DHS Has Taken Rights From Nick Feuntes. They’re Coming For YOU, Too.

DHS Has Taken Rights From Nick Feuntes. They’re Coming For YOU, Too.

I do not care for this kid, Nick Fuentes. I did not care for that idiot, Andrew Anglin, either. However, I have to speak up for these jerks because even though they are moonbats, (in my opinion), they are still citizens. When they come for citizens, no matter what they say, they WILL come for you, also.

The DHS No Fly List and terror watchlist  added dissidents such as America First talk show host Nick Fuentes to them. The DHS also took 500K from Fuentes (just for his viewpoints): See this here.

No, the U.S. does not need European-style hate speech laws

Both Anglin and Fuentes believe EVERY SINGLE THING is the “Jews fault” and even Anglin coined that phrase “With Jews, you lose”… I vehemently disagree with both of these a$$holes. Although, a large percentage of the Jewish people seem to worship evil Leftism, there are many who do NOT. And, I resent people around both of these creeps saying we’re ‘all the same.’

Alejandro Mayorkas the current DHS is a Jew by his mother and father. So, this will just cause MORE Jew hatred. Mayorkas is making things much, much worse for the Jewish people by doing this. Fuentes, although outspoken is not a terrorist. BLM is. ANTIFA is.

Mayorkas’ mother, Anita (Gabor), was a Romanian Jew whose family escaped the Holocaust and fled to Cuba in the 1940s. Mayorkas is doing to Fuentes what the Nazi’s did to his mother. He is the SAME as a Nazi. And is an anti American totalitarian scumbag.