Ted Noiz Analysis: Trump Will Do Zero

Trump will do zero. All of the military leadership has written a letter and said they are 100% on board with the new administration and ready to change over. 

Trump is being completely erased from the face of the earth: .https://www.bitchute.com/video/GHEqPkLEyyY/  via bitslide

Trump should be ashamed of himself for his doing nothing. It will be best if he is impeached–AGAIN– this will ensure he cannot try to come back in 2024 and make a fool of himself and his base all over again. I can’t wait to see the look on the Qtard faces when he leaves office with Joe Biden, Harris, George Soros, China, et. al.’s boots directly up his fucking ass. He has it coming to him. Betrayer. Traitor.

Trump is a fucking loser. He could do something, yes. Fact. He has the power. But he will not. 

General McInerny is right. But, as we have learned, being right isn’t everything. In fact it’s nothing. Look at the Communists, wrong about EVERYTHING, yet God has chosen them to be in power and to turn his back on his own. God hates us with all his fury and is using our enemies to wipe us out for what we’ve done and/or for our complicity. Pay the General no mind. He’s just an old fool and wishful thinker, like the rest of them. He’s just helping to keep the delusion going and ensure a continuance of our peaceful slavery.