JOBAMA Backed Kiev Regime Has MORE Troops @ Ukrainian-Russian Border Than Russia Does. There Are NO Troops On Our OWN Southern Borders.

US-backed Kiev Regime Has MORE Troops @ Ukrainian-Russian Border Than Russia does. There Are NO Troops On Our OWN Southern Borders.

This is the type of government in charge of the USSA: Protect Nazi friendly Ukrainians in Donbass and screw American citizens here at home by allowing hundreds of thousands of Covid infested illegals into America.

Just 3 days ago:

* Texas Governor insists illegal SA immigrants ‘ARE crossing the US border

Hat tip Tweets: Mr. Michael Averko

Dear Lord, God…creator of Heaven and earth:

PLEASE DESTROY the war-mongering US government and ALL of their allies.

Obama Regime Sued AZ Over Immigration In 2010. Now, Obama Regime Sues Texas:

Obama Sued AZ Over Immigration In 2010. Now, Obama Regime Sues Texas:

AMAZING PROOF Barack Obama Is The Antichrist & Islam's ...

I do not ever address this current staff at the WH as the “Biden administration”. Because it is OBAMA running this sh’tshow. I blogged non-stop about Obama through his years of enforcing devastation on America. I remember his policies very well.

Any policy enforcement that fake, sick, old Prez Biden releases, Obama did the same during his regime. It’s NOT Biden in charge. It is OBAMA. Too bad most blogs and large sites are cowards and do not call this out.

Today: DOJ Sues Texas Over Governor Abbott’s Order Outlawing Ground Transportation of Illegal Aliens

In 2010: Obama administration sues Arizona over immigration law

At Least 3.8 Million Fish Killed During Texas Winter Weather

At Least 3.8 Million Fish Killed During Texas Winter Weather

This global warming has us all freezing our tuchas off! Dang!

These poor fish in TX. This is so sad. We are in apocalyptic times. Some know this—most are in oblivion. See the whole story here: At least 3.8 million fish killed during Texas winter weather

And, if that is not bad enough for you….See what is happening in Saudi Arabia: Freak biblical weather sparks apocalyptic warnings as sandstorm blocks sun and turns sky blood red in Saudi Arabia 

Dems, 1948: Remember When LBJ STOLE The Election? Dems Suddenly “Found” A Ballot Box & US Official ADMITTED The Crime

Dems, 1948: Remember When LBJ STOLE The Election? Dems Suddenly “Found” A Ballot Box & US Official ADMITTED The Crime

The Communist Democrat party has been frauding the American people for over 70 years. Why people even want to be with the Democrat party is beyond me. Its better to just be Independent. I can’t be part of either party that we are forced to join. They both are so lousy. The Dems cheat and steal, shove Communism on us and the GOP lets them.


On election night, September 2, 1948, in the Democrat Primary runoff against former Texas Governor Coke Stevenson, it appeared LBJ lost.

Then, mysteriously, a box of uncounted ballots was “discovered” in the south Texas town of Alice in Jim Wells County, Precinct 13.

Confusion reigned in Texas and by the end of the week, LBJ won by 87 votes.

MORE HERE: “Landslide Lyndon” stole Senate race in 1948? – And …

* How ‘Landslide Lyndon’ stole the Senate race in 1948 …

Landslide Lyndon” stole Senate race in 1948? – And …

Had The Satanic Media Not Demonized ‘Preppers’, The People In Dallas Wouldnt Be STARVING

Had The Satanic Media Not Demonized ‘Preppers’, The People In Dallas Wouldnt Be STARVING

Its SANE to store food. Its INSANE not to. Our Grandparents had shelves in pantries filled with canned goods. There is NO reason that preppers should have been/be demonized for preparing for a rainy day. But, because the media did this, people, like sheep, listened

First off, the Governor in TX is as responsible as the lying, filthy, Communist media for starving people. He brought his citizens to serfdom for closing during Covid.. A GOOD country headed by GOOD leaders would have gotten their citizens prepared for bad times. One never knows when bad times hit—and they have hit now and bigtime. We DID suffer a Great Depression, did we not?

Miles of cars waiting in food lines. This is just awful and the sickening, lying, satanic, Pigs in the media are 100% responsible.

VERY SERIOUS NEWS: Shift Of Illegal, Occupying, Invaders Crossing Into Texas Accelerates

VERY SERIOUS NEWS: Shift Of Illegal, Occupying, Invaders Crossings Into Texas Accelerates

I really do not know just what it will eventually take for American people to wake up out of the stupor. I don’t.  I have no hope for this country, at all anymore.  None.  Zilch, nix, nine, nada.  This is the sole reason why I am concentrating on other countries and what our sick, evil insane government is doing to them.   Most Americans are so damned stupid, it’s sickening.  “We’re all equal…”  Shove it up your f*cking ass.  An illegal with a 3rd grade education, gold teeth, dysentery, lice, MERS, TB, Polio, greasy hair and C-Diff is NOT MY EQUAL.

