The COVID19 Fraud, Commie, CDC Freak Show…And, Our #POTUS Who Allows This To Continue

The COVID19 Fraud Commie Freak Show…And, Our #POTUS Who Allows This To Continue

My ‘feelings’ …..can be summed up into this woman’s look-
I made this one today. 

I really like her face. Because this is how I feel lately with this nation.

 First off…I know this will tick off a lot of readers…But I am really blown away by Trump’s inaction in the metropolis areas. I dont ‘get it’.  Leaving violent people to be more violent is a strategy?  This is what ‘3D chess is?’ You know those “Q” people think Trump is gonna save us.  I DONT think so.  How has he ‘saved’ you so far? Are not many cities locked down, still?  Have not the numbers of the CDC been WAY OFF?

  Secondly..What has Trump done to STOP this and the lies about the virus?  I see nothing being done.  All I see is MORE masked morons who believe what the government tells them.  A  total of 9400 + people actually died FROM Covid19 in the USA according to the CDC’s updated website numbers–The “Pandemic”– The LEAST of the Pandemics, in fact.   With this lie, all of the nations are KAPUTZ.  And, not one reporter in the Main Stream ‘feels’ like informing its audience that we have been PUNK’D.  

And, thirdly…

‘We the people’ (corporately) have no damned shame at believing the LIE.  Do the mask fascists even feel like apologizing for dumping on the anti maskers because WE didn’t believe this BULL?!

The whole nation is going down because of this LIE.  We are in a serious economic depression.

Now ya know why I and so many more refuse to get on the Commie Media, psyop-driven roller coaster of insanity run amok.

Its not going to stop ’til you wise up….and, don’t pray to God….because he is sick and tired of our collective a$$hattery.