Is It Possible DOW Dropped 318 Pts On Fri B/c China Placed US Treasury Bonds On The Open Market?

Is It Possible DOW Dropped 318 Pts On Fri B/c China Placed US Treasury Bonds On the Open Market?

Hoax, or truth?

We don’t know.  We’re just asking.  The MSM news said: ‘Economy seems to be slowing including a slower outlook on China’,  on Friday the 24th.   However, this cache below from CNN states that China placed treasury bonds on the open market and closed the South China Sea on January 23rd.   We do not know if CNN was hacked or if they just won’t tell the public what is happening (they never tell the public what is happening) So, who knows….?  We’ll be watching.

‘Hacked’ CNN Reports “China Dumps All US Bonds”  Click here

This is the web cache photo from CNN website:

This is where the S. China sea is:

In case this means war: 

USA has Canada and Mexico to defend us…what can go wrong..?


Just As We Thought, Obama’s US Government Shifts Foreign Policy To Asian-Pacific Region

Just As We Thought, Obama’s US Government Shifts Foreign Policy To Asian-Pacific Region.


So, the Obama government can’t take the ‘peace-filled’ Muslims anymore…Now they see a war brewing in the far east…and MUST get involved.  QV wrote about it here,  he is from the far east.. They have to ‘get involved’ because Obama and Hitlery LOVE war with a passion.  Even more than the neo-conservatives…Sometimes I really believe that we just need to be bombed into oblivion.. because we (as a whole) need to be humbled.

China Daily: ‘US behaving badly’

Since the Obama administration shifted its foreign policy priority to the Asia-Pacific region it has greatly enhanced its engagement in regional affairs both diplomatically and economically. In addition to strengthening ties with their allies and partners, the United States has tried to consolidate its power in the region by interfering in the territorial disputes in the South China Sea and East China Sea.



Post by QV


The Sea of Tensions in Asia Pacific Region


The South China Sea has now become  a source of tensions between the United States and China, which advocates the resolution of territorial disputes in the region between the parties directly involved.

The frequent differences in trade, human rights and other issues between Washington and Beijing  clearly show the interests of the US government in the Asia-Pacific as an  attempt to contain the spread and growing influence of the Asian giant.


A fear-mongering Pentagon operation sometimes called the Office of Threat Inflation is now focused to build China into the next imaginary enemy, replacing the Soviet Union that now requires the competitor to be brought to heel.


The new US military posture against China has nothing to do with any aggressive threat from the side of China. The Pentagon has decided to escalate its aggressive military posture to China merely because China has become a strong vibrant independent pole in world economics and geopolitics. Only vassal states need apply to Washington’s globalized world.  Like subservient Japan that the US has a historical record of punishing severely for the slightest mistake.  The Iraq issue, for example. While gleefully taking in the hundreds of billions from punished Japan  to line the pockets of Pentagon, CIA, Congress, and of course the president.   The insatiable plundering nature of the USA without dispute.


And so the Asia Pacific region now faces The Obama Doctrine:  CHINA –  the New Image Enemy.