Many American Dumb-bells Support Jihadists In Syria Along With @SenJohnMcCain & John Kerry

Many American Dummies Support Jihadists In Syria Along With @SenJohnMcCain

I had an argument with a very idiotic person on Twitter this morning.   As many of you know, I covered the Syrian revolution from day One: Syria | The Mad Jewess

I told everyone  that Syria was Libya and Egypt redux from it’s beginning.  The ‘Arab Spring’ which was enforced and assisted by John McCain, Obama and others in our government including Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, etc are the responsible parties for the mess in the middle east.  That’s the facts.  If you think anything different, you are an idiot and deserve to lose your country.  Deal with that.

Assad is not the worlds greatest leader, but he has stood up against cannibals in Syria who have eaten the body parts of their victims.  He has liberated Christians in Ma’loula, Syria, late April  2014:  Patriarch Youhanna sez Syrian Christians “Wouldn’t Submit and Yield.” See all the pictures in that post.  You won’t EVER see Syrian ‘rebel’ Jihadists liberating Christians–EVER.

00 Ma'loula 03. 21.04.14

00 Ma'loula 04. 21.04.14

NOW, tell me that Assad is the blood thirsty terrorist that Pill O’Reilly is constantly bitching about.  I thought that Pill was a Catholic?  This is a picture of a Catholic priest in Ma’Loula with Assad.   Pill supports Jihadist cannibals from all over the Middle east against fellow Catholics in Syria.   You tell me this nation is sane??   Assad’s quotes:  The Telegraph

This is what a U.S. Vet (from above) is supporting in Syria:

Meanwhile…Obama Authorizes Sending Weapons To Syrian Jihad Rebels

Now, who’s f*cking ‘side’ are you on??

We stand with these troops that say NO war in Syria:


A home decor collage from November 2013

Israel: No Proof Poison Gas Used In Syria

Israel also warned America in 2003 that Iraq was not a threat to Israel.  Did America listen? No.  They won’t listen to this report, either.

Link here

Syrian Rebels Car Bombing, Now-Killing 16 In Qatana, Syria. Most Americans Side WITH These Rebels Over Christians

America throws the Christians under the bus, day after day in Syria.  Just as they did with Serbia.  Serbian Christians were fighting back against Muslim, Islamo-fascists, and America sided with the Muslims, turn-coating against Serbia, who we were allied with in WW1 & WW2.  

Can you imagine the faces of the Christian Serbs when AmeriKa bombed them for 72 days? (back in the 90’s)  We, who were their allies, bombing them? Muslims Over Christians?!  Sick, disgusting and treacherous…!!

The same type case scenario is happening in Syria.  Once again, Stupid AmeriKans learn nothing from history and side with the Muslims.  All while sending our men to die for nothing AGAINST Muslims–makes sense, huh?

Maybe now you will begin to understand (in some way,) why a few bloggers here- deplore most Americans, maybe not.  My guess is probably not.

And, just look at FOX News, batting for the Islamo-Nazis, having sympathy for the devil: 

CLICK:  Assad regime firing Scud missiles in Syria, US official says

you can see how 




SO: Fox news is an Obama propaganda war-machine, now. Period.


American Morons Feel Sympathy For Syrian “Rebels”, Ignore Syrian Christians Who Are Attacked DAILY BY The “Rebels” With Car Bombs

American Morons Feel Sympathy For Syrian “Rebels”, Ignore Syrian Christians Who Are Attacked DAILY BY The “Rebels”

Propaganda, 24/7 on behalf of the ‘innocent’ Syrian rebellious.  Americans who pretend they are Christian, feel sorry for the Islamic Militants, (aka OBAMA’s Arab Spring, Jihadists, Muslim bro’hood) and dump fellow Christians.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.  Christians are being TERRORIZED and bombed by these friggin ‘rebels’ and you IDIOTS feel sorry for the rebels.  F’cked up bunch of jackasses.

You make me SICK.

The most recent news from 4 hours ago:

Christian aid and advocacy group Open Doors said it received a letter from a Christian in Aleppo, claiming some hundred rebels invaded a Christian area and infiltrated a main street. “The Syrian army quickly retook the zone and no lives were lost,” it said.

