of Leftist Cites Are DEMOCRAT Communists

Russia Russia…(failed)  Impeachment….(failed) fake pandemic….(petering out) ……..Next..?
Look at the videos: The rioters are white! They are all frizzy-haired Antifa, and look exactly alike.
Think people, this is “what’s next”.
Part of the ongoing coup. And again – all in Democrat controlled areas.

First off.. I couldnt care less if these animals broil their cities.


You cant tell me this wasnt planned.  This reeks of Soros. To the max.

Barbara Streisand said that she didnt want to go back to normal.  Streisand lives in Malibu.  How do you like your ‘new normal’, b’tch?

This is what the Democrat Mob brought you. 
Mayor of Newark, NJ is a Democrat
Mayor of Houston, TX is a Democrat
Mayor of Austin, TX is a Democrat
Mayor of Denver, CO is a Democrat
Mayor of Nashville, TN is a Democrat
Mayor of Los Angeles is a Democrat
Mayor of Minneapolis, MN is a Democrat
Mayor of Baltimore, MD is a Democrat
Mayor of Philadelphia, PA is a Democrat
Mayor of Portland, OR is a Democrat
Mayor of Seattle, WA is a Democrat
Mayor of Atlanta, GA is a Democrat
Mayor of Salt Lake City, UT is a Democrat
Mayor of Washington, D.C. is a Democrat
Mayor of New York, NY is a Democrat
Mayor of Chicago, IL is a Democrat
Mayor of St. Paul, MN is a Democrat
Mayor of Detroit, MI is a Democrat
Mayor of Oakland, CA is a Democrat
Mayor of Lousville, KY is a Democrat
Mayor of Dallas, TX is a Democrat
Mayor of Phoenix, AZ is a Democrat
Mayor of Tucson, AZ is a Democrat
Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA is a Democrat
Mayor of San Jose, CA is a Democrat
Mayor of Columbus, OH is a Democrat
Mayor of Cleveland, OH is a Democrat
Mayor of Milwaukee, WI is a Democrat
Mayor of Rochester, NY is a Democrat
Mayor of Ft. Wayne, IN is a Democrat
Mayor of Kansas City, MO is a Democrat
Mayor of Des Moines, IA is a Democrat
Mayor of Charlotte, NC is a Democrat
Mayor of Boston, MA is a Democrat
Mayor of Memphis, TN is a Democrat


Soros Is Trying To Overthrow #POTUS. Arrest Him & Dispel The Radicals

Soros Is Trying To Overthrow #POTUS. Arrest Him & Dispel The Radicals


If any of you know what happened in Kiev, Ukraine in 2014, you understand that Soros overthrew the elected President of Ukraine and his cabinet. 
Trump has brought in the national guard to protect the White House.

Soros took credit for the fall of Yanukovych: Click

See this at GP:

Yanukovych also brought out the guard. But even the guard could not stand against the ‘maidan’.  That is what the revolutionaries called themselves.  They set tires on fire, they used molotov cocktails, they stayed in white tents.  They obliterated Kiev.

It is very possible that this whole ‘protest’ mess is completely manufactured to overthrow Trump, the elected President.

Since the CoronaHoax didnt work..

Trump needs to give orders to arrest Soros and dispel ALL of these violent, radical agitators.

Created Chaotic Leftists Are Destroying Leftist Cities. Good. Who Gives A Damn

Created Chaotic Leftists Are Destroying Leftist Cities. Good. Who Gives A Damn

All I can say is: American Conservatives in these cities- Weaponize yourselves. Carry guns and be armed.  The Leftists are just doing what they do best: Destroy.  That’s all they do.  Whether its psychological or physical, Leftists are destroyers.  The ‘way of peace, they have not known’.

Theyre out there destroying their own leftist cities with leftist governments, leftist city councils.  Good riddance to bad rubbish.  Most of these cities are dumps now anyway: With the scent of urine mingled with human feces, stale beer, prostitutes, drugs, gangs…Who really cares if they set the cities on fire. Leftist cities are disgusting because Leftists are filthy pigs and animals.

Take a look at the cities the Leftists are rioting in:  Oakland, Portland, LA, LV, boston, NYC, DC, Louisville, Atlanta, N.O., Houston, Dallas- ALL leftist cities.

Click and see all the destruction at: Zero Hedge.

This Communist-agitation, SOROS led protest isnt about George Floyd, either.  Floyd was very turned off by violence.  See this video:

But, seriously…Do any of you really care anymore what these paid-for, harassing, anarchist leftists do?  Think about it!  They are saying its about ‘cops killing black people’.  There are bad cops all over the nation and they kill regardless of color. The leftists are hung up on color for 40 years.  Bad police harass regardless of color.  Look how the cops acted during the GatesVirus..  Many poh’lice are bad and should be dealt with..we ALL know that now.  But, come on..Its NOT about that.



This is Minneapolis before the cop murdered Mr. Floyd:

Dozens of tents are crammed into a patch of grass

Minneapolis after:

Protests, looting escalates in Minneapolis police violence protest ...

Minneapolis in the 50’s:

The Left has no respect for the nation…so let them live in squalor.  The country is flat broke after what the Left did with the CoronaHoax & shutting down the nation.


Now that all the money is gone because we’re trillions in debt: Go live in the ruins, you losers.

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A #SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

With #Covid19 Over, Prepare For A#SOROSSummer. 100’s Of Protesters Being Flown To Minneapolis:

Soros is busing them in, probably –  See – Mighty 990


“Hundreds of more protestors that are arriving to the city via the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Airport,” he said, “so if that report that I’m hearing is accurate, we could see more bodies in the street, which could lead to more violence tonight.”

This could possibly be the worst summer that there has ever been.  It’s right before an election.  Communist Democrats hate Trump no matter what he does.  I’m not ‘ra ra ra’ Trump…but they hate his guts…Soros is licking his chops and salivating waiting on blood and death.

I hope it does not get insane in Atlanta:

Gone is the Coronavirus and to divert attention off  what a hoax the Communist Democrat party made of the whole mess, destroying the economy, leaving 35 mil without jobs, businesses closing, housing market destroyed – they immediately latched onto another story that shook the headlines in Minneapolis.

Gotta hand it to the Communists pigs: They know how to divert attention.  Everyone’s focus is off the Super depression and onto the rioting losers in MN.

It’s almost as if Obama steering the wheel again…Look at his big mouth, just like before: Barack Obama just can’t shut his ugly, purple lips.

The reason it feels like SNAFU times 1000 is because Trump REFUSES to bring law and order as he stated in 2016:


You know the drill….