@SenJohnMcCain: “Tea Party Is Negative” But Rioters In Kiev Are A “Just Cause”

@SenJohnMcCain: “Tea Party Is Negative” But Rioters In Kiev Are A “Just Cause”

These are McCain’s words:  Sen. John McCain: Fox News is ‘schizophrenic,’ and tea party is  negative...

But, John McCain tells Ukraine ‘protesters’: ‘We are here to support your ‘just cause‘.

An art collage from November 2013

Peaceful, non-violent protests against America’s insane, totalitarian government is no good.  But, blowing up cities, murdering police & malotov cocktails is good & just.   Ukrainians have been violent from the get-go.. And, McCain endorses that… But American patriots?  No endorsement.

I Have Written An Email To “Brava Theater Co” Re. Maria Conchita Alonsa Firing & You Should Too

I Have Written An Email To “Brava Theater Co” Re. Maria Conchita Alonsa Firing & You Should Too

Alonsa was released for endorsing a Tea Party candidate in an ad on TV.  This is my email letter.  We must address these positions head on, people:

Dear Sirs & Madams:
(This is a letter re this anti American, totalitarian position you have taken)  Click here
  We live in America, not Nazi Germany or Communist Russia.  A person is allowed to have their political views. It is called freedom of speech.  You are also allowed to voice your opinion but not allowing someone to stay at a workplace for those opinions is against the law.   It is also called bigotry, which is something that is rampant now among the ‘tolerant’ left wing.
Ms Maria Conchita Alonso has a right to believe the way she believes and endorse the person she feels is right for a political position.  You have NO right to fire her for her opinion, it is called the 1st Amendment.
Failure to apologize to Ms Alonso could backfire in a big way.  The ACLU can work both ways. 
The Republican party is NO different than the Democrat party.  There is no difference in the 2.   I, myself – am American Indian & Jewish and not affiliated with either party because they are both horrible.   However, the news that defames Republican people is called propaganda and you have fallen for it. 
 It was a REPUBLICAN that gave the Hispanic people from Mexico (3 million) amnesty.  NOT a Democrat.  His name was Ronald Reagan. 
So, all of this hoopla about the Republicans being evil racists is just that: Hoopla.
Give this lady her job back and act like Americans. Or get the hell out of this country, you don’t belong in it with such bigotry against political opinions that are not your own.
Prescott, AZ
Jewish Daughter of the American Revolution & Native American Seneca/Iroquois

This is Ms Alonsa:


Please, take courage.  Help this woman.

Boehner: IT’S WAR!

Boehner: IT’S WAR!

From our email thread friend:

He finally “did it” this time. Maybe one too many lunchtime martinis? The Son of a Bitch masking as a speaker of the house of conservatives threw down the gauntlet and declared open and unmitigated war on conservatism in general, and the T-Party directly.  There is no longer an iota of political capital to be gained by maintaining a detente with these scurrilous pole cats.  Read it all from the Lampoonist: Right in this link


What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST, This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP

What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST  This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP


How dare the holier than thou leftists stoop to our ‘evil’ level.. This is just racism.

They are picking on Obama cuz he’s a bro.   They should just leave him be.  I hate all of this anti-black people racism..  These white people have some g’d nerve going after MY prez like this on ALL sides, now! This is an anti black conspiracy!!!   So what if 4 are dead from a youtube video in Benghazi.  So what.  Who cares about the IRS thingie.  No issue if he can’t produce a birth certificate and we don’t know who the hell he is.    B.F.D. that some border agents died because my Prez armed some Mexicans.    Who is James Rosen?  WOW, the heath-care bill will bankrupt the nation…So who cares.   So what.

Obama should drone these bastards for picking on him!   Just like he did to those 200 plus children in Yemen and Pakistan.  Obama is a GREAT leader.  He got rid of that Mubarrak dude and put in Mr. Morsi, a peaceful Muslim man who just does not care for Jews too much, calling em apes n pigs n all…  AND, he helped murder off that Gaddafi guy.   He killed Bin Laden, too (True that there are NO pictures of the evidence) but whatever.

