Criticizing Obama Is Racist Says House Democrat. Fast/Furious, Benghazi Cover-Up=Racism

Criticizing Obama Is Racist Says House Democrat. Fast/Furious, Benghazi Cover-Up=Racism

Can we please put some adults back in charge?

..Benghazi, Benghazi cover-up, Benghazi emails, Fast n Furious, Executive order over reach, Communist-Obamacare, 7 trillion more in debt, IRS targeting Obama’s enemies,  Starting military interventions in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Ukraine,  Pigford Scandal, Solyndra plus.

ALL of that is the new racism.  So, when an ‘evil’ white Republican becomes President in 2014, you Democrats better not complain when he does the same things that Obama does because that’s what will happen.

Congressman Bennie Thompson, a Mississippi Democrat, has his finger on the pulse of America. And the heartbeat he detects is unremittingly racist.

A Mississippi Democratic Congressman says Clarence Thomas is an “Uncle Tom,” Mitch McConnell is a “racist,” and that Republicans are only anti-big government and anti-Obamacare because President Obama is black. Rep. Bennie Thompson was appearing on a New Nation of Islam radio program over weekend where he made the comments. “I’ve been in Washington. I saw three presidents now. I never saw George Bush treated like this. I never saw Bill Clinton treated like this with such disrespect,” Thompson said. “That Mitch McConnell would have the audacity to tell the president of the United States — not the chief executive, but the commander-in-chief — that ‘I don’t care what you come up with we’re going to be against it.’ Now if that’s not a racist statement I don’t know what is.”

100% PROOF That @MaxBlumenthal Is A HUGE LIAR About Israel Being “Racist”

100% PROOF That @MaxBlumenthal Is A HUGE LIAR About Israel Being “Racist”

Patriotic Americans hear that they are ‘racists’, 24/7 by Commie Liberals.  Israelis hear the same thing, 24/7 from the whole world: “Zionism is racism” junk…

Recently, I read some garbage that Blumenthal wrote about Israel being ‘racist’.  Not surprising that it was commentary by David Duke sent via email.  We’ve always known that Nazi’s enable Communist Jews and love their bullshit stance about Israel being ‘racist.’    What I find amusing is that Duke is a ‘white nationalist’, yet hardly ever discusses the plight of white people.    Oddly enough, Duke, who is anti multi-culture is pro multi culture for other countries.  That’s pretty much a Liberal stand.    Anyone with a brain knows that Israel has the same dirtbag, Communist (Liberals) as America.  And, if you don’t, you’re an idiot.  Israel’s government is awful.  Filled with Bolshevik, Communist filth.

The fact is:  America, UK, EU, Israel and the western nations are a cess-pool OF multi-culture insanity.  Another fact – is that it does not work and brings much unhappiness for the ‘collective’ as we have seen with the protesters in Tel Aviv (Orthodox Jews) who are tired of their small population of Jewish women being snuffed out by African Muslims and men of foreign countries.    Same plight as here in the states where we see white women being beaten or murdered by their black husbands, boyfriends as white males and black females remain single…   Multi-culturism is Communism, which Israel, as well as America, suffers from.

Chaim Ben Pesach of the JTF.ORG writes:

In this video, we show pictures of African Muslim illegal aliens who show off on their Facebook and Twitter pages the Israeli Jewish girls that they pick up. As tens of thousands of African Muslims are allowed to sneak into Israel and take over entire neighborhoods in Tel Aviv and other cities, this alarming trend is growing. When I went to Israel, I was immediately arrested and forcibly expelled from the Jewish homeland, but Muslim Nazi scum from all over the world is welcomed into the country and not expelled. These are the actions of the traitor leaders of Israel that we are fighting against.

Hat tip video, David Ben Moshe.

(Watch the video, the pictures)

American white males are being ripped off by Communist, multi-culture totalitarians as are black women in USA.   Israel has suffered from inter-religion dating as well as inter-racial dating for decades.  Conclusion:  Max Blumenthal is an idiot.  But, what can I expect from a person that Duke supports?? At any rate-The reason people will become fiercely nationalistic and even ‘racist’ is because they are tired of their own people (who they have common bond with) being auctioned off (in a sense) for the Communist cause, Max, you moron.

@LarryElder Owns @PiersMorgan Regarding Phoney Racism

Larry Elder Owns @PiersMorgan Regarding Phoney Racism

He hits on the Zimmerman issue, Rachel Jeantel (the brilliant, ‘star’ witness, B student who can’t read cursive) The Trayvon Martin case and phoney racism.


15 Yr Old “Son Of Obama” Raped A 64 Year Old Woman. They’re Climbing In Our Windows..

15 Yr Old “Son Of Obama” Raped 64 Year Old Woman. They’re Climbing In Our Windows..

If Obama had a son, would he look like this kid? This story went under the radar:

 They’re climbing in your windows, snatching your people up. You’d better hide your kids, hide your wife. You can run and tell that, home-boy, home, home, home boy.

-Bed Intruder Song Lyrics

What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST, This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP

What’s With The Phoney Media Turning On Obama; THATS RACIST  This Is Just RACISM. SHUT THEM UP


How dare the holier than thou leftists stoop to our ‘evil’ level.. This is just racism.

They are picking on Obama cuz he’s a bro.   They should just leave him be.  I hate all of this anti-black people racism..  These white people have some g’d nerve going after MY prez like this on ALL sides, now! This is an anti black conspiracy!!!   So what if 4 are dead from a youtube video in Benghazi.  So what.  Who cares about the IRS thingie.  No issue if he can’t produce a birth certificate and we don’t know who the hell he is.    B.F.D. that some border agents died because my Prez armed some Mexicans.    Who is James Rosen?  WOW, the heath-care bill will bankrupt the nation…So who cares.   So what.

Obama should drone these bastards for picking on him!   Just like he did to those 200 plus children in Yemen and Pakistan.  Obama is a GREAT leader.  He got rid of that Mubarrak dude and put in Mr. Morsi, a peaceful Muslim man who just does not care for Jews too much, calling em apes n pigs n all…  AND, he helped murder off that Gaddafi guy.   He killed Bin Laden, too (True that there are NO pictures of the evidence) but whatever.

You follow my drift.  I just think it’s downright mean that everyone’s picking on my poor, innocent Prez.

One Of The Most Wonderful Pictures I’ve Ever Seen On Facebook

Had left-wingers not messed up this nation with their constant racial-baiting, think what it would be like….

Via facebook:

But, we have this, instead:


Things must change.


Why Don’t These Republicans Grill Barack Obama Like They’re Grilling Chuck Hagel?

Chuck Hagel is being hammered by the senate and seems to brain freeze with each round of tough questions.   When did the senate get so tough?  They certainly were not tough with the powder puff questions they asked Hillary Clinton about Benghazi and even weaker when it comes to dealing with Barack Obama.  We have 4 more years of Obama, so at this point, it does matter, contrary to what Hillary said and got away with.

We all know why Obama gets away with the perpetual softball questions.  Besides being a Democrat, which the news media sides with, he is black and if you are black its hands off by everyone for fear of being called a racist.

To criticize Obama.

Black Flash Mob Seizes Gas Station In Detroit. City Of Detroit Says: “Enter Detroit At Your Own Risk”

Just vote in Obama 4 more years, and we will all watch America turn into one big, black flash mob.



Dat racis, dat racis, dat racis!