Dems QUITTING: Vow NEVER To Vote Dem Again After Pelosi Speech Rip Stunt

Dems QUITTING: Vow NEVER To Vote Dem Again After Pelosi Speech Rip Stunt


I watched the crazy witch, Pelosi rip Trump’s speech to shreds.  Its typical for CommieCrats to do things like this.  After all, if they don’t get their way, they throw fits, false flags, shoot and murder people… (ie.. Hillary the serial killer) So-this really isn’t news just a repulsive tantrum another feminist creep not getting her way after a fake impeachment.

Democrat/Independent voter below explains that people are leaving the Democrats in droves:


What Everyone Is REALLY Expecting Obama To Say At The SOTU Address..

My fellow Kenyans, OOPS, I mean Americans:

 Go to fullsize image I have to go back to Kenya since America sent over 7 million plus to my hometown (Remember Michelles gaffe). I cannot find my birth certificate, even the one from Kenya. I have done everything I set out to do…I bowed to every sick, bastard, tyrant just to make you all foam at the mouth. I pushed America to be more intolerant and nasty than ever before.  I have signed what? About 27 executive orders, my favorite one being that you evil white bastard Americans will have to pay for death by abortion-remember now, having babies is punishment.

  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and I are no longer in our minogetwa’, so this is no fun anymore. I hate America, I hate American songs, I hate being a half-breed… And most of all, I hate that I did not blow America up the other night with Communist China playing their ‘hate America’ songs…

As of today, I, Barack Hussein Obama QUIT.


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