The Governors Destroyed The Whole Country Over A 2% #Covid19 Death Rate: (CDC)

The Governors Destroyed The Whole Country Over A 2% Death Rate: (CDC)

Just 2.5 months ago, people had actual hope.  Not Obama hype-hope but real hope.

Americans had jobs.  Housing, cars and big ticket items were full front.  Now, Americans are in lines waiting for food, unemployed and barely getting by.  Many have abandoned their homes and cars.  The housing market is busted.  Look on “Realtor” yourself.  Oodles of homes on ‘contingent’ or months in pending status.  The people selling their homes are waiting on contingent buyers who are waiting for their homes to sell but very few can pay cash outright to buy homes.  So, everything is contingent.   Its probably a guarantee that reverse mortgages will become a huge market for people hitting 62 years old and the banks and mortgage companies will own all the homes.  Parents and Grandparents will have to reverse mortgage to help take care of their kids–who will end up moving back into their houses.   Get in reverse mortgage if you know how to work it because you’ll be a gazillionaire.

The governors, not Trump (sorry if you dont want to hear this but it’s true), he was not responsible for this economic disaster.  He DID ‘go along’ with their bullchit, though.  Even though he knew it was an artificially created massacre of the nation: Trump Refers To “This Artificial Event” That Took Place 2 Months Ago

We’re screwed six days to Sunday and I think there is no way out.  


ALL of the governors and the covid-fascist, Commie-Progressives should be hanged from the highest fleet in the US Navy.  Everyone I know is affected from this FUBAR in some way or another.

We’re singing this song again….

(Just my 2 cents.  Hope Im wrong.)


Message To #MichaelSavage Re #Covid19: MOVE ON!!

Message To #MichaelSavage Re #Covid19: MOVE ON!!

Yep, I totally believe that the D party worked with China and released this virus. Absolutely. The globalists just want Trump OUT. Especially China bec of the tariffs.

Savage: MOVE ON.  The Super Depression coming is by FAR WORSE than this virus.

*BLOOPER*: I dont ‘know‘ Michael’. Ive just been listening to him for 30 years.



People better wake up.  We ARE headed into a Super Depression.  Companies and corps cannot survive what the Governors have put them through.  People are not going to be able to make their Mortgages. They won’t be able to pay for their cars.  Their rent, etc.  





You may be thinking to yourself, “Once this coronavirus crisis ends, then the financial crisis will end, too.”

Don’t bet on it.

This was a crisis waiting to happen. All the ingredients of a serious financial crisis were already here in America long before coronavirus even appeared in China.

It was gunpowder waiting for ignition. The virus is simply the spark that blew it all up.

The truth is, this crisis is already worse than the Great Recession. And it’s even approaching the Great Depression in severity.

So, everyone who’s counting on the government to get us out of this mess is in for a rude awakening.

Because even if the Federal Reserve floods the economy with trillions of new dollars, it still won’t be enough.

The government simply can’t bail out every small business and every big corporation in America.

It can’t bail out every city and every state that’s in trouble.

And it can’t bail out all the banks that go broke.

As this crisis continues to unfold, these glaring truths will become all too apparent — and painful.