FILTHY, Sickening #Hybrid Animal: Part Human, Part Pig THING. This Is SO Disgusting

FILTHY, Sickening: Part Human, Part Pig THING. This Is SO Disgusting

This makes me want to puke all over the place. No doubt, some Left wing, Communist PIG ‘invented’ this horrible looking hybrid thing. VOMIT!

I believe that Alex Jones posted this first:


Please Use The “TOR” Browser To Access “The Mad Jewess”. SCREW GOOGLE!

Please Use The “TOR” Browser To Access “The Mad Jewess”. SCREW GOOGLE!

Google has wiped me off their stupid, Communist engine. Google left a ‘warning’ that friends of mine are getting in their emails: “Unsafe, this site may be trying to ‘steal your identity’. Which is a LIE because I am under the “WordPress” host and server. I can’t ‘steal’ someone’s identity with trojan horses and what not. Your information only shows the IP of your city net provider. That’s it. I have NO way of knowing where people live FROM this blog. Furthermore, I don’t care where you live.

So, to make things easier for you:

Here is the TOR Browser: Tor Project | Download

I would also encourage anyone to ditch Google and use DuckDuckGo ‚ÄĒ Privacy, simplified. generated Image

Twilight Zone

Digi mixed media by TMJ/AsheDina 7/2021

It really feels like we’re in a Twighlight Zone, doesn’t it? Everything is so surreal but very real. We can’t even pray this all away because it is written that it will happen. I try to lose myself in designing digital art. This lady in the digi is from a Maxfield Parrish piece. I mixed it with this background. Hope you men like it, ūüôā

Anyway…. Here is a song to go with…

Original Digi for your viewing pleasure…

Zul Mohamed: Carrollton, TX Mayoral Candidate Arrested For #VOTERFRAUD

Oct 8, 1:33 PM.

Zul Mohamed: Carrollton, TX Mayoral Candidate Arrested For #VOTERFRAUD ***We are keeping track of Voter Fraud: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020:

I don’t think ZUL was with a party. It says on his Facebook page that he was “Independent”. Click to see his Facebook page: Think Zul for Carrollton City Council Place 3

Zul Mohamed, who’s running to become the mayor of Carrollton, a city roughly one hour north of Dallas. Zul, the Texas mayoral candidate was arrested Wednesday night and faces felony voter fraud charges after allegedly sending 84 applications for mail-in ballots.

Asked why he was running for the office, Mohamed answered, ‚ÄúI am a young, fresh face for office that represents a shifting demographic of our city. In recent years, I had felt Carrollton had fallen behind in terms of what is modern and innovative.‚ÄĚ Asked what were the three most important actions he would take, if elected, Mohamed replied, ‚ÄúFirst and foremost, I would pass a city ordinance banning the open carry of firearms. Click to see Dallas Morning News.

Copy/Paste. WordPress has this new ‘block’ post garbage and it works like chit:

***We are keeping track of Voter Fraud: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020:

My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos, By: The Mad Jewess

My Prophetic Type Dreams Of Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos From 2009-2020, The Mad Jewess

God is my church, God is my synagogue. ¬†Im not anyone special. I just have very apocalyptic dreams of warnings to America. ¬†Im not a ‘religious’ person, per se. ¬†Not a ‘religious’ Jew or a ‘religious’ Christian. ¬†Im not into religion. ¬†I am into GOD. ¬†I believe in the Torah, Tanakh and the New Testament. ¬†The words in the holy Bible of the prophets, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus of Nazareth, the apostles and the book of revelation are the truth and I believe it ALL.

At any rate-I ¬†do believe that Barack Obama is definitely not finished in the political scene. ¬†So, ¬†I believe…it could be in the near future that Obama will possibly be in charge of the UN. ¬†Obama is AN anti Christ.¬†

Dreams that have come to pass in this search:

Dreams from 2009-2020 in no sequential order.

* Recent Prophetic Dreams: Tsunami, MASSIVE Quake, The Reaper Is Coming, Satan‚Äôs ‚ÄúRapture‚ÄĚ, Lightening Storms

May 24, 2020  Dream Of Coyotes Turning Into Wolves…Wolves Turning Into Bears:

Sun Jan 22, 2012:   Dream I had of England Invaded

Sunday, Jun 12, 2011:  Prophetic, Horrible Dream I had: Asian (CHINESE) Troop Invasion Of The United States Of America

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2011:   Another HORRIBLE Prophetic Dream I Had: ROCKETS ALL OVER AMERICA

Sat. May 7th 2011:   Another Horrible Dream I Had of a volcano in the sky

Friday, April 8th, 2011:  HORRIBLE DREAM I Had Early This AM~Tidal Waves

, invading armies on our land.

Monday, March 14,  2011:  Dream I had about a coming insurrection

Wed Jan 20,  2020:   Apocalyptic Dream I Had About Las Vegas. Under water, Sea of debt.  Is It Coming To Pass?

Feb 2020. Posted in June: ¬†‚ÄúThe Bowls Are Filled To Over-Flowing‚ÄĚ Prophetic Dream About¬†America

JULY 2020:  Prophetic Dream This AM @ 4:30: Rockets In The Pacific-Northwest, American Skies

There are a few more on my FB Page. ¬†I will post them later. ¬†Here is a confirmation of different invasions from another blog: “Invasions are upon you”

This is a Prophetic, cyber friend of mine for years, Tim Shey His blog, “Hitchhike Across America”¬†

Many prophetic words are here:

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

#Murietta, California Town Hall Meeting: “Secure Our Borders NOW”

Go home illegals. ¬†Go back to your own country and take Pill O’Reilly with ya. ¬†People are so sick and tired of this invasion, they are spitting on illegals. ¬†I would too.


Protesters block buses bringing illegal immgrants to Murrieta, California

Beastly #Feminist Monsters Insanely Jealous Of Nia Sanchez. This Has 0 To Do W/ Self Defense

#Feminist Monsters Insanely Jealous Of Nia Sanchez. This Has 0 To Do W/ Self Defense

Feminists do not care one way or the other for Nia Sanchez’ self-defense mechanisms at all. ¬†They are insanely jealous of her because she is pretty–actually gorgeous–beautiful. ¬†Most modern feminists are not just ugly on the outside, they are demonic, satanic, evil Jezebel pigs with smelly panties, dried-out puss’s, fat asses and an ugly demeanor. ¬†No man wants them. ¬†No man dreams of them. ¬†No man would take a Bella Abzug looking woman on a date unless he is legally blind without any feeling in his hands. Fact.

Now, let’s look at some of the feminists founding Mothers:

Betty Fryingpan (Friedan)

Feminist Pioneer Betty Friedan Dies

Alice Tuchas (Toklas)

OK, that’s enough.. I feel like vomiting. ¬†She reminds me of Howard Sterno.. *Puke*

These women above helped pioneer the feminist movement because WHAT his sane mind would want these women even if they had a bag over their mug?

Now, take a look at Nia Sanchez.. 

Strutting her stuff: Miss Nevada Nia Sanchez takes the runway during the evening gown portion of the pageant

It’s just plain old fashioned jealousy. ¬†Period. End of story. ¬†EVERY woman wants to look like Nia Sanchez. Fact.


May 2, 2014: The Day US Supported Fascists Who Murdered Civilians In #Odessa & The MSM Refused To Cover It

May 2, 2014: The Day US Supported Fascists Who Murdered Civilians In #Odessa & The MSM Refused To Cover It

00 anti-us baba. 05.05.14

DON’T cry and whine about our own government when you did nothing, said nothing, wept not, cared not for dozens of people who were murdered with the help of YOUR tax dollars in Odessa, Ukraine.¬† I don’t want to hear it anymore.¬† We are getting just what we deserve (collectively.)¬† And, if you don’t like what I’ve said, too bad. Its the truth.

¬†So too is the degeneration of the Washington Post, New York Times, and other media sources which have helped to delude large numbers of Americans into believing that Russia, which has killed or attacked no one,¬† is somehow the aggressor in Ukraine. The U.S. government ‚Äď with no mandate from the American people –¬† is supporting a fascist/oligarch unelected Ukrainian ‚Äėgovernment‚Äô installed in a coup spear-headed by two openly fascist parties, Svoboda and Right sector. ¬†May 2nd the day of infamy.

I call things as I see them.¬† I shoot from the hip and always have. ¬†I thought Obama was anti-war. Anti-colonial. Wasn’t he against the Iraq war? ¬†Facts are facts:

  • We assisted in over-throwing the Egyptian government, demanded that elected leader, Hosni Mubarak leave his rightful place. After these events occurred, we assisted in seating an Islamic tyrant, Morsi who brought nothing but death to the Egyptian people and refugee status to the Coptic Christians.¬† The US Govt put boots on the ground in Egypt and aided in the take-over of their government.
  • We assisted in over-throwing the Libyan govt, demanded that the elected leader, Gaddafi (who was present, on our side) leave his rightful place.¬† After these events occurred and Gaddafi was thrust out, we aided members of the Muslim bro’hood in his rape, torture and murder. We also put boots on the ground in Libya. The Libyans are now under the control of the Muslim brotherhood, thanks to the US Govt.
  • When we still did not have enough blood, the US Govt moved their revolution to Syria where they demanded that Assad step down from his rightful position.¬† When Assad did not step down, we supported, aided & funded Syrian Islamic rebels who murdered Christians, Catholics and civilians in Syria.¬† Still, the MSM including Bill O’Reilly say that Assad is the tyrant.¬† These evil people refuse to look in a mirror.
  • We assisted in over-throwing the Ukrainian government, demanded that the leader, Viktor Yanukovych step down from his duly elected position.¬† When he did not step down, fascists took over the protests, set Kiev on fire, killed police who were trying to keep the peace.¬† Yanukovych fled the city, Yatsenyuk was placed in by coup and there has been nothing but chaos in Ukraine ever since.

How do you NOT see that Ukraine is Egypt, Libya and Syria on steroids? Can you not see that the DEMs are just every bit of a war-mongering, military industrial complex as the GOP?

When will Americans face the music and understand that in the last 5.5 years, we have brought nothing but murder, oppressive regime changes and revolutions in the name of ‘democracy’?¬† When will Americans toss the fake patriotism aside and look at what OUR government has done?¬† You cannot expect me to feel sympathy for our own plight when we care nothing for the plight of the poorest countries who are being bullied by NGO’s, McCain/Obama and company.¬† I have NO pity on Americans.¬† Most do not even know that we aided in the murder of the peaceful people of Odessa.¬† So, how can I feel sorry for you? I don’t.¬† We deserve an oppressive dictatorship.¬† We deserve judgment and wrath. ¬†

Look at what you’ve allowed in Ukraine:


An elderly woman raped and they set afire...evidence of something more than a political dispute

Pseudo conservatives are saying these pictures are “Russian propaganda.”¬† It matters not what political persuasion these people were.¬† Their country was NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.¬† What matters is that they are dead at the hands of fascists & NAZI’s who we are supporting.

And, we wonder why we are cursed.

Blaine Cooper Found Craigs List Ad: “Role Players For Military Mock Simulated Drill At Ft. Hood” Posted 20+ Days Ago?!

Blaine Cooper Found Craigs List Ad: “Role Players For Military Mock Simulated Drill At Ft. Hood” Posted 20+ Days Ago

You remember Blaine Cooper?  That patriot who royally told off John McCain up in Prescott, AZ?  Well, look what he found on Craigs List regarding Ft Hood:  He also called the # on the ad:

The Craigs List Ads:

Looks to me like another Sandy Hook….This is information for you to decipher.¬† You already know my thoughts:¬† I rarely ever believe the main stream media-AND, I didn’t do this to myself… I am a ‘product of my society.’¬†¬† So, you determine what you will and discern this as you shall.¬†¬† I know one thing: I trust a fellow American patriot before I will ever trust this sick government. ¬† I know another shooting at FT Hood happened.¬† But, just what happened?¬† Don’t know and probably never will. ¬† Please pray for Blaine Cooper, he lives a short distance from us:

Great News: George Soros’ X-Girlfriend Punched Him In The Face. See The Pic!

Great News: George Soros’ X-Girlfriend Punched Him In The Face. See The Pic!


An art collage from November 2013

TRUTH:   Adriana Ferreyr, a South American soap actress, clocked Soros in the head and yelled:

‚ÄúA–h–le! You piece of s–t!‚ÄĚ Ferreyr, 30, allegedly screamed at Soros, 83, when he passed her in the hallway on the way to the restroom. ¬†Soap Opera Actress Punches Ex-Boyfriend George Soros in Face