Censorship Communists At Google Deleted Blue Checkmark, Leftist Youtube Channel, UKs Novara Media. Thats How Censorship Works. It Eventually Eats It’s OWN:

Censorship Communists At Google Deleted Blue Checkmark, Leftist Youtube Channel, Novara Media. Thats How Censorship Works. It Eventually Eats It’s OWN:

Google/Youtube deleted Leftist channel, Novara Media.. And, that’s how it works. Leftists LOVE censorship UNTIL it starts ‘getting them’. Oh well…

I guess they turned it back on again.. Love is like a faucet…ya turn it on and offfffff……

Leftists deserve it. Susan Wojcicki is a Commie piece of garbage. This is what ya get with a Leftist/Feminist scuz in charge of a major corporation: Garbage that turns on and turns off at the whim of a mad female.

YouTube's Susan Wojcicki: 'Where's the line of free speech – are you  removing voices that should be heard?' | YouTube | The Guardian

Susan Wojcicki, CEO Of #Youtube Is A Jewish Woman Who Creates Anti Semitism

Susan Wojcicki, CEO Of Youtube Is A Jewish Woman Who Creates Jew Hatred

*YouTube Announces New Censorship Rules – Will Take Down Videos Alleging Fraud and Disputing 2020 U.S. Presidential Election Results

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On Wojcicki’s Wikipedia page is written: Susan Diane Wojcicki was born on July 5, 1968 to Esther Wojcicki, an educator of Jewish descent.

You would think this woman being Jewish would understand that this years election is extremely complicated. You would think that she would be a little more observant of her Jewishness and UNDERSTAND to stay out of it and let the chips fall where they may. You would think that she could already sense anti semitism against Jewish people and stop this stupidity.

Wojcicki, like so many Leftist Jews just don’t know when to shut the hell up and get out of the way. They dont know when to disappear from a toxic scene and all they do is add more fuel to the fire. This woman lacks discernment to the max. The only thing that she has done is create MORE anti semitism with this latest move to censor and ban any channel posting on legitimate voter fraud. SERIOUS voter fraud: ARIZONA JOINS 20 OTHER STATES IN TEXAS ELECTION LAWSUIT WITH THE SUPREME COURT

The Communist Democrat party is constantly screaming about ‘voter suppression’… Yet, here is a Left wing Jewess suppressing American Conservative & Republican people and this process. The election has NOT even been called yet except by the AP. It has NOT been called by officials BECAUSE of the issues at hand.

Leftist Jewish people in politics are OFTEN on the front line AGAINST American freedom and thats a fact.


You really think people are not ‘checking out’ if you are Jewish, lady? Please.

Thanks a lot, you dumb broad.