Nixon Denied Cover-Up. #Commie Obama Uses Internet & IRS Story To Deter & Conservatives Help Him

Nixon Denied Cover-Up. #Commie Obama Uses Internet & IRS Story To Deter & Conservatives Help Him

I can’t believe how you are used by this administration. They USE you to deter!! Benghazi is the issue. GWB AND Clinton both used the IRS against political foes.  They did nothing about it, then, and they will do nothing about it now.  

You can also add the birth certificate issue which you pretend does not exist  (I know some of you are sooo ashamed by ‘birthers’.)  Its because you are busy posting crap for the Commie defacto dictator and scared to not be Commie-politically correct. 

Makes me want to puke.

Obama is like Nixon with this Benghazi cover-up.

Hat Tip, my friend: Steve Cooper, “The Conservative Monster”  who posted this piece on his website in Nov. 2012;


Benghazi is the f-cking issue.

T-Party Leaders: You R Going To Be Hijacked~You Have FAILED Lt. Col Lakin & “Birthers”

Tea-Partiers & T-party Leaders: You have allowed Beck & Palin to distract you from what the issue is. Patriots; LT COL Lakin, who is facing CT Martial and Prison, and CMDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick III, who is also in jail, (I believe, still) for questioning Obama’s Birth Certificate-Fitzpatrick, being persecuted with bogus charges from The Monroe CTY Courthouse in TN.  General McInerney also is going to come under fire, while you pander to Beck, and even Palin.  These men are military patriots have stood in the gap while you have done NOTHING.

“T.E.A.” is only a sum of the part. Our nation is being ‘held hostage’ for lack of a better term by radical Communists, while you are only worried about being taxed. This is not a Tea Party, this is not a game. You have rejected even Pastor Manning and wounded him by rejecting him because he used the “N” word against his own people. In fact, many of you are still so brainwashed that you actually believe the left wing rhetoric about Racism, Schmacism

We are serious people. Steve Cooper from The Conservative Monster is a serious person, and on Greta Wire, many of you are wishing for his death. Because he does not believe Obama is a natural born citizen? Have you all gone insane? 

Regardless of these facts, you will be hijacked and taken over if you do not start taking up the cause of patriots that are becoming political prisoners.

Message to Tea Party Leaders: Defend Lt Col Lakin or Prepare for Operation Tea Party Hijack



Author Of “Pentagon Prayer” Debunks 9-11 “Truthers”

Go to fullsize imageH/T: By Steve Cooper
The Conservative 

Dan Holdridge  was in front of the Pentagon on 9/11/01 and he barely escaped with his life. During this interview I asked Dan if he saw plane parts at the Pentagon plane crash scene and he said YES. This is just more proof that the 9/11 truthers are really 9/11 LIARS. For many years the 9/11 truther movement has insisted that a missile hit the Pentagon; not a plane. Dan Holdridge debunks that lie on during this interview. 

  See the rest of this you phoney bastards that say the government did 9-11..

(I know that a LOT of you will not go and listen, because you friggin hate the truth)

See and then STFUP: 

Author of ‘Pentagon Prayer’ debunks 9/11 Truther Pentagon Theory on The Conservative Monster Radio Show

Lt. Col. Lakin~ A Patriot Left Hung Out To Dry By FAUX News.

Go to fullsize imageWe have a Lt. Col (Lakin)  that is risking his life and going to JAIL, and FOX News does zero, says zero about his Court Martial that HE invited, because he believes that Obama is an alien. Obama IS an alien.  I have talked about this myself and have been astounded about the silence with FAUX News. Leaving a soldier-patriot hang out to dry like this is disgusting, worse than leaving him on the battle field to die.

    Is Fox News insane?  Are they just frikking tools? Do they only support the troops when we are at war and in battle?  One day, we WILL hold you responsible for this atrocity in censorship. Count on IT. The silence with Navy Battle Commander,  William Francis Fitzpatrick is absolutely abominable too.

See this also: (Click on the pic below:)

CMDR W. Francis Fitzpatrick III

From The Conservative Monster: Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and Paul Jensen on the Barry Farber Show – 9/3/10

Yes, Whatever Beck, O'Reilly, & Hannity Say..



A Kenyan Birth Certificate Of Obamas; Sent To All Congress


Just a thought… Is it at all possible that Hussein has NO B.C. at all, because Kenya was a nothing place in 1961?  Think about it, I don’t know.. This, below, in the links provided were sent to the Congress, so, this may be Kosher….


Click on this and follow to the Post/Email via The Conservative Monster: Lucas Smith sends copy of Kenyan Birth Certificate to every member of Congress

{Just an FYI. I have been following this B.C. issue since June 6, 2008. I was one of the people that paved the way for this fiasco and have been following this since 06/08.. It’s funny how little ground-breakers are thought of us nothing. Because..let me say this; When Hussein gets found out, me and about 10 others that have been on this from the beginning will be happy, but sincerely wondering why many of you have not given a 2nd thought for us nobody little bloggers…} See this, when I talked about this with my friend, Steve in Dec. 09:  CLICK here: Interview~Steve Cooper, CNIN with Paulette AsheDina, THE MAD JEWESS  from on Obama eligibility

Military Judge: “Up To Congress To Call For Obama Impeachment!”

Go to fullsize imageOf course the military has a woman as a judge (This is why I say that women should NEVER be in high office, except Brewer).. The Judge is afraid of showing Obamas records and tells congress that THEY have to impeach him.  But we know this congress is a bunch of lily-livered, cowards that won’t even stand up to the imposter-in-chief.  It is as we told you all along, people. Obama is a dual, and his records are so embarassing that, even a military judge wants nothing to do with it. When this is all through, folks… The DEM party is FINISHED. They have LIED, repeatedly to the American people. The GOP is on very thin ice, as well.

View Image

Obama threw Governor  Bill Richardson under the bus when Bill Richardson said that “Obama is an IMMIGRANT”.

Michelle Obama ADMITS that Obamas “HOME COUNTRY” is Kenya. She is too old to not know what that phrase means…

The only man in America: LT COL Lakin, that is currently enlisted and has invited his own Court-Martial, refuses to obey orders, because he knows Obama is an ILLEGAL. Period.

GOD be with this man.

Lind, who took 40 minutes to read her decision to the court, disagreed.

Judge Lind said opening up such evidence could be an “embarrassment” to the president, and it’s up to Congress to call for impeachment of a sitting president.

Another General Demanding Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate

  Steve Cooper, my friend from The Conservative and a  retired NYC Policeman, has been following this story as I have been.  We are Americans. We have a right to know who this person is, that is occupying the White House. We have a right to know about his records that he refuses to show. Obama is not exempt from the ‘vetting process’  to have the most powerful position as Commander In Chief of the Military of the United States Of America.   Our troops have a right to know, just who this is that is acting as their commander. The soldiers have to show who they are, (records, SS#, birth certificate), the Commander in Chief should be the first to show his records, not the last.  At this point, because of Obama’s refusals, the troops do NOT have to obey Obama, and should resist him at every turn, and call on a peaceful military coup to spare the American people of a civilian revolt.

SEE: Second General backs Lakin, says President should produce birth certificate

See Steve Coopers thoughts on this lingering subject: Lt. General McInerny Files Sworn Affidavit Supporting LTC Lakin’s Case