You follow my drift.  I just think it’s downright mean that everyone’s picking on my poor, innocent Prez.

We do ourselves a disservice if we just vote Republican without scrutinizing the candidates


When will we conservative, libertarian, Tea Party people finally come to the realization that Democrats are coming into our party to hedge their bets. They get two shots at the prize, one in the Republican primary and a second one in the general election when they show their true colors. When we come to understand this maybe we will be more successful.
We do ourselves a disservice if we just vote Republican without scrutinizing the candidates. Remember there are establishment Republicans, so-called moderate Republicans and RINOs who are against what you would like to see happen. There are faux (fake) Republicans who are really Democrats disguised as Republicans just to get your vote. Remember Jim Jeffords of Vermont, Charlie Crist of Florida, Arlen Spector of Pennsylvania, Michael Bloomberg Mayor of NY and there are a host of others waiting in the wings. All of these people pretended to be Republicans. Of course we have our own here in Connecticut; Lowell Weicker both Senator and Governor who gave us our state income tax and Christopher Shays who is running today.
Nick F

Liberal/Democrat Jewish Jackass At Synagogue In Philly Harasses & Pushes Tea-Party Lady

Left-wing Jews create anti-semitism.  The lady that was being pushed by this kike was Jewish, herself.
“One thing we can learn from history is that Jews never learn from history”
Rabbi Meir Kahane

-David Ben Moshe

Hat tip: echofoxtrot

Senate Cancels Pro-Illegal Vote~March/2010 USA Voted 90% AGAINST ILLEGALS (NBC POLL)

I had a post on this blog from March/2010. 90% of Americans do NOT want Illegal Occupiers in this nation, they want 1070 ENFORCED.  But NBC, the cowardly fkers took the poll down:


Now we have the most treacherous Senate & Congress that we’ve ever had moving the vote against our will up to next week. 


Go to fullsize image  Just a question… Why do you T-party people NEVER, hardly ever bring up borders? Why is that? “Taxed Enough Already”??  20 million illegals means MORE taxes. This is just another reason why I am NOT with the T-party.  You are not a real right wing movement. You just aren’t. If you were, where are you after the election?? People need to geet rowdy/crazy like we did at Town Halls in 2009, that is who I am with, rowdy Town Hallers.



Pastor Manning~ America’s Pastor-A REAL Man-of-GOD

back Pastor Manning.It makes me livid and SICK that the Tea Party could reject Pastor Manning. Pastor Manning is a righteous Pastor.

Pastor Manning is REAL.

What To Do When The N-Word  Pastor Manning used the word “nigger” and for this, as black as he is, the Tea-Party rejcted him- he is BLACK, and the Tea-Party condemns him for criticizing his own people?  One word: LIBERALISM. Liberals are against FREE SPEECH. Can’t you see how sickening many of you have become?! I criticize evil left wing Jews constantly, as well as political Zionists (supporting Israeli-govt, and not the PEOPLE of Israel), are you going to reject ME for criticizing my own people?? Well, go screw yourselves!

 Round 1-Cup Teapot $24.99  The Tea-Party, to me- has turned out to be a bunch of wuss’s that oggle at Beck -worse than the Obama-bots. In truth, you should be ashamed of your idolatry, but you are not. Glenn Beck is a MAN. Mankind screws up.  Still, the Tea-Partiers, infiltrated by ‘touchy-feely’ “Liberals” destroyed a big movement that began spontaneously with the Town Hallers. THAT was the real deal.  I realize this post will piss off a lot of people, but, imo, you have turned to worship Beck.  You do. It is like everything the man says is “Kosher” and it isn’t. The other night, he told you listeners to NOT ‘hit the leftist radicals back if they get physical’.  So, now you are wanting to be martyrs?               So, if these leftist, America-hating scum-bags attack your family, you will sit there? MY GOD WAKE THE HELL UP!  Like asking Jews to march straight to Dachau all over again.

  A BirtherAnother thing that you all know.. Beck calls people that have been following the birth certificate issue since 06/08, “Crazies”.  That is liberal-speak, attack-mongering on people that have not seen proof of where the dictator-wannabe, Obama was born or ANY of his records.  SHAME ON YOU.  You should be taking everything that Beck says as a ‘grain of salt’. How do you feel, now that you are only part of  Controlled Opposition Fakes ?

