#CoronavirusCoup Our Govt STOLE Gold From Egypt, Libya, Ukraine & Now HERE: “Bailouts” For Corp Fat-Cats

#CoronavirusCoup Our Govt STOLE Gold From Egypt, Libya, Ukraine & Now HERE With “Bailouts” For Corp FatCats


UPDATE, March 23 ~ Now, its DEMS adding Pork.

..As the whole nation is under Martial law or partial Martial Law….this is taking place!

I warned everyone out of the blogosphere to not be ‘gung-ho’ for the regime changes in Egypt, Libya and Ukraine.  All of these coups happened under Barack Hussein Obama.  I warned this over and over and over.   Few people listened  The CommieCrats Performed Coup’s in Ukraine, Egypt & Libya, Failed In Syria, 

And now:

Here we go again…Just like 2008 only much, much worse.  Beer Co’s need a ‘bailout?’  Are you kidding me?  Where the hell is the ‘shared sacrifices?’ (Like the Great Depression generation???)  There is none because MONEY NEVER SLEEPS.  These fat pig CEO’s like Commie, Bezos have billions of dollars in their own savings.  They want OUR middle class blood and treasure, though.  McConnell is working HARD to take more of our money.  There’s already hardly anything in the stores but WE have to save their CORPORATIONS?  Start saving your own ass or get out of biz.    Palin used to talk about this all the time: Sarah Palin: “Capitalism Has Taken A Hit” Because Of Crony Capitalism. …

The CommieCrats were always beating her down…but they’re crying about the bailouts today.

More: “Stop The Coronavirus Corporate Coup”: Here Is A List Of Everyone Demanding A Bail Out

*I didn’t care for Palin but I didnt dump on her day in and day out. I didnt believe that a female should be in charge of an empire.

Communist, Globalist, #UNESCO Didn’t Care About ‘300 mil’ School Kids During H1N1

Search it out for yourself.

And, FYI: UNESCO is Commie, Muslim, America hating, Israel hating as well… Its interesting that all of these orgs are filled with this type of people.  Its not that I believe that ‘we’re the best‘–I am no longer under this persuasion.   I just find it odd…



290 million

Links: https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2020/03/05/world/unesco-virus-right-to-education/

https://www.washingtonpost.com/  (Of course links UNESCO also)

300 Millon:

VOA:  https://www.voanews.com/science-health/coronavirus-outbreak/unesco-nearly-300-million-students-out-class-due-coronavirus

Predictable, AOL: https://www.aol.com/article/news/2020/03/05/coronavirus-deprives-nearly-300-million-students-of-their-schooling-unesco/23940716/

All the usual suspects!

#DOW Suffers Biggest Point Loss In History, -1190 Drop, #Coronovirus

#DOW Suffers Biggest Point Loss In History, -1190 Drop, #Coronovirus

This is serious because of the DOW not because of the virus itself.  People in the states have already gotten over the virus as well as many in Singapore.

I made a video-


Psalms 91:  “He will protect me from the plague/pestilence.

GOOD NEWS:  17 Day Old Baby RECOVERS from Coronavirus without Meds.

California Governor Says State ‘Monitoring’ 8,400 For Coronavirus; 33 Have Tested Positive; In New York, 700 Asked To ‘Self-Isolate’: Live Updates

“Worst Thing In My Career” – US Stocks Suffer Fastest Collapse From Record Highs Since Great Depression

Retail Investors Just Got Nuked: Here Are The Stocks They Are Puking

First case of UNKNOWN ORIGIN confirmed in Northern California...
Medical staff exposed?
Scope of undetected U.S. spread unknown...
Experts: Prepare to see overnight boom...
Seattle-area high school shuttered...
CA Gov Says State Only Has 200 Testing Kits...
REPORT: COSTCO Sells Out of Emergency Kits...
Empty shelves hit Hawaii...
Masks Run Short...
Drug shortages loom?
How Daily Life Could Change in USA...
Virus threatening to end air-travel boom...
Panicked passengers get family kicked off flight over coughing daughter...

Market correction mirrors 1928 plunge:

 (*Deep State probably dropped a bio weapon in China…who knows..)


Obama, The Magicians Speech Last Night To The EWE’s


President Obama solved the oil disaster all by himself.  That is why he refused assistance from other nations to send oil skimming vessels into American waters.

Reported By; The Southern Belle

Did you listen to our GREAT President Hussein Obama last night???  Did you get goose bumps up and down your spine as he explained how he alone will solve the oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico???  It was just like getting an awesome back rub and a heavenly massage.
The answer is simple.  All the Senate has to do is pass Obama’s CAP and TAX.  If we only allow Obama to levy massive carbon taxes on everyone then the oil crisis is solved because we will be bankrupt and there will be no need or money to buy oil and then we will see the end of oil drilling in America.  Isn’t that a wonderful solution?? 
Obama is certain that if we are kind and polite to the sweet Mullahs in Iran that they will be more than happy to provide us with all the oil we want at a low cost of only $500/barrel.  Won’t y’all enjoy paying $25/gallon for gasoline?
Obama also said not to worry about the oil spillage because his brilliant team of freaks determined that sooner or later the oil reservoir beneath where the oil is leaking will be exhausted.  Patient is all that is needed and trust in our GREAT President.  In just two or three years the oil leak will stop by itself.
Toot toot and please have a wonderful day in Obama Land.
Donna found this: BP Exec Sold BP Stock right before the spill…