YES! Armed Veterans Guard War Memorial Around-The-Clock In Tennessee

YES! Armed Veterans Guard War Memorial Around-the-Clock in Tennessee

God bless these men:   Todd Starnes is also reporting on this story.

This is fantastic news for a change!!

“A show of force can be a very powerful deterrent. We’re not here to fight, unless we have to,” Veteran Keith Sikora told television station WKRN.

Dirty, Smelly Communist Pigs Desecrate Vietnam Wall In DC

Dirty, Smelly Communist Pigs Desecrate Vietnam Wall In DC

Disgusting, treacherous, filthy Communist pukes desecrate the VN wall.  As if those men didn’t go thru enough.  When do we eliminate these bottom-feeding brats?

Trump is supposed to sign some exec order but look at the last order he signed re. big tech?  They just keep censoring his posts.  Communist don’t listen which is why they should be six feet under:

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1st The COMMUNISTS Came For Robert E. Lee. Now, It’s The Maj Gen Schuyler Statue In Albany, NY

1st The COMMUNISTS Came For Robert E. Lee. Now, It’s The Maj Gen Schuyler Statue In Albany, NY

They will not stop until they are stopped and obliterated.  Understand? Totalitarians do not stop.  They just keep going until half of the population is murdered.  Statue removal is an outward sign that a totalitarian makes to the traditionalists.  It says ‘We are in charge now”.   It’s not about R E Lee or Schuyler.  It’s about cultural genocide:   Cultural genocide involves the eradication and destruction of cultural artifacts, such as books, artworks, and structures, and the suppression of cultural activities that do not conform to the destroyer’s notion of what is appropriate.

The Communists do not give a damn about who owned slaves or who didn’t own slaves as this is the argument these Left wing idiots are making.  With Communists, its only about Communism.  

For the record, the Communist Democrat party:

  • Keeps their minorities and blacks in the projects.   (Slave owners kept their slaves in small quarters)
  • Ration their food with EBT; Food stamps.   (The slave masters rationed food: Pork rinds and popcorn)
  • Keeps their minorities and blacks uneducated by dumbing down the curriculum.    (Slave masters kept their slaves completely uneducated)

Philip Schuyler began his military service during the French and Indian War as a captain and was later promoted to major. He partook in the battles of Lake George, Oswego River, Ticonderoga, and Fort Frontenac.  After his first stretch in the military, Schuyler ventured into politics. He began his tenure as a New York State Assemblyman in 1768 and served until 1775 when he was selected as a delegate to the second Continental Congress in May of that year. On June 19, 1775, he was commissioned as one of only four major generals in the Continental Army.

More:   At Battlefields

The story on this Communist lunacy: Albany.Gov

Communist PIGS Are Seeking To Remove R.E. Lee’s Statue In VA, Take Virginians Guns & Force ‘Integrated’ Housing On Virginians:

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You gotta give it to these rat bastard Communists.  They know how to fight.  In fact, yesterday, the sonofabitches started drafting a bill to force the whole state into into tiny land quarters.  Meanwhile, the Virginians are ALREADY ‘integrated’.


House Delegate Ibraheem Samirah, who represents parts of Fairfax and Loudoun Counties in suburban Washington, D.C., introduced the new bill and four other housing measures on Thursday, including a proposal to legalize smaller flats, known as accessory dwelling units, throughout Virginia. The bill would legalize duplex homes—townhouses, cottages, duplexes, and so on—in any place currently zoned for single-family homes. The bill doesn’t ban single-family housing outright, and it leaves questions about siting, design, setback, and other considerations to local governments to decide.

See the rest of this Stalinist bill:

Who the hell voted in this Ibraheem Samirah bastard?  The Communists are hitting the common Virginian in every, single direction.  You think this will only happen in Virginia?  They’ll try this in Arizona also and in any state that has allowed their representatives seats to be taken by force.   We will all suffer the Stalinists if we the people dont stop the Communists first.

The Red Bolshevik pigs are also seeking to remove an auction block and Plans were made to move it to the Fredericksburg Area Museum by March but a local business owner is fighting for it to stay.  The owner of the Olde Town Butcher shop said the 176-year-old piece of history drove business to the area and the move would result in a decline in tourism. In a statement to NBC4, the business said, “this suit is about local politics overstepping their bounds and about preserving history.”  But the local chapter of the NAACP has released a statement saying business owners are trying to “profit from the vestiges of slavery.”

The stupid NAACP doesn’t get that its not the 1860’s anymore and things like this WILL hurt the tourism economy and force his PRESENT DAY fellow blacks to go on welfare in VA.  


As the auction block statue removal is in debate, the Marxist filth are going to remove R.E. Lee’s statue in the capital:

Trump said that he is ‘sad the statues are being removed’. WHAT?!  The ONLY people who remove statues are Fascists and Communists who should be killed.  You’re NOT going to get help from Trump..

As everyone is ‘making America great again’, the Communists march on to bring Americans into slavery.  In fact, the dumb bastards want to impeach Trump a second time:    House counsel suggests Trump could be impeached again …

The Bolshevik sob’s are on the march.  Our ‘side’ is still on defense.  We can only pray that good men will stop this in Virginia and make an example.  I don’t know what more to say.  Like many others who predicted these types of Communist onslaughts on our country.. all of my ‘insane’ predictions over the years on this blog are coming to pass as well and I am sickened.  May God give strength to the people of Virginia.  Because, the House and Senate don’t give a damn.  We’re f’cked.