Stupid Brits: Make A “Queen” Fashion Stamp For Style Mag~For Michelle Obama Being ‘Best Dressed’

Stupid Brits: Make A “Queen” Fashion Stamp For Style Mag~For Michelle Obama Being ‘Best Dressed’

The Brits are out of their friggin minds.  There is NO England, now.  It is over-run with Muslims and this is what these yo yo’s worry about:

I don’t know if this is a joke, or what.  Because, for the most part, MO is NO person of great fashion.

Hat tip: May L

And buys these hideous clothes on OUR dime

Bloody Brits..

Worry about England for a change we can believe in.  Because anyone that knows anything sees that there is NO England now.

PS: I am obviously not talking about SANE Brits like Tommy Robinson & Ted (One of our bloggers).  I can’t tell you all how I weep profusely when I look at what has happened to England.  It makes me SICK.



The Mad Jewess Is A Bearded Lady

Not really…It was just to get your attention.  😀  Well, since they put me on hormones, I have little hairs here and there on my face-about 8-10 or so.  Plus, I once shaved a few years back in the 1990’s and Wallah, I had quite a few hairs–they turned white, so that’s cool.  

I am, however, a super hairy chick.  I need a rota-tiller to shave my legs. I donated leg-hair to locks of love.  The mens hair club called.. I may have a new job. 

Look… I know its Saturday, but it’s snowing here so I can’t go to the fellowship Synagogue. But, I have to go see Mama..

Anyhoooo…. If we ‘evil’ Jews make fun of ourselves, nobody else can 😉 Here endeth the lesson for the day…

Black womens STYLE compared to White womens TRASH.

Why has this happened? Is this some conspiracy to END the white race? I believe it may be. Pictures don’t lie, which is why I use them. Facts are facts. I see so many white young women looking like trashy sluts, and black women all dressed up looking great everywhere I go.

  This is a HARD topic to write on, but the pictures will SHOW that White American women or rather, females, treat themselves like TRASH!  They dress like TRASH, talk like TRASH, and act like TRASH. 

When I was a young gal, I always wore the TOP OF THE LINE clothes. Hats, gloves, shoes, fancy dresses… I am an AVID collector of hats.  I was raised in the Hamptons, in L.I., NY- and most of the little girls and teens were little ladies.  I grew up with CLASS.  I talk with boldness regarding HUSSEIN Obama, b/c he is A DISGUSTING son of a ‘white’ whore.

  The FACT remains on this blog, that you will find my thoughts for the day (or the night before.)  It is to show you how we have DE-gressed as a society, NOT ‘progressed’

In these next few pictures you will see what has happened to white women in the USA. 

While they have SOME empathy from me, they are IN THE GUTTER, while black women are CLASS now- its just a FACT.

  The LEFTISTS, liberal, DEMOCRAT (originally the KKK RACIST party, and thats a FACT)  ‘party’ has kept blacks in America IN the SLAVE house, and this is a FACT. Which is why there are many more conservative black women now, Thank God.

As far as a ‘Black’ president?  HUSSEIN Obama is NOT a ‘black’ man.  ALAN KEYES is- who SHOULD have been at LEAST the V.P., b/c I AM SORRY, ALL of our presidents have been WHITE, NOT black, and it should have STAYED THIS WAY (my original thought). 

->But Alan Keyes changed MY mind, he was WORTHY of ANY high Office in the USA, the BEST of AMERICA!

See the CLASS of women that are Black, compared to white women that are TRASH, sadly 😦

White women USED to dress like THIS! :(

White women USED to dress like THIS! 😦

CLASS- except DONT go too white there girl, that middle pic is UGLY.

CLASS- except DONT go too white there girl, that middle pic is UGLY.

Trashy white trallop- Paris Hilton :( !

Trashy white trallop- Paris Hilton 😦 !


Debaucherous Britney Spears

Debaucherous Britney Spears

Classy Queen Latifa

Classy Queen Latifa

Gwen Stefani- EW!

Gwen Stefani- EW!

What more should I say?? White woman….YOU ARE DOOMED!