The rest: Syrian Christians Face Starvation, Deadly Attacks


Link:  Car bombs terrorize Syrian Christians in Damascus


Damascus, Syria, Nov 30, 2012 / 02:05 am (CNA/EWTN News).- Two deadly car bombs that exploded in a Damascus suburb Nov. 28 killed at least 34 people and are terrorizing the Christian population, a local priest says.

Father Romualdo Fernandez, rector of the Damascene Shrine of the Conversion of St. Paul, told Fides news agency that the “massacre” has “spread terrible panic” and some schools report that half the teachers were absent the day after the attack.

“(W)hoever are the people behind the crime, if the aim was to terrorize the Christians, they are succeeding,” Fr. Fernandez said.

Two bombs exploded in the eastern suburb of Jaramana, a district loyal to Syria’s President Bashar Assad. The car bombs exploded within five minutes of each other in a parking lot between two commercial buildings, killing and wounding laborers and employees.

NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, AGAIN: Obama Sending Boots Near Syrian Shore On USS Eisenhower

NO CONGRESSIONAL APPROVAL, AGAIN: Obama Sending Boots Near Syrian Shore On USS Eisenhower.

Contributed by QV

(See also: NATO’s Patriot move is step to involvement in Syria-Russia)

With NO approval from the US congress, Obama has sent boots to Syria

RT reports the Perrenial of Evil Satan America has sent its boots as US troops arrive near Syrian shore on USS Eisenhower:  here

The US is now ready to launch such action “within days” if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad decides to use chemical weapons against the opposition, the Times reports. Not the LIES floating around that Assad would use those weapons against his own people.
The United States now stands ready for direct military intervention in the Syrian conflict when the weather permits,” the news source wrote.

The PARASITES euphemism for entitlement bums of America are delighted. It would mean money would roll onto their laps to sniff drugs and watch porn all day, prowl the streets at night to hunt and rape.

A careful analysis of investment patterns, oil, arms, shipping, minerals, pharmaceutical, defense and others, beginning with 2001, indicate a pattern of advanced knowledge and even manipulation of historical events. We know that.

Since the Korean Wars, we have seen EVIL US/West initiate wars to chase Resources and Enslave people of the world. Fortunately, God broke their Will & their Pride and the US has NEVER won a single war. Not even against slippered Afghan!!

Read the Sickening News of Satan’s Evil — represented by America. Watch for a False Flag by the US as an excuse to bomb Syria like they did Libya. And get ready for Thermonuclear War.

-The facts and opinion from a foreigners point of view, trying to wake up Amerikaners.

Syrian Army Takes Full Control Of Salahaddine Neighborhood In Aleppo, And Killed Al Queda & Terrorists

Just think….Obama, Hitlery, Rice and the rest of the evil slime are with Al Queda the Muslim bro’hood and the ‘rebels’ (Arab Spring). Folks like me that ARE paying attn to this clusterf*ck are happy that Assad is taking control of this situation.  After all, it is HIS country, NOT ours.

Way to Go Mr. Assad. Down with Hitlery, Obama, Rice and the rest of the whores of Babylon in the Marxist/Jihad administration currently occupying the White house, illegally.  What a sad day for Americans to have to root against their own country.  Even though Assad is a Muslim, his leadership is 1000X better than the Muslim bro’hood.


A source in the province told SANA correspondent that the authorities destroyed the three cars and killed the terrorists.
read more: here


Shame on this bitch, shame on her! Shame on Shepard Smith. Shame on all of you.  Pushing LIES for Hillary Clinton & Obama to drag us into the Syrian Civil war.  You evil, horrible people.  May God curse the day you were born.  May God smite every last one of you!   Turning my country into a bunch of dumbass sheep that follow your every word.  If the day comes that we will be free of you LUNATICS, I will praise GOD.

Hezbollah may get chemical weapons if Syria collapses:  Even Netanyahu Says SHUT UP HILLARY!!!!

H/T:  Grumpy

Don’t bother ‘flagging’ this on Y.Tube, either. I have downloaded it.

(Youtube is from January, but its the truth)

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