WSJ: Anti-Christian, Obama ‘Reaches Out’ To Syrian Jihadi, Throat-Chopping Rebels

Anti-Christian, Obama Reaches Out To Syrian Jihadi, Throat-Chopping Rebels

Obama commits treason, daily and nobody does anything to remove this impostor.

I fear that I have neglected Obama’s war-mongering aggression against the Syrian Christians for far too long.  Here the bastard goes again with aiding Jihadists, empowered by Juan McCain, the Communist hybrid.   Obama needs to be put on an executioners chocking block for crimes against humanity.  I’m tired of being nice to this enabler of enemies to the whole planet.  People wonder why I respect Putin; It’s because he has the guts to stand up to Hussein Obama and to help the minority Christians in Syria.  Whereas, Obama funds and empowers throat-chopping, filthy, infidel, Muslim SLOBS.

“U.S., Allies Reach Out to Syria’s Islamist Rebels”  The Wall Street Journal

This is what King Obama LOVES:

From Syria: Many Live Videos Of FAKE Wounded People In Rebel Demonstrations- Obama & Hillary Clinton Lie

These are older videos from January-April.  But it has just been brought to our attention from QV, today.  Are you going to keep believing Shep Smith?  Do you really think that Assad’s removal will promote peace in Syria?



More Videos Exposing The “Peaceful Protestors” Of Syria

Syria – Peaceful Protesters are burning a Government Building in Ariha, Idleb 20-05-2011

Syria – Peacful Protestors burned the Police Cars in Ariha, Idleb 20-5-2011

Syria – Peaceful Protesters killed a Policemen in Aleppo 27-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists Attack the Oil Pipeline in Quriyeh, Deir Ezzawr 28-01-2012

Armed Gangs fired an RPG at a Monastry in Sednaya, Syria 30-01-2012

Syria – Terrorists blew up a gas pipeline in Tel Kalakh, Homs 30-01-2012

Syria – Empty Coffins live on Al Jazeera – Only in Syria (Yep – peaceful protestors holding coffins during a march – proven to be empty fakes)

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorist makes jokes about the arab observers.. seconds later.. shooting at buildings

Syria – Terrorists burning houses in the vineyards of Madaya

Syria – Female Terrorist in Banias, Tartous

Terrorists trying to destroy a Syrian Tank

Armed Terrorist Groups in Idleb, Syria

Syria – Terrorist throwing Dynamite at Security men in Deir al-Zawr

SYRIA – “Peaceful Protesters” shooting at Policemen

Homs – Militants firing Rockets from a Mosque at the Army

Camera filmed the Killing of Policeman Raed Ashour1

-David Ben Moshe

Wag The Dog: Egypt, Libya, Syria. Obama IS the Dog That WE Need To WAG OUT

Obama is full speed ahead with wag the dog. Many American idiots are falling for this game.  I am not.

Obama  and the left wingers create a crisis in Egypt, and demand Mubarrak step down.  Stupid American sheep were all over blogs, left and right saying “That dictator needs to go!” What did Mubarrak do to Americans? Nothing.  In fact,  Egypt’s Anwar Sadat made that ‘peace’ deal with Israel in 1979, (Carter was pres.) and  Mubarrak kept this deal, for the most part. After all, Egypt got 2.3 billion out of this ‘peace’ deal, and Israel 2.3 billion USD plus another 400 million for the fakestinians, annually.  So-Who has taken over in Egypt? Nobody knows for sure, because Obama moved on to Libya to demand Libyas Gaddafi step down.   Now, Americans, like stupid sheep are demanding his death..

  When the Manchurian, Obama saw that this was not moving, he then demanded Syrian King Assad step down.  When nobody paid much attention to that hype, Obama and Co started lying about what is really happening in Libya, and Americans fell for this lie, hook, line and sinker-all weekend long.  What has Gaddafi done to America, that Americans are screaming for him to step down? What? President Reagan took care of Gaddafi in the 80’s, and we hadn’t heard from him since. The Lockerbie? I can see families of that terrorist attack wanting him dead at this point.   So-all of the sudden, Americans are blood-thirsty for Gaddafi to step down, even be murdered.  It is murder. This is all pre-meditated. Killing is self-defense, murder is pre-meditated.

  I didnt like Bush, but at least he turned Hussein over to his own people. Not so with Obama.  Obama is trying to make himself out to be some big brass that deals with dictators.  He is the damned dictator. The only tyrant that needs to go, IS Obama. He is the dog we need to wag the hell out of office.   He is a war-monger, worse than even Bush and the RINOS.  Where is the phoney liberal outrage? They were screaming and crying during the Bush regime “BUSHS WAR!”… Not a peep on OBAMAS WARS.  Not a peep how we are on offense all over the east, opening a can of worms that will ‘blowback’ for sure, now.  America was never an ‘offense’ player, we were defense.  Now, we are offending this whole world, and I feel ashamed.

  What about the phoney killing of Bin Laden and NO pictures to show his death? More wag the dog.

Rev Wright used to say “God damn America!” ………………….I say GOD: DAMN OBAMA.