BEFORE The Night Chicago Died…


Before The Night Chicago Died. Mixed-media, digi-art  By, P. AsheDina TMJ © 2013

This is what happened before the night Chicago died… All the bad girls were out in full force. But there was only one dude in this scene because all of the other men were getting ready to kill each-other for nothing.
This one guy is the last man standing that didn’t get involved… The temptation... 🙂
See..sometimes temptation can be a good thing if one is discerning. 😉

The Mad Jewess

Songs & Art From The 1930’s

Violet In The Hamptons

Mixed Graphic by TMJ, P AsheDina  2012

Just going through some archives on my graphics page.  Looked too classy to not place up here for the rest of the week, weekend. 


My all time fav 30’s song:

For:  Political Vel Craft kiss kiss 🙂

More Rain In N. AZ.. Lots Of Birds & Animals Showing Up

  It smells so fresh and nice outside–clean.  The wonder of nature is always enchanting to me… Its great watching little birds fly from in, out of no where.  Bunnies running across the rocky prairie. Quail and their little babies darting across the rocks, in hopes of finding some worms.  We also have a small population of road runners.  The AZ bird. Along with tarantulas, scorpions and rattlers.  The cactus here bite back, so you have to be very careful.  I thank GOD for the rain this last week.  He must have seen something decent in Arizona!


Love, The Mad Jewess