Bolshevik Dictator Mayor Of NYC-Bloomberg, Butting Into AZ Business

View Image This is an evil pos.  He cannot even take care of his own damned little CHINA city.  Taxes out the wazoo, and now, the CRUMB is following me to MY state.  You can’t even get away from these despicible pigs, they follow us everywhere.  One of his own left wing looney-toons, Loughner murdered a bunch of people in AZ last month…And the DICTATOR of NYC, Mike the Kike is here to ‘investigate guns’.  He is like a damned leech.  Like a virus that can’t be cured… Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know- no Jew uses such terms or is a ‘friend of the Jews’ that uses the word ‘kike’… Mmm hmmm…. This Jew is NO friend of America, OR NYC.

This is the Jewish Nazi for gun-control, he is just like Stalin and Hitler, really bright Mike- you lousy leftist Kike.

NYC Mayor Bloomberg Launches Undercover Gun Sting in Arizona

There is no shortage of UGLY for this closet-queer either…

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BTW, this is the real meaning of ‘kike’, the forbidden word, like the  holy grail N word:

Kikkle can also be spelled “kikel“, which is Yiddish for “circle,” in which case the phrase would mean “For sure, my circle.”
-Yo Mordechai, you going to temple tonight?
-Fo shikkle my kikkle!