Are The Commie Globalist MURDERERS Going After Assange Or Snowden Next?

Are The Commie Globalist MURDERERS Going After Assange Or Snowden Next?

Well, we all know that Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself but was murdered. Alex Jones who was acquainted with John McAfee said that John McAfee didn’t commit suicide and I believe him. Above, in McAfee’s tweet, he plainly states he would not kill himself.

You know why I believe Alex Jones? Because I believe just about anyone who fights the Communist/Globalist/Democrat bastards. I came to the conclusion long ago when I ‘went down the rabbit hole‘ that the average Joe Schmoe is not a liar and the government and the allies of governments are liars, propagandists, cheats, thieves and murderers. The worst criminals in the world are government officials. They lie every single day and they murder people all the time.

So, who are the murderous filth going to go after next? Is it going to be Julian Assange or Edward Snowden? We had best be in prayers for both of these fellows. Hopefully, they know the Lord because the EVIL Communist Democrat devils may send them to their graves. Edward Snowden is concerned for Julian Assange. If I was Snowden, I would try to get 24/7 security.

The Clin*** Dead Pool Has Been Updated …

Another Day, ANOTHER Banker Bites The Dust!! (JP Morgan) Hong Kong FX Trader

Another Day, ANOTHER Banker Bites The Dust!! (JP Morgan) Hong Kong FX Trader

Does anyone realize how serious it is getting?  Of course… I forget, I am blogging from America where we have so many dumbbells.  But, for those of you (my blog friends) You know, this is a grave situation..  It’s going from bad to worse.  And, since I don’t know all about the banking business, I leave you to your thoughts..

Hat tip: Lady Raven

See the news:  Second JPMorgan Banker Jumps To His Death: Said To Be 33 Year Old Hong Kong FX Trader

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Another DEAD Body Under Obama Admin: Secret Service Agent Kills Himself Amid Affair Probe

Another dead body under Obama. 

How many notches does Obama have on his gun?  Do we add the 4 in from Libya, too? Or is that boring news, now?   Because of Benghazi, Hillary is a tainted package for 2016.   Why is it that the press does not look into any of these deaths surrounding Obama.  The fourth estate is supposed to keep the govt on the straight and narrow.  They are not supposed to be in the DNC’s pocket.

Don’t worry….this will be old news in 5 hours.




FREDDIE MAC CFO “SUICIDE?” WTF?? Acting Freddie Mac CFO found dead! Hillary is baacckkk!! 

 THIS website ^^ has the REAL story, but it will NOT open for ME. For OBVIOUS reasons…


Poor Unfortunate Souls…..bwaahhhh 😉
Now it’s happened once or twice
Someone couldn’t pay the price
And I’m afraid I had to rake ’em ‘cross the coals
Yes I’ve had the odd complaint
But on the whole I’ve been a saint
To those poor unfortunate souls…




The following is a list of people connected with Bill Clinton who have died

 suddenly or under unusual Circumstances: