UPDATE VID FOUND RAGHEADS In LA Refuse To Serve Fully Dressed Soldier At Gas Station, “APOLOGY” Gone From YouTube



The rest of the videos are gone with the wind..

RAGHEAD-Muslims In Louisiana Refuse To Serve A Fully Dressed Soldier At A Gas Station…Right across the street from the American Legion hall.  F’k these ragheads.  “We refuse to serve your kind“, they said.  Where is the ACLU? The SLPC? Huh?  I know where they are.. They are busy helping TERRORISTS hurt Americans.  The ACLU is busy helping some illegal murder or rape some little 6 year old girl.  The SPLC is busy looking for white on black murders (that rarely even happen)  This is DISGUSTING.  WHY send our men anywhere?  To fight for a nation full of moonbat-allah worshipping Muzzie retards, leftists that hate them, illegals that live off of citizens, queers and feminist bitches from hell.  What a ‘country.’

BRING THE MEN HOME, 12 years ago. America needs to be like Reagan after the Moslems bombed the barracks in Lebanon: To hell with the Muslims.  Then, he brought our troops home.  Where are the ‘moderate’ Muslims to stop the insanity? Huh?  Oh, btw….F’ck you CAIR.   Where is FAUX news to report this SHIT?

GO HOME, IF YOU ARE A  WICKED MUZLOID, (that agrees with this gas station attendant) and take the leftists/liberals with ya.

Don’t forget to drop Obama, the Muslim bastard off in Kenya as you get the f’k out of here.

UP DATE From Youtuber in Louisiana:
Crisis Ended With A Simple Apology

Well it has ended, the manager and owner have given a personal public apology.
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Thank you for your support. God Bless America


AN “APOLOGY” is nowhere to be found.

See above vids that are NOT there.
NO apology, the RAGHEADS never apologized, OR if they did, they just took their vid down–probably for fear of retribution from the Jihados.  Muslims are not to apologize to us peon infidels.. Kinda the same way some stuck up “Jews” are, and even many Christians that think they are holier than thou.

IF they even ‘apologized’ it was probably b/c they were fearing a boycott