Wisconsin Marxist Teachers OCCUPYING Capital-Protesting 4 The “American NITEMARE”

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You have all heard the FRAUD, Van Jones with The “American Dream”…What a liar.

   This Communist fraud never cared about an “American Dream.” The American dream was to own a house with a picket fence, it was to live in a country where you were not taxed to death, and forced out of your homes by 3rd world scum. It was to live where you could worship God in your churches, freely. The “American Dream” was liberty, not this union junk that is Soviet now.  The left wing calls Americans “NAZIs” just because we are all tired of the SEIU thuggery, and because Hitler did away with the Unions.  This has ZERO to do with Hitler. Nothing. We cannot afford to pay these union wages anymore.  This is not the “American dream”, this is the American nitemare.  Now, we have spoiled, rotten brats that want to make the tax-payer pay more, even though people are flat broke. 

 Go to fullsize image The whole issue, is; “YOU PAY, WE KEEP OUR BENEFITS, YOU PAY EVEN IF YOUR OWN FAMILY IS HUNGRY, AFTER ALL, WE ARE THEIR TEACHERS”…. Ever heard of telling the teachers to go to hell?  Homeschool your own kids?  What are you going to do? Allow these people to OCCUPY the capital?  Where are the state senators to represent them anyway? Hello?? What have they taught your children? Condoms on cucumbers in 5th grade? Tolerance for every evil thing under the sun?  Think about it. Your children should come first, they are not doing this ‘for your children’, they are doing it so that they dont have to be POOR, like you.  I’ve been poor, plenty of times, through corprate mergers, losing 70k in a 401k. Poor is not the worst thing. The worst thing is loss of country.  But you cant really tell a radical left winger that, they love the left wing SOVIET America. I HATE IT. Yes, I AM A HATER against left wing evil.

Thats the facts. Well, burn baby, burn. ENOUGH. WE DO NOT HAVE THE $$$ ANYMORE, so let it burn.