National Guard Will Be Taking Care Of Your Health. NY To Declare “Emergency”?! THIS IS A DEMOCRAT CREATED DISASTER. Martial Law Is Probably Next:

National Guard Will Be Taking Care Of Your Health: NY To Declare “Emergency”. THIS IS A DEMOCRAT CREATED DISASTER. Martial Law Is Probably Next:

The stupid, idiotic, insane, treasonous Democrat party created this disaster by mandating vaccines. Injections that have been killing people worldwide… And, you either get this kill-shot or you have NO job.. Food will be used as a weapon next. Very soon, you will probably be cut off from your healthcare providers. The Democrat bastards will possibly force people out of their homes, take their cars and pass laws making it illegal to be unvaccinated here in Commie-USA.

This is a CREATED disaster that never had to happen.

But, there is a reason it IS happening: FOR TOTAL CONTROL over our lives. Most average Democrat dummies are too stupid to see what is happening. They LOVE being stupid and blind.

These lousy Democrat psychopaths call US the ‘fascists’ as they destroy our jobs, our health and starve us to death. Get some beans and rice… You’re gonna NEED it.

In a last minute effort to coerce healthcare workers to get vaccinated, Communist bitch, Governor Hochul announced that the state is taking measures to ensure that workers who are fired over refusing the vaccine will not be eligible for unemployment benefits.

Martial law will probably be coming soon as people will be losing homes, condo’s, apartments, food and more. The people of the United States will, no doubt – become completely unhinged and ungovernable–with GOOD reason.

Hunger is a horrible way to live and die.

This possible scenario will start horrible violence in every aspect of life. Which will bring about Martial Law. Barack Hussein Osama, then, will probably declare himself dictator of AmeriKa.

Foster Farms Donates 420,000 Servings Of Chicken To Cali & WA State Food Banks

Foster Farms Donates 420,000 Servings Of Chicken To Cali & WA State Food Banks

God bless Foster Farms for helping so many people who are hungry.

A LOT of people do not like talking about how there are food banks all across the nation that are lined up for miles.  Prez Trump or no Prez Trump–this is happening.  

Many Conservative blogs are covering how the stock market is doing soooo well.  No, it’s not.  It’s inflated by the Fed.  We’re doing terrible.  The nation is upside down.  A Commenter on Youtube said he wanted to ‘hear something positive‘… We’ve had positive our whole lives.  Positive times mean nothing.  Its the bad times that show you what type person you are.

Though I have lost any admiration I had for Trump, it wasn’t his fault that all of the Governors turned, tucked tail and ran before, during & after the shutdowns.  THEY are the ones, (R & D) who destroyed every state. 

Foster Farms Donates Additional 420,000 Servings Of Chicken To California And Washington Food Banks As Need Skyrockets Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


This week the US Census Bureau published results of a survey in which nearly 30 million out of 249 million respondents said they did not have enough to eat at some point in the week before July 21.

Shows Have Stopped at Cow Palace. Now, It’s Packed With Food Lines

Shows Have Stopped at Cow Palace. Now, It’s Packed With Food Lines

The Governors just had to kill the economy. I wonder how much each Gov was paid to do this to the American people.  Closing down a nation is beyond all comprehension to me.  Who ever heard of such a thing.  It was done purposefully.  That’s how I feel.  And, now there are people hungry, waiting in lines for food and totally destitute.  Try to help someone.  We are. 

Once the venue for massive shows featuring everything from wrestling to rodeos, nowadays the Cow Palace in Daly City plays host to one of the largest food bank sites for the San Francisco-Marin Food Bank. Some 1,200 to 1,500 residents from San Francisco and San Mateo County lineup every Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

More:   At Pulitzer.

Hundreds line up for food in New Orleans as coronavirus continues its economic toll:

This is in New Orleans.



This is in Wisconsin: At WIZ News

Epic Economist weighs in:


Help people if you are able.