Bolshevism/MARXISM Equals Genocidal Maniacs That WILL Kill

This post below about the Bolsheviks/Marxists, is written by Dave Baker of The Lampoonist American, a U.S.A.F. Vet.


‘It is too sad to be funny how uninformed is America and the world, but not in Eastern Europe…Every time our dumbos see pics of people starving and atrocities, the knee jerk reaction of the world’s brainwashed idiots is to blurt out, NAZI!’

In the early 1900’s, in their Communist Revolution, conservative estimates have the Bolsheviks, in addition to burning every Christian Church in Russia and Eastern Europe, killing well over 25,000,000 mostly Christians, but they were not particular, (they also murdered religious “Zionist” Jews).  That has nothing to do with war –  that was just their Bolshevik, political movement..
For you ZEROS out there, that’s 25+million, 25 000,000 Christian souls, in Russia and the Baltics,  not counting their genocide and slaughter of millions of German families, women, children and the elderly in Post War I Germany, and even more millions of Germans in occupied German territories …Wanna know why the Germans and NAZIS had little sympathy for them…It was like the sympathy that a thousand farmers had for the Indians after coming in from the fields, to find the mutilated, dismembered bodies of his wife, children mom and dad strewn all over the prairie….that’s another untold story, cleverly left out of the history books…… 
When I write about Bolsheviks, the Jews accuse me of anti-Semitism because, they KNOW who they are, even if you don’t.. (An anti-semite would not post on a Jewish persons blog as is done here.)
The Vet who takes care of our pets, is a Russian Jew whose father moved his family to Russia from Romania just before the killing began in the early 19,00’s…..He said, to me in his thick Russian accent, “You are only American who know history of Bolsheviks, and that they have taken over America.”  He then said in that thick Russian accent, quote: “Bolshevik killing make Hitler look like, baby.” “Like baby, I tell you.”  Uninformed is no excuse…brainwashed is worse than stupid…
TMJ: These pictures below are NOT from Nazi-Germany, these are pictures of what Marxism/Bolshevism did in Communist Stalin Russia.
(**Nobody is ‘excusing’ NAZI Germany, for our grandfathers fought them. We are informing you what Marxism and Bolshevism is doing to America. Conservative-Christian Americans are NOT the genocidal maniacs, it is LEFT WING MARXIST/Bolsheviks that are the murderers- so keep worrying about being called a racist and a Nazi….)   Please also see “GuyWhites” Post re. Victims of the Soviet Regime, he is a P.H.D. in EU and Russian History I believe:  Challenge regarding “Zionism” vs. Bolshevism to David  (MIS -INFORMER)Duke
– Marxist genocide on Rumenian civilians. Note the russian officer in the background.

Challenge to David Duke

Please also see “GuyWhites” Post re. Victims of the Soviet Regime, he is a P.H.D. in EU and Russian History I believe:

Challenge to David Duke

Co-opted Psychiatry; A New Way To Shut Up Americans? -I Think So.

Go to fullsize imageI am sure that this is a goal of the left wing in America:

“Get as many Right Wingers/Conservatives/ Patriots-ESPECIALLY, and get them on meds to stop the ‘insane rants’ of loving their country.”

  A great friend of mine, a testosterone filled male, that was Aryan- handsome, to this day, at 54, handsome- a hard working patriot. He got nabbed by the psychiatric profession in the late 1970’s, in a real life ‘conspiracy’ to shut him up–forever.

  They robbed my friend of life. He was a brilliant refinish/Carpenter, and the leftist pigs stuffed my excellent friend with psychotropic drugs for over 25 years. I helped him fight them back, (through the late 80’s, up until 2000) he is now on a low dose of medication to regulate DEPRESSION, not ‘paranoid delusion/borderline bi-polar’, that they diagnosed him with in the first place. The Depression  he now has, was brought on by the left wing.   

    He loves this country, he was candid about his views and had a HOT radio show in S. Cali that was becoming big in the late 1970’s, early 80’s, it was hard core:  Exposing the tactics of the Soviets in the DEM party.. Which is why they wanted him so badly. He was exposing their plans to destroy  S.F., CA and San Diego CA-both, now, hotbeds for left wing insanity and Communism. Had he continued, their plans would have FAILED. This is why I happen to be a big fan of Mike Savage, (who I have supported and listened to since 1996) but make NO mistake, my friend- he was THE groundbreaker on radio for this madness.