SO:  Here is the news.. Almost 2X as many arrests have been made against these criminal invaders… They have their buddy in the White House: Obama, who protects these wetbacks.  When are men going to get off their g’d damned ass and do something?  After your wife is raped?  After your little girl is molested at 11 years old by some filthy grease-ball who is carrying the pox??  See that video below for yourself!

This is what the 1st part of this reports says re. TX says:

McALLEN, Texas (AP) — A shift by immigrant smugglers to target the tough-to-defend U.S.-Mexico border in southernmost Texas has accelerated this year as the Border Patrol scrambles to shift its resources from states further west, according to an internal agency report obtained by The Associated Press.

From Oct. 1 through May 17, agents in the southernmost tip of Texas made more than 148,000 arrests, on pace to match last year’s total in less than eight months, according to the intelligence report. That compares to nearly 63,000 arrests in the Tucson, Arizona sector, which it surpassed for the first time just last year. The Rio Grande Valley sector averaged nearly 1,100 arrests per day from May 11-17, according to the document.

The rest:  Here, READ IT!!!!!!! 

And:  Breaking: Scores of Illegals Dropped at AZ Bus Stations …(Obama Flying Illegals from TX to AZ!)

(Thank goodness I bought another AK today)

I am sick and tired of sounding an alarm and nobody does a damned thing. What the f*ck type grandparents and parents did you men have?  I am only a woman and I expect men to start doing their f*cking job for a damned change.

Remember West, Texas….

Remember West, Texas….

From 3 different angles in the video below- we see that some type missile hit the fertilizer plant.  Our media is complicit.  They showed nothing on the television regarding West, Texas.  West Texas was hit by a missile the same time the events happened in Boston.  Barely within 24-32 hours.

Stare at the second line over, you will see a fast rocket or missile hit the plant:

I won’t ever forget you, West TX. I cried great tears in grief over your loss of life.

@andersoncooper Covers 1 Possible Hate Crime Against Black Male In TX. Misses THOUSANDS Of Race Crimes Perp’d Against Whites

@andersoncooper Covers 1 Possible Hate Crime Against Black Male In TX.  Misses THOUSANDS Of Race Crimes Perp’d Against Whites

First of all.. I feel very badly for this young man & his family… And, even more if it is a racial crime, of course – because this blog is SICK of racism….BUT:

I am so sick of the non-news that the so-called ‘news’ puts out.  There IS racism all over America.  America is a racist country.  It hates white people’s guts. Period!!  Everyone is looking for the racist boogey-man against blacks.  White people don’t even give a rats ass about their own selves.  They rarely take up for other whites, either.  I am not even considered to be white by some other whites!  In fact, when I was young, I was called “Portugee-Nigger”, “Dirty-Red-face”, you name it.  I made it out alive. 

Now, here we go again with the typical bs on CNN, the phoney outrage and trumped up news.  HOW does anyone even take the MSM serious?  They only care for you if your race is black. Fact. 

See-Father Found Slaughtered With Ear Missing & Throat Slit In Texas Town With History of Hate Crime.. Texas Sheriff Claims He Overdosed But Family Says Its A Cover-Up!

Look at the race crimes perpetrated against white people daily by my husband: Black on White Crime


#TNB Son Of Obama Goes On Mass Killing Spree In Texas, Murdering 5 People

#TNB Son Of Obama Goes On Mass Killing Spree In Texas, Murdering 5 People

Our prayers are with the families.  There have been many blacks that are mass murderers, but the complicit media hides these crimes:  Black Serial/Mass/Spree Killer List   Americans, get armed!!!

Five people are dead after police say a Texas man went on a gruesome killing spree through a rural community east of Dallas Monday night. Charles Everett Brownlow Jr., 36, was arrested by police in Terrell early Tuesday morning, ending a terrifying eight-hour manhunt that sent police going door-to-door searching for a killer.

Click-Five dead after Texas black goes on killing spree in rural Terrell community: police 

Approximately eight hours after the first reported shooting Brownlow was taken into custody after he was discovered hiding by a creek.

Visiting West, Texas. The Forgotten Story Of A Monsanto Cover Up “Explosion”

Visiting West, Texas. The Forgotten Story Of A Monsanto Cover Up “Explosion”

God, Almighty, Damn are the words forever etched into my memory for eternity.

After I saw the first few videos captured by a bystander…I went into my room, fell to the floor and wept loudly in despair.  I wept more for West, TX than even the Prescott Firefighters and I live in Prescott, AZ.

How could the MSM have just tossed this tragic explosion (terrorist attack) under the rug?  How and Why?  Because the ‘false flag’ that was used was the Boston bombing. There were Seals at the Boston bombing and nobody knows why.

Fact about West, TX:

They had a legit lawsuit against Monsanto. It was tossed in 2008.  When Obama signed the Monsanto protection law, the West, TX fertilizer plant began to uproot that lawsuit…IMO, when Monsanto heard of this; They bombed West TX through Blackwater agents who are hired by Monsanto.  Don’t believe me?  That’s YOUR affair.. You can always do your own research.

Dear West, TX… I will never forget.

Watch this video and do NOT stare at the middle of the screen/youtube, look at the right or the left and you will see the missile hit which murdered 17 EMS.

You don’t have to believe what your eyes tell you…But, I do.