Pastor Manning is the REAL deal of getting right with God, Gentile AND Jew-NOT Beck.


Dave Baker; Politic Expert~”Beck Rally-Opportunity Lost”

My opinion; Well, I kind of agree with this synopsis. (NASCAR lovers, please read.)

  It is not the time for ‘peace’, Mr. Beck. It is the time for righteous indignation and ‘fightin’ words’. The left has been pushing false peace crap for over 40 years, while they have torn this nation to shreds.  Beck has also said that if the left gets violent with you, “DO NOT HIT BACK”. That is Garbage and rubbish. There is a time for peace and a time for war. To sit there and take this crap, while they start getting violent with you is absolutely preposterous.

Christians: WWJD @ this stage in the game? He would overturn the money-changers. Thats the facts.  


Bakers Article: Hyperbole Aside, The Beck Rally Fizzled – An Opportunity Lost.


While the turnout at the Glen Beck rally was impressive, the outcome was anti-climactic. The moment when a Patrick Henry could have stepped up and demanded the ouster of the Bolshevik henchmen and their Black Racist, African-Arab-Muslim-tyrant came and went. What they got instead was a mealy mouthed Beck’s staged, transparently phony sermonizing. The event that began with so much promise fizzled. An opportunity lost like a last-second, game winning touch down pass, dropped in the end zone at the Super Bowl. What America got was typical RINO foreplay.

The rest:  http://thelampoonist-american.com/  © 2010

Dave Baker~ author, writer

 (Dave Baker, my compadre asks if you will please send him ‘hate mail’ if you disagree, his email is on his website) 

Guess What Tea Partiers? You Are All STILL “Just Racists & Hate-Mongers”

  You might as well get used to the fact, that the left- wing lunatics will never see you as anything BUT racists, because they have been conditioned to think this way.  “Conservative” means “Racist” to these satanists that are America-hating, mongrel hordes. Why? Because, look how you cower when they accuse you of this oh so ‘horrible’ word in modern-day America.  It is an effective tool, isn’t it? And, believe you me…they LOVE that they have this little tool, and what it does to you.

    Here’s the deal:  “Racism”, in itself,  is not against the law-acting out on it is. If you don’t like another race of people…So? That is YOUR prerogative. Who the hell is anyone to demand that you not be ‘racist’ or even an ‘anti-semite?’  – Many black/brown/Asian people hate white people, nobody says a word. Many Jews hate non-Jews and all of this is A. OK, but God forbid that Conservative Americans not like someone– OH NO!! FOUL PLAY…Yada Yada, Yada, with horseshit on top..

  The Tea Party started out as a ‘mob’, as the DEM party put it. “Mob”, though, was not truth.  It was American-loving, freedom-loving  people that do not want left-wing fascism, socialism, liberalism, and now…’progressivism’, and they were righteously indignant. With GOOD reason.  I am a town haller, because we tell these bastards that are in government OFF. They are tyrannical, GOP & DEM.

  Tea Party people.. We are not in a “Tea Party”, this is not 1775. This is America, 2010, and we are fighting off:  SERIOUS, hard core Communist/Bolshevik/Marxists that will stop at nothing to destroy America, and ‘lol’ while they do it.  Tea Time is OVER. They have served us psychological POISON. We need WAR. All of this calling for ‘peace, peace’ in a time where peace is NOT present, is a sin. It is a fake ‘healing’. Worrying about how many people showed up in DC this last weekend is not it as well. Rejecting Pastor David Manning to speak at the Tea Party events, for using the “holy grail “N” word was a terrible thing for the Tea Party to have done as well.

For GODS SAKES…. WHO GIVES A RATS ASS, if you are a racist.

Our nation is falling apart, and God wants this evil rooted out.  Evil must be resisted, by force if necessary. Our founding fathers bled this ground. We owe our LIVES to their legacy.


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Vid Below: “The Only Good Communist is a DEAD Communist!” Amen!