Little “Palestinian” Girl Being Stepped On By IDF Soldier Is A LIE. It Is A “SYRIAN” Stepping On The Little Girl

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Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies….tell me lies, tell me, tell me lies...

See the pics for yourself.  I am sick of the friggin Muslims and their damned LIES.

The REAL scene:

There Is *NO* “Humanitarian Crisis” In Gaza: Stop Believing the LIES, Fools.

  One can get caught up in the far leftist, neo-nazi media, believing that these Palis are in a ‘humanitarian crisis’.  There is no such thing happening in Gaza. Israel sends tons, and I mean serious tons of food every Thursday to the Palis.  If you really believe there is a crisis in Gaza, you are a crackpot.   There are malls in Gaza, fruit and food out the wazoo. I really am tired of hearing that Israel is the ‘bad guy’ in the east. How in the hell is that possible? Israel is surrounded by countries that are all fixing to destroy it. The fact that GODS land is still intact is miraculous.  The Palis also enjoy luxury restaurants, and a rebuilt water park that Hamas blew up. 

  Fine, you hate all the Jews, so? That is your prerogative…However, spreading lies is only making you look stupid and insane.


You’ve Been Duped. Face It.

Stupido Kaffirs

“REVOLUTION” The Leftists Pushed Violence, Now In LIBYA


The east is a sick place.  But, unfortunately, folks, it is not freedom they want, it is Shariah Law, and anyone who thinks different, has their head up their ass!! Ghadaffi is right about one thing in this vid! Hitler is in the White house!!!

Regan shut the mother f*cker up in the 80’s!!!! maybe he will finally meet Allah now!
I wish we had Reagan for one week.  The whole World would shiver at America’s presences!
Now, they F*cking lol at the Mussie in Chief! 
F*ck these muslims,, let them kill each other! 

George Galloway the JIHADIST

George Galloway – Muslim/Progressive Alliance: Encyclopedia II – George Galloway – Publishing/media activities

George Galloway – Asian Voice. Galloway has been involved in several publishing companies. He owned Asian Voice, which published a newspaper called East from 1996. An investigation by BBC Newsnight found that Galloway had secured payments of £60,000 and £135,000 from the Pakistani governments of Benazir Bhutto and Nawaz Sharif. Galloway insisted this was for advertising space and bulk copies, but Newsnight alleged that it was for favourable coverage of Pakistan. He is currently one of two Directors of Finjan Ltd.; the other Director is his former wife …


IS there any wonder why UK is dropping to its knees now? People like George Galloway are allowed to put MOSLEMS first, even before Americans mother, England. What a shame, what an irony that this is allowed in England, which was, at once, a civilized place.


 The percentage of American voters who call themselves supporters of Israel has plummeted from 69% last September to 49% this month, according to the Israel Project. Meanwhile, only 6% of Jewish Israelis consider Obama to be “pro-Israel,” a Jerusalem Post poll found, pointing to a disturbing gulf between the two nations. There are even signs of rising anti-Semitism, as a survey by Columbia and Stanford professors found that 32% of Democrats blamed Jews for the financial crisis.

  (I keep telling these STUPID dummies that are White Nationalists that Obama is NOT a “Zionist tool”- The Mohammedens OUTSMARTED the leftist Jews…..very BRIGHT, UN American Jews, real bright- you know that they WILL hang this on us, while I have to spend the rest of my damned life fighting AGAINST you TRAITORS. )


June 20, 2009

When Barack Obama was running for president, he vigorously reassured voters of his firm commitment to America’s special relationship with Israel. Indeed, he worked to beef up his pro-Israel bona fides long before he even announced his intention to run. In a 2006 speech before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, Obama recounted a helicopter tour over the Israeli border with the West Bank. “I could truly see how close everything is and why peace through security is the only way for Israel,” he said. In that same speech, Obama called the Jewish State “our strongest ally in the region and its only established democracy.” During the primary and general election campaigns, Obama dispatched a stream of high-profile Jewish supporters to canvas Florida, and in a 2008 AIPAC speech, he went so far as to declare that Jerusalem must remain the “undivided” capital of Israel.  <<HELLO??? SEE HOW HUSSEIN LIED TO YOU DUMMIES??

For all the qualms that anti-Obama “smears” would depress support in the Jewish community, Jews rewarded Obama with nearly 80% of their votes, more than they gave John Kerry.

Just six months into the new administration, however, it is becoming increasingly clear that those who harbored suspicions about Obama’s approach to the Middle East had good reason to be worried. A confluence of factors — including his administration’s undue pressure on Israel, a conciliatory approach to authoritarian Muslim regimes, and the baseless linkage of the failed “peace process” to the curtailment of the Iranian nuclear program — point to what could become “the greatest disagreement between the two countries in the history of their relationship,” as Middle East expert Robert Satloff recently told Newsweek.

This dramatic shift in American policy began several months ago when the administration signaled that it would make the cessation of Israeli settlement activity in the West Bank the centerpiece of its policy to revamp the region. And that approach, mostly hinted at through anonymous leaks, became as good as official when Obama delivered his vaunted address to the Muslim world in Cairo earlier this month. In that speech, Israel (and, specifically, its policy of settlement construction) was the only state to merit specific criticism from the president of the United States. Among all the degradations and injustices in the Middle East, from the abhorrent treatment of women in nations like Saudi Arabia, to Syrian-backed assassinations of pro-sovereignty politicians in Lebanon, to the arrest and imprisonment of gay men in Egypt, the leader of the free world singled out America’s one, reliable democratic ally in the region for rebuke.

Jews in this country voted in droves to elect a muslim. They are liberal  {ahem:BOLSHEVIK}  before they are jewish, and they failed to realize that Obama goes FAR beyond liberal. Good luck, Israel, you are going to need it. If I were you, I would no longer consider America’s government an ally. The enemies of Freedom are in charge, and they are going to do damage.

What do I say?? The Mad Jewess?? Israel is NOT left wing, its PEOPLE ARE NOT LEFT WING. 

You LEFTIST Jews have some G’D  nerve. 


I hope you TRAITORS are HAPPY.  You will bring DEATH to ALL of us, you JERKS!

These TREACHEROUS vomit thugs will get what they DESERVE.