May 2, 2014: The Day US Supported Fascists Who Murdered Civilians In #Odessa & The MSM Refused To Cover It

May 2, 2014: The Day US Supported Fascists Who Murdered Civilians In #Odessa & The MSM Refused To Cover It

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DON’T cry and whine about our own government when you did nothing, said nothing, wept not, cared not for dozens of people who were murdered with the help of YOUR tax dollars in Odessa, Ukraine.  I don’t want to hear it anymore.  We are getting just what we deserve (collectively.)  And, if you don’t like what I’ve said, too bad. Its the truth.

 So too is the degeneration of the Washington Post, New York Times, and other media sources which have helped to delude large numbers of Americans into believing that Russia, which has killed or attacked no one,  is somehow the aggressor in Ukraine. The U.S. government – with no mandate from the American people –  is supporting a fascist/oligarch unelected Ukrainian ‘government’ installed in a coup spear-headed by two openly fascist parties, Svoboda and Right sector.  May 2nd the day of infamy.

I call things as I see them.  I shoot from the hip and always have.  I thought Obama was anti-war. Anti-colonial. Wasn’t he against the Iraq war?  Facts are facts:

  • We assisted in over-throwing the Egyptian government, demanded that elected leader, Hosni Mubarak leave his rightful place. After these events occurred, we assisted in seating an Islamic tyrant, Morsi who brought nothing but death to the Egyptian people and refugee status to the Coptic Christians.  The US Govt put boots on the ground in Egypt and aided in the take-over of their government.
  • We assisted in over-throwing the Libyan govt, demanded that the elected leader, Gaddafi (who was present, on our side) leave his rightful place.  After these events occurred and Gaddafi was thrust out, we aided members of the Muslim bro’hood in his rape, torture and murder. We also put boots on the ground in Libya. The Libyans are now under the control of the Muslim brotherhood, thanks to the US Govt.
  • When we still did not have enough blood, the US Govt moved their revolution to Syria where they demanded that Assad step down from his rightful position.  When Assad did not step down, we supported, aided & funded Syrian Islamic rebels who murdered Christians, Catholics and civilians in Syria.  Still, the MSM including Bill O’Reilly say that Assad is the tyrant.  These evil people refuse to look in a mirror.
  • We assisted in over-throwing the Ukrainian government, demanded that the leader, Viktor Yanukovych step down from his duly elected position.  When he did not step down, fascists took over the protests, set Kiev on fire, killed police who were trying to keep the peace.  Yanukovych fled the city, Yatsenyuk was placed in by coup and there has been nothing but chaos in Ukraine ever since.

How do you NOT see that Ukraine is Egypt, Libya and Syria on steroids? Can you not see that the DEMs are just every bit of a war-mongering, military industrial complex as the GOP?

When will Americans face the music and understand that in the last 5.5 years, we have brought nothing but murder, oppressive regime changes and revolutions in the name of ‘democracy’?  When will Americans toss the fake patriotism aside and look at what OUR government has done?  You cannot expect me to feel sympathy for our own plight when we care nothing for the plight of the poorest countries who are being bullied by NGO’s, McCain/Obama and company.  I have NO pity on Americans.  Most do not even know that we aided in the murder of the peaceful people of Odessa.  So, how can I feel sorry for you? I don’t.  We deserve an oppressive dictatorship.  We deserve judgment and wrath.  

Look at what you’ve allowed in Ukraine:


An elderly woman raped and they set afire...evidence of something more than a political dispute

Pseudo conservatives are saying these pictures are “Russian propaganda.”  It matters not what political persuasion these people were.  Their country was NONE OF OUR BUSINESS.  What matters is that they are dead at the hands of fascists & NAZI’s who we are supporting.

And, we wonder why we are cursed.

Blaine Cooper Found Craigs List Ad: “Role Players For Military Mock Simulated Drill At Ft. Hood” Posted 20+ Days Ago?!

Blaine Cooper Found Craigs List Ad: “Role Players For Military Mock Simulated Drill At Ft. Hood” Posted 20+ Days Ago

You remember Blaine Cooper?  That patriot who royally told off John McCain up in Prescott, AZ?  Well, look what he found on Craigs List regarding Ft Hood:  He also called the # on the ad:

The Craigs List Ads:

Looks to me like another Sandy Hook….This is information for you to decipher.  You already know my thoughts:  I rarely ever believe the main stream media-AND, I didn’t do this to myself… I am a ‘product of my society.’   So, you determine what you will and discern this as you shall.   I know one thing: I trust a fellow American patriot before I will ever trust this sick government.   I know another shooting at FT Hood happened.  But, just what happened?  Don’t know and probably never will.   Please pray for Blaine Cooper, he lives a short distance from us:

Great News: George Soros’ X-Girlfriend Punched Him In The Face. See The Pic!

Great News: George Soros’ X-Girlfriend Punched Him In The Face. See The Pic!