Click to buy if you haven’t:

  This is a very close depiction of my friend, (make NO mistake, it is white males like this, that the left wing really wants to emasculate)

See the story below on the REAL crazies, the left wing:

The Soviets, Too, Had Co-opted Psychiatry Libertarian Advocate is back ‘n blogging.  This is not the sort of happy news we seek each day. . . . . . . Surely ODD is a hoax, right?  One wonders at the sheer gall… …the essence of Conservatism is indeed respect for authority – the authority of Heaven, hence, the necessity of self-governance.  More:  Conservatives understand that independence – including independence of thought – is a functional product of human maturity. One would expect … Read More

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Strupp: Journalists, Ethics Experts Slam Fox And Breitbart

The truth about Media Matters and Breitbart is this;

They are protecting Barack Hussein Obama, courtesy of the Nazi, Soros. Last year, Breitbart broke the story of ACORN, and nobody needed more ammo than he had regarding ACORN.  The Left Wing hacks want to protect ACORN, but why? It is all about agenda, with the left wing making up, possibly 23% of the population (hard left wing).   What is going to happen, is the revealing of the NAACP involvement of ACORN and The Black Panthers, that will make this even worse for the Obama admin., since it will bring to light all of this admininstrations total corruption worse than Bush.

Now we have this incident, that obviously Breitbart was set up by, after all, it was the NAACP that set up Breitbart-THEY released the tape. But for what? The NAACP and the  Black Panthers are in direct line with each-other:  NAACP direct tie to Black Panthers – Washington Times It is certain, at least to me, at this point, that Breitbart has been set up, and infiltrated by Soviets/MMFA-Media Matters For America plants. If they can cripple Breitbart, they have conquered ‘an ememy’. If they can do this, then FOX is next, folks. 

They have to take down Breitbart, because Breitbart has all of the necessary information to take down MMFA, the W.H., and the leftist news- not the vc versa.   They know this, so they have set this up.  MMFA & left wing media is the head of the snake, they are dangerous to free society.  They are running scared at this point, and needed to go on the attack.  These are clever people, folks.  They are not stupid by any stretch of the imagination. They all know that the NAACP, ACORN & The Black Panthers are not ‘made up’, they are very real and all tied in together.  It was first reported here at the Washington Times about Holders bigoted decision on behalf of the Black Panthers-Holder knows that these 3 organizations are in this corruption together and it will open Pandoras box-Hello? Election time is here. You must understand, the ‘have’ to get this done, to retain POWER.

You can look all over the net, and will find this: What do the NAACP, ACORN, the New Black Panthers and Obama have in … NOTHING! Nothing but cover up.

People, there IS a story here, and MMFA and the left wing Nazis do NOT want YOU to know just what it is. But, I am watching these people, every day.  So- you should be too!

Why “Liberals” HATED Martin L. King and LOVED Malcolm X

For the anti-American, hate-filled, violent, left wing Stalinists,  Race is not the issue, in fact, they do not give a damn what color you are. They do not ‘like’ minorities because of color, nor do they ‘help’ them because they are ‘minorities’.. The only thing that the left can think about is:

 “Who are our Komrades in our Soviet take-over?” 

“Who will get violent, and move this more quickly?”

   Once you are on to this, & ‘leave the Soviet Cause’- they will abandon you and consider you a traitor. They USE the race card on you, because they know that Conservatives are good people and are also not racists. It is Alinsky tactics, meant to polorize and paralyze. Most people, black/white, Jew/Gentile, etc have this pesky thing called “normalcy.”  They like to be with people that represent their views in life, this is mostly comprised of people that live by faith in God and love for country.

  The Left wing hated M.L.K., he was a ‘fascist republican, not violent enough person’, Malcolm X was a black militant that pushed for violence.  That is all that matters to the left wing: VIOLENCE.  In a few earlier posts, I showed you that they are pushing for a blood-bath.  2 posts ago, I showed you how they plan to infiltrate the Tea Parties, for one thing; To bring VIOLENCE.  They brought violence in the 1960’s with race-riots. They live for this. don’t kid yourself.  Leftist are probably applauding Rahm Emmanuel, still, and his bullying..

  They are also insanely jealous because they had to push people to riot and protest. 

  Conservatives did not have to do that. It was an effort from the part of ALL people that do NOT want U.S.S.A. It is Spontaneous! They are pissed off beyond belief over this!

Malcolm X was a Muslim former criminal who believed in separitism and was willing to use force to acheive his goals.

The other was a Christian minister who believed in equal rights and was willing to use peaceful means to acheive his goals.

Left Wing Stalinists Planning To Infiltrate Tea Parties With SLANDER & DECEIT

Crash the tea parties!

   The INSANE Diatribe of BS found on a left wing Kommie site: On April 15th thousands of right-wingers will attend rallies in cities and towns across the United States. The organizers of this nationwide day of protest call it a tea party. This tea party movement that emerged only a year ago is a coalition of conservatives, anti-Semites, fascists, libertarians, racists, constitutionalists, militia men, gun freaks, homophobes, Ron Paul supporters, Alex Jones conspiracy types and American flag wavers.

   If the tea party movement continues to grow in size and strength there is a big chance they will dominate this country in the near future. If the tea party movement takes over this country they will really hurt poor people by getting rid of social programs like food stamps, unemployment benefits, disability benefits, student aid, free health care, etc. The tea party movement will say these programs must be gotten rid of because hard-working taxpayers cannot afford to pay for these things especially when the economy is in a depression. The rest here:   See this previous post I made of proof of their violent ways; MMFA Boehlert’s Diatribe Of BS, Built On GUILT From STALINIST PAST


    Just so you all know, it is the LEFT WING that is the racist, the Jew hater, the FASCIST- just look at who is in charge of the YES WE CAN Brigades; B.H.O./Confirmed MARXIST Revolutionary, and ALL of his admin are 60’s RADICALS that started race-riots, fires, out of control demonstrations..

REMEMBER who these people REALLY are, and to call us ‘fascists’ is a joke, a real joke, when it is them that are trying to dictate OVER OUR lives, what g’d hypocrites. It is amazing to me. Remember, it is them that are violent. Conservatives are self-defense, and they are always OFFENSE, as seen here by their lies, and websites like MMFA who is inciting a bloodbath..See the hype THEY are creating: WATCH: A Saturday On The Fringe: Scenes From The Right’s Rallies In Nevada And Florida & LIE to incite on this diatribe of Stalinist instigation:

REMEMBER these ENEMIES of America, our troops, freedom:



MMFA Boehlert’s Diatribe Of BS, Built On GUILT From STALINIST PAST


  See the HORSE SH*T:  Conservative commentators were atwitter last week following news that Ann Coulter’s speech at the University of Ottawa was canceled in the face of protests. Of course, Coulter has the right to speak her mind on campuses. But in announcing the cancellation, her conservative Canadian sponsor, pundit Ezra Levant, put the blame on out-of-control liberals who had allegedly made it unsafe for Coulter to speak, breathlessly telling reporters that “the police and the security have advised that it would be physically dangerous for Ann Coulter to proceed with this event and for others to come in” and stressing the presence of an “unruly mob” outside. The rest of the inflammatory garbage here:  http://MARXISTS
  I am sick of this crap, I am so sick of this, I could slap this aholes face in, no problem.  Horowitz, an x-Stalinist Marxist IS the reason that nobody should EVER ever be a left winger. 

READ IT YOU STUPID BOLSHEVIK Boehlert! Radical Son: A Generational Odyssey



Look at YOUR past of criminal afiliation with the radical left.  You can fool the Jews, Christians and Gentiles that run with you, but you cannot fool me, you cannot fool Horowitz, you cannot fool Savage and an array of people who have been on to the Bolshevik game for YEARS.

THIS is what the LEFT WING & BOEHLERT PUSH America with- NEVER FORGET!!!

bronx_riot_ny_times_1903.jpg image by nick_dagan

“Love Affair” The ‘Liberals’ have with ABORTION~Y MARXISM WILL MURDER US ALL

The BOLSHEVIK Boa Constrictor

The Bolsheviks Have a Vice Grip and Are Strangling the Life out of Our Nation and People:

 Abortion: While so-called liberals promote tax payers subsidizing the infanticide of millions of our babies, frazzled medical staffs at inner city bastard factories work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year popping out millions of illegitimate minorities kids that will consign us to minority status in our own country.

The rest here:

See this video, it is excellent on the SOVIET takeover that is happening & why MARXISM {Liberals} will MURDER us all:

Yuri Bezmenov

Save Me Before Soviets KILL ME!

AMERICA! PUSH BACK, These ARE The Most Dangerous Soviet Plants IN The USA

 These people below never stop attacking America.. They actually had the audacity to ‘claim’ they had Dobbs silenced and forced off the airwaves. These are Obamas Machine Gunners. Inciting psychological mind boggling oppression of poor people in America that are unemployed by demonizing voices that know what is really happening, voices like Savage and Beck, among others. They are Communist-Marxist-NAZI/Fascists, they want to have total control, as Stalin did in Russia, in fact, Stalin is a ‘hero’ as is Marx to them. Even Noam Chomsky has had an affininty with Hitler.  THESE people are dangerous, not the other way around.
Also, read David Horowitz’s book, “The Radical Son”  

FrontPage Magazine – Radical Son, Revisited & The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous …

You will see the enemy within, that is forcing their way on us, living in a Soviet dream that didn’t work then, will not work now, and for the Jews at MMFA, it will not work here in America.   America WILL turn on you…FIRST, left wing Soviet Jews in name only, they will.


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