Palwatch: “Israel Is A Monster That Stabs & Eats Children” Palestinian art on PA TV

The same way we ate Christian children in our Matzoh?? And I don’t even like kids.  If this were true, there would be no more Pali monsters in the larva stage.

-David Ben Moshe

Published July 23rd 7:30 AM PST


Investigative Researcher:  DONNA
Stupid is as stupid does, NAPOLITANO. She works HARD for her Money..NO SPAM.
 No one thought to vet him BEFORE allowing him on the base? No wonder all those Americans were killed.
The system worked…
WTF, opps WTH sorry no I am not!!!!
I know you know that LYING is permitted to gain access to do allahs work…destroying infidels.
When the CIA and MILITARY learn this aspect of Islamofascism, they might actually get somewhere with these heathens.
Anyone aware that when you send an email to the White House and click on the “I have a comment on a policy issue,” that NATIONAL SECURITY is not even on the list??????!!!!!!!

I am sure the CIA run by Panetta didn’t need to search this guy because he thought this would never happen when we have the most “respected” President to the world in office. Did suicide bomber think George W Bush is still in office? Did he know that our President just won the Nobel Peace Prize and will be bringing more peace to all? Did he know that we are closing down Gitmo and giving fair trials to alleged bad guys just like American citizens in fair courts? Did he know that President Obama addressed Muslims everywhere wanting to come in peace? President Obama will be working on dismantling our nuclear weapons and trying our soldiers in world courts. Do we know we stopped all mean interrogation techniques like water boarding so we can earn “respect” and love in the world?

I guess this misunderstood suicide bomber did keep up with the news. I am sure when the rest of the world gets this news they will treat our CIA Agents and soldiers differently. (SARCASM OFF)


I am So so SAD! :_((((((((

another systemic failure

I will not believe the people who ran this outpost were stuck on stupid- there’s more to the story

(Hey Barack, how’s that extended hand thing workin’ for us?)


OHHH this one is better!

No body pat-down, no physical check of the individual....?

Idiots stuck on stupid.

Map locates Khost province, Afghanistan where a suicide bomber targeted…

 Is this a Poor excuse. ???????

Friendly fire, short rounds of artillery, civilians in harms way, unmarked minefields, unexploded ordinance for years or decades to come, presidents that micro manage, congress that pulls the plug when a war is winnable, peace conferences without honor, accidents with all types of weapons, misjudging the target, lack of attention for the job to be done, guerrillas mistaken for civilians are only some of the mistakes made during a war.

In the fog of battle the picture is never 100% clear.

Good leaders from the very top down want to prevent causalities and take all the steps they can to minimize them, but war is not an exact science.

The case of this suicide bomber, invited on base, yet not vetted is inexcusable. Sadly we learn from our mistakes in war time, yet there are times we don’t get a second chance. do you ZERO?????

Rarely does something good happen in a war zone.

Well, the CIA Chief in the FOB was killed. She may have been responsible for not enforcing tighter security measures leading to her death and her subordinates. Sad, she had three kids.

AP sources: Suicide bomber was invited on base