B.O. “I Don’t Have To Run For Ofc Anymore, I Can Just Let It Rip” (Lawless, Asinine, Spoiled Brat)

B.O.  I Don’t Have To Run For Ofc Anymore, I Can Just Let It Rip” (Lawless, Asinine, Spoiled Brat)

Look at this creep as a baby.  He did what he wanted to do. He was already an uppity Nigga at 4 years old.


Same nasty smile we see today.

Obama is a spoiled brat who does what he wants because that’s the way he has always operated.  See his baby pictures sometime.  He was a brat then.  What you are at 7 years old will be what you are at 70.   Imagine if WHITE GWB said this?  Obama gets away with everything because he is sort of black.  Black males get away with murder–every damned day.   Look at Obama:  He droned over 3000 innocent civilians in Yemen/Pakistan.  He aids the terrorists in Syria and Libya.  He funds Nazis/fascists in Ukraine.  If Boehner the crybaby does not do something, Obama will continue his slaughter of the world.

“I don’t have to run for office anymore, so I can just let it rip,” he said.  And rip he did, after days of Republicans beating him up for not doing anything on the border but refusing to pass the money to pay for what he wants to do on the border.  Read more: here

Obama is the black Prince of America, he be doing what he wanna do.

Obama is like a child.  A brat. Spoiled, rotten and a BAD leader.  Well, he was never my leader.  A CIC must have TWO citizen parents.  He broke the law from the beginning of his reign of Nigga-dom.

Tale Of An American President: A Spoiled, Rotten Brat Who Slides Down Lunch Counters

Tale Of An American President: A Spoiled, Rotten Brat Who Slides Down Lunch Counters

If there was ever a mirror to reflect the state of a most pitiful nation, this would be it’s reflection:


This above photo was on the White House website.  This ‘President’ is a foul person.  A total embarrassment to sane people.  Let’s take a good look at world events and problems here at home that this child is getting away with:

  • IRS scandal
  • Benghazi-gate
  • Sanctioning Russia for the White House Coup D’Etat In Ukraine
  • Supporting Nazis in Kiev
  • Funding the Syrian Rebel terrorists  (Al Qaeda)
  • Installing puppet regimes in Egypt, Libya and Ukraine
  • Signing one erroneous executive order after the next.
  • Spending millions on vacations, courtesy of the US tax-payer
  • Destroying our health care system

I could go on and on.  The list is endless.  But, I want you to take a good look at this idiot who is representing us…It should be NO wonder why people like me admire Vladimir Putin.

Oh, it’s racist to point out that this spoiled brat is undeserving of his position.

(Official White House Photo by Pete Souza, from Jim Hoft)