SPLC: Morris Dees Defends Rhetoric That Inspired DC Terrorist

SPLC Morris Dees Defends Rhetoric That Inspired DC Terrorist

Contributed by David Ben Moshe-

And if this is not bad enough, SPLC kike, Dick Cohen (I am a Jew, but, Cohen is a Kike)  is openly promoting racial animosity over Zimmerman verdict.  In case some of you don’t know:  Cohen the Kike cares nothing for black people, Jews, or illegals—he only cares about Communism.  We care that black on white racism ends.

Click-Morris Dees defends caustic rhetoric that inspired the DC Terrorist

DC terrorist admission of SPLC ginning up his hatred:

Here is the Kike, Cohen:

SPLC President Richard Cohen

SPLC President

Let wing Jews create Jew-hate.  Nobody becomes anti semitic out of the blue.

Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers

Stop Playing Games. The Obama Admin. Are Communists & Communists Enablers


I woke up this morning at 3AM.  Its always about what time I feel in my heart that God wakes me up to enlightenment and truth of our very bad national situation.  That is when the mind is truly free: 3AM.   Don’t ask me why.

The Obama administration are a bunch of radical Communists and Communist enablers.  Stop calling them “Progressives”. “Progressive” is a code name for COMMUNIST and this is the reason why we have seen the DHS name Veterans and patriots “Hate groups, extremists”, etc.  Ditto The SPLC, who named over 1K patriots named as ‘haters/hate groups’ in March, 2013.  It is easy to name a person a ‘hater’ than to say “Patriot Groups against Obama,”  Right?  Mark Potok is a Communist.  If he was not a Communist, he would not work to break down & subvert dissension against a tyrannical and over-reaching government.  It is patriotic to dissent against tyranny in America. Potok would be WITH patriots, not against them/us.  The SPLC uses Obama’s race and color to call people ‘racists’, which he knows is a lie.  “The end justifies the means.”  This is why he calls patriots, ‘haters and racists’.  Just more Labeling to demonize.  Take away our humanity and they can commit genocide.  This lying pretense that everyone hates Obama just because of his color.. Truly, it’s absurd.  We hate his Communism, racial baiting, class warfare: All Communist tactics. (Plus, we dont even KNOW Obama, he came from nowhere)

The truth is the key: It’s time to stop playing games. You will just keep being defeated, every minute, day, hour.  We need to push more blogs/websites to call these liars what they are: Communists and their enablers.  If you refuse to name them what they are, you will just keep losing every single debate.  You are either a patriot who wants our Constitution restored or you are a Communist or a Communist enabler.  If you can’t handle being in the truth of this situation, than, just get out of the way & let stronger people deal with it.

The reason these Commies call you a”McCarthyite” is because he was right-and they demonized him for it, crucified McCarthy for being a patriot because they wanted Communism.   So, some peoples lives suffered because of McCarthy. So?  Better that than the WHOLE nation-which is why we are in dire straights, now.   McCarthy loved America and didn’t want to see happen what is happening now.  Its so obvious to enlightened patriots what is happening.  Look at that picture of McCarthy.  He was a FINE American.  ALL of these bullying tactics; “You’re a xeno-phobe, homophobe, racist, hater, far, right-wing, conservative”, etc.. Are COMMUNIST tactics to shame and silence you.  The ONLY way to end this war within is to expose these COMMUNISTS.  Also, calling these traitors, “Socialists” is weak. Because, Socialism is accepted.  (Social security, Social workers.)  Its not ‘accepted’ by me, but it IS in our system.. 

This blog will no longer call you conservatives or right-wingers, moderates, etc.  You are patriots fighting off the enemy within: COMMUNISM.  Our century long battle against Communists and Communist enablers.  Anything that breaks down America is an enabler of Communism.   So, you had better think about this while enabling this ‘gay’ marriage, ‘Libertarians’.   “Gay” marriage is total breakdown of American society & is one of the Communist goals of 1963 to ‘present homosexuality as normal.’   It is not the norm at all, Bill HO Reilly and Megan Kelly.  Anyone enabling Obama and his radical homosexual-marriage agenda is enabling Communism.

We are not going to be able to stop the judgements of God on our land, but being in the TRUTH is true repentance, which is what God wants from ALL American people/s.

Please copy/paste, link with my blog on your blog. Time to stop the madness and push liberty.

POTOK Is Cathol-O-Phobic-Become A Nun Or Sing Ave Maria, Piss Of The SPLC! They HATE Nuns, Now!

Believe it or not, the SPLC has put NUNS on their “hate” list… If this is hatred, just what the hell is love??  AmeriKa is opposite land.  Down is up, up is down, right is wrong, wrong is right and now the Nuns are labeled ‘haters.’

Potok needed a mean Catholic school-teacher.  Who does this DREK think is nice, decent and sweet?  Damien Omen?  Charles Manson? David Berkowitz? 

See what Free Republic reported about this insanity..

This is what the Nuns  sing–get it memorized! Take it to the SPLC HQ and sing these songs really, super loud.. Exorcise the demon out of Dees and Potok LOL:

Light inspirational
Gregorian Chant

Traditional Catholic Hymns
Traditional Catholic Lenten Hymns

....This may get ugly, Potok.

Piss Off Mark Potok the little pansy:


Email The Mad Jewess Wrote To Mark Potok Of The SPLC:


Click here to get this IDIOT to add you, too: 

Contact Us

TO Mr. Potok & Stalinist Komrades :

Please add The Mad Jewess to your bogus, made-up, bullshit, ‘hate’ groups. I hate Obama more than anyone.

NOBODY hates YOUR foreign, Muslim from Kenya more than me. I LIVE to disrespect this piece of SHIT every damned day.

Good riddance, rat-bastards

WAS A Daughter of the American Revolution, (until they turned into leftist like you) Native American/Iroquois
A Mad Jewess

By the way, POTOK- I know you hate it, but I stand by it:

The First Amendment (Amendment I) to the United States Constitution is part of the Bill of Rights. The amendment prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, impeding the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances.

Message To Hannity & O’Reilly: The Reason The MSM Reports Nothing Bad About Obama & NEVER Will


It’s snowing, I had to  come home and I am so fed-up.  What do people not get?  What?  In 2008, the Communists took over America with their foreign, Muslim/Marxist usurper from Kenya, BHO.  Get it, yet?  When will people wake up?  When will O’Reilly, Hannity and the rest of the blow-hards just wake the hell up?  

You will not EVER hear this MSM talk bad about Obama because in their screwed-up minds, that’s ‘treason’.  It’s a ‘traitor’ that would talk bad about Obama, their totalitarian..  They don’t live by our rules.  They live by Communism.  The Constitution means nothing to them. NOTHING.  They will not report on the black-out of Sandy Hook.  They will not report on Chris Kyle, John Noveske or Keith Ratliff (the 3 men murdered for being serious pro-gunners) Or Breitbart.  They are not allowed (By the Marxist book) to talk against the piece of crap, Obama OR his ugly wife. This is the reason that there are millions of blogs and websites, now.  Because people are totally frustrated.

America is NOT “free” anymore. It has been usurped.  It has been taken over. After 2008, we saw thousands of Commies and Socialists at protests, they had no shame.  They have no shame because they know this is a COMMUNIST nation, now.  In their minds, WE ARE THE “SHAME”.   So, stop bitchin’, Hannity and O’Reilly… You are a big part of the reason that 10 million Americans (nightly) do not know that America has been TAKEN OVER by Communists.  

O’Reilly had a poll this last week that was dumb as dirt.  The poll was “Do you think Conservatives have helped Obama with their crazy talk?”  Excuse me, idiot; YOU HAVE HELPED OBAMA, BIGTIME, by hiding his crimes, hiding his true identity.   YOU, stooge – are the one that says; “I am not into Twitter, facebook or the net”.    So, it is SO obvious to us who DO research for our country, that YOU are a blithering idiot. 

Refute this, O’Reilly:


Refute this, O’Reilly:

YOU tell me why a ‘gaffe’ like this would be made. It wouldn’t! You will NEVER hear a Jew or a Christian say ‘MY MUSLIM FAITH’.  His name alone is HUSSEIN.  How DUMB can YOU be, O’Reilly???  You can’t refute this because  you are SCARED TO DEATH OF OBAMA, O’Reilly. You shit your pants when you hear the imposter-freak, speak.   It’s YOU that is the ‘crazy.’   Hannity is not as bad as you, but he better get tough, or we’ll start dumping on him too.

The nation is COMMIE, now.

Commies don’t talk bad about their ‘dear’ Leader!!!

It pisses me off NO end that we here, on the blogosphere – have to do YOUR job!!

We ALL need to get like McCarthy.

The Conservative Monster is CORRECT.

Dick-head Obama Will Make 20 Million Illegal Occupiers, “Legal”, Just As I Told You For Years

Here is the shit-4-news for today, dumb AmeriKans.  I have warned  fellow Americans for OVER 20 years about this.  They banned me from their newspapers and shot up my home.  What say you morons, now?


Our disaster-in-chief, illegal, Muslim, usurper, asshole, shithead – intends to make 20 million illegal wetbacks, legal.  For NYC, it will be a million Russians and Chinese.  In this putz’s first term, he vowed he would ‘make Obama-care his # 1 priority’ and he did, now ya all have Communist healthcare.  Some of you have probably already felt the hikes.  Our home has seen close to $200- more a month in health care cost each month.  This is not because it was already in effect, this is because the insurance co’s don’t want to ‘foot the bill.’  So, stick it to the customer instead of sending the illegal piece of shit back to Kenya.

So, the sonofabitch intends to make every single illegal wetback, legal.  And these Commie-lite GOPers will go right along with the foreign usurper. Say g’bye to this filthy mess of a nation.  Keep pretending this is the best place in the world and America is great, ra ra ra.  As the ugly Sam Donaldson (DRUNK) said, “This is not YOUR country, anymore” NO SHIT DUMBASS!!! It has not been ‘our’ country for over 20 years.  

Lord, help me to escape this madness to some island paradise, please.  This WAS my country. I AM indigenous (Seneca/Iroquois)…. If I have to make you bastards pay, one day, I will. ALL Liberals are enemies.

EXCLUSIVE: Almost Half of NAACP Registrations Are Suspected Voter Fraud

This should surprise me, but it doesn’t.  Why do these Negroes think they can get away with murder?  Answer: We allow it.


-David Ben Moshe


In the course of two weeks we received about 1300 registration applications, over 174 received from just three groups – the Voter Participation Center, the LCV Education Fund and the NAACP.  Of the 174 received from these groups, roughly 10% were voters already registered but with a slight variation of their legal name or address, which could have resulted in voters being registered multiple times.


UPDATE VID FOUND RAGHEADS In LA Refuse To Serve Fully Dressed Soldier At Gas Station, “APOLOGY” Gone From YouTube



The rest of the videos are gone with the wind..

RAGHEAD-Muslims In Louisiana Refuse To Serve A Fully Dressed Soldier At A Gas Station…Right across the street from the American Legion hall.  F’k these ragheads.  “We refuse to serve your kind“, they said.  Where is the ACLU? The SLPC? Huh?  I know where they are.. They are busy helping TERRORISTS hurt Americans.  The ACLU is busy helping some illegal murder or rape some little 6 year old girl.  The SPLC is busy looking for white on black murders (that rarely even happen)  This is DISGUSTING.  WHY send our men anywhere?  To fight for a nation full of moonbat-allah worshipping Muzzie retards, leftists that hate them, illegals that live off of citizens, queers and feminist bitches from hell.  What a ‘country.’

BRING THE MEN HOME, 12 years ago. America needs to be like Reagan after the Moslems bombed the barracks in Lebanon: To hell with the Muslims.  Then, he brought our troops home.  Where are the ‘moderate’ Muslims to stop the insanity? Huh?  Oh, btw….F’ck you CAIR.   Where is FAUX news to report this SHIT?

GO HOME, IF YOU ARE A  WICKED MUZLOID, (that agrees with this gas station attendant) and take the leftists/liberals with ya.

Don’t forget to drop Obama, the Muslim bastard off in Kenya as you get the f’k out of here.

UP DATE From Youtuber in Louisiana:
Crisis Ended With A Simple Apology

Well it has ended, the manager and owner have given a personal public apology.
posted on:


Thank you for your support. God Bless America


AN “APOLOGY” is nowhere to be found.

See above vids that are NOT there.
NO apology, the RAGHEADS never apologized, OR if they did, they just took their vid down–probably for fear of retribution from the Jihados.  Muslims are not to apologize to us peon infidels.. Kinda the same way some stuck up “Jews” are, and even many Christians that think they are holier than thou.

IF they even ‘apologized’ it was probably b/c they were fearing a boycott

Black-Supremacist Mob Beat 1 JEWISH White-Man With Chains, Screaming “You White Piece Of Shit”

Black Mob Beat 1 JEWISH White-Man With Chains, Screaming “You White Piece Of Shit”….Hate crime victim describes racially motivated mob attack in Grand Rapids.

Well, where are all of the Jews at ADL? Huh?  They are busy. Busy trying to persecute the White Nationalist group CofCC for reporting black on white crime. 

Where is Abe Foxman of the Anti-American, Christian-hating, Religious Jew-hating, ADL? Where is the ACLU? Where is the SPLC? Where are they?  Well…this is what we dumbass Jews get for marching to Mississippi in the 60’s for people that hated us, & butting into neighborhoods that hated us as well.  You wont ever see this JEW marching for anyone’s rights but ‘evil’ whitey’s.  Been there, done that in the 1980’s for the minorities, who never reciprocated, just demanded more & more from me, and resented that I helped them.  

Yeah, Stupid, Schmuck Abe..

I know….