Media Matters Blogger: “Right Wingers are Tin Foil Hatters, Forensic Experts That Live In Trailers…”

 Go to fullsize imageMedia Matters…. Cant live with em….Don’t want to  live with em..

  A candy-ass, keyboard-commando, Communist blogger at Media Matters against America named Andy Kreiss thinks ‘most right wingers don ‘tin-foil’ hats, are forensic analysts that live in trailers..’ Talk about stereo-typing…

 Tongue   Isn’t this the same type vitriol that they are always whining about?    See, its OK when they stereo-type with these’ silliness’ talking points, but not you.  You had better be on your best behavior, Conservative people…. Or  Andy is watching you… Have ya’all ever seen such control freaked, mind-screwing animals like this in your life?? It is OK if they call you; Nuts, xeno-phobes, homophobes, racists, white trash, trailer trash, tin foil hatters….ETC, ETC, ETC…..  BUT YOU BETTER WATCH OUT, OR MEDIA MATTERS THOUGHT POLICE WILL HAVE YOUR ASS ON A CHOPPING BLOCK AS THEY DID WITH DOBBS.

Here is  ANDY Kreiss; The Komrade, Card-carrying ACLU JACKASS and his oh-so-mighty, intellectual comments on some   ‘evil’ right wingers: Hypnotic 



by Andy Kreiss (5 hours and 17 minutes ago

The tinfoil hat type right wingers are amazing, all of them forensic experts living in trailers who can barely write a complete sentence.
If you have some time, and want some laughs,

check out this threadabout the Obama photoshop hoax, specifically the comments by MagCynic.It’s a good illustration of how a person can start out with an assumption, and work their azz off trying to force reality to conform to that preconception.