An art collage from November 2013

TRUTH:   Adriana Ferreyr, a South American soap actress, clocked Soros in the head and yelled:

“A–h–le! You piece of s–t!” Ferreyr, 30, allegedly screamed at Soros, 83, when he passed her in the hallway on the way to the restroom.  Soap Opera Actress Punches Ex-Boyfriend George Soros in Face

Happy Valentines Day. Is Beyonce’ & Obama Having An Affair?

Happy Valentines Day.  Is Beyonce’ & Obama Having An Affair?

He did say that he is Prez and he can do whatever he wants..

Brit, my blog friend believes this story is true — Says every time he posts on Obama’s steamy love affair with Beyonce, his blog post gets taken down!  So Who knows…!

I personally don’t believe it.  Barack Obama is too busy screwing up America to have time for anything else.  But, ya never can tell…..!  I’m sure it’s evil, racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful, and bigoted to question his highness on this possible scandal..  iOTW says French Media doesn’t have their ‘gaydar’ on… Does Big Fur Hat think Obama is gay?

An art collage from November 2013

MSM Jumps When Nuland Says “FU”, But NO Q’s Why She’s Been Engaging In WAR/Revolution In Ukraine

MSM Jumps When Nuland Says “FU”, But NO Q’s Why She’s Been Engaging In WAR/Revolution In Ukraine

A couple of months ago, I started posting on the revolt in

Ukraine Protest

I knew there was US involvement in the Ukrainian FUBAR after I saw John McCain with the ‘protesters’ in Kiev who were brought in from the EU to demand Ukraine join the European Union.   These ‘protesters’ have burned the city of Kiev to the ground in an effort to become enslaved to the EU.    I can’t tell you how many Americans were rooting for the side of violence (these were also ‘conservatives’)  How can one claim to be conservative and Christian, yet root for violence in another country where there were no issues before WE got there?  Priests have stood in the gap, facing the protesters.  They faced the protesters to protect law & order.

Yet, many Americans were STILL for the violence in Ukraine.  Even after I advised these gasbag-idiots that if Ukraine joined the EU Union, they would be infiltrated with Muslims–they still didn’t budge and thought that the ‘protesters’ there were oppressed by their government just as the U.S. is… Many conservatives have even thought that the “Pussy Riot” (maybe a little outlandish) were a legit group of well-meaning young women.  The “Pussy Riot” is pro-homosexual marriage, militant feminist and pro-abortion.  Yet “Conservatives” in America still supported these wack-jobs.  The “Pussy Riot” took their sick behavior into Orthodox churches-NAKED-and still ‘conservative’ Americans supported these freaks. 

Finally, one the evil skanks from the “Pussy Riot” visited  Bill de Blasio, at City Hall in NYC to discuss prison reform.  The “Pussy Riot” pig  discussed ‘prison reform’ and she had the ear of the Communist, DeBlasio….And, thats when “conservatives” woke up.  Because De Blasio’s a Marxist, y’know and that’s when we Americans care.  Only when things affect us, do we give a shit.

Yes, I am angry with conservatives because you should know better.

Meanwhile, this bitch, Nuland has been engaging violence and the overthrow of the government in Ukraine and nobody asks what that hag was doing in Kiev.  American “conservatives” only cared that this bottom-feeder said “F*ck you” to the EU.  Did Nuland’s aggression receive the support of the congress?  Did congress vote to go to war in Ukraine?  NO.  So, what is this bitch doing, engaging in war & undermining a government?   And, why has the MSM said NOTHING?   The Obama administration and most members of the house/senate have turned another country upside down, are engaging WW3 with Russia because of Ukraine and everyone is worried about “F*ck you”

Here is this vile witch with Vitaly Klitschko, the violent ‘opposition’ leader in Kiev, Ukraine:

You know why we have no country anymore?  Because we don’t give a damn about anybody but ourselves.  We don’t ‘love our neighbor’, we murder our neighbor and pay for their deaths like assassins:   US Gov Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent ‘Protesters’

I am on the Lords side, too.

I will keep this on sticky so QV can let ya all have it.

RU: US Gov Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent ‘Protesters’

RU: USA Govt Sending 20 Mill Of YOUR Tax Dollars To Ukraine Every Week To Fund Violent Protesters

Obama & US Govt want WW3 with RU/China…Is a New Cold War Brewing?

How do you like YOUR money going to a bunch of radical Communists & Nazis (mainly from the EU) who are undermining the government in Ukraine and murdering police?  Many conservatives believe that the ‘protesters’ in Ukraine are fighting against a tyrannical government just because WE, here in America are.  In our opinion, all governments are corrupt.  Our sentiment:  it is better for Ukraine to stay with the ‘devil they know’ (Russia) than to go with the Muslim loving EU Union.  We also believe that the far left just wants to destroy every white country.  Should Ukraine join the EU Union, it wouldn’t even be 5 years before 50K Muslims or more would occupy their cities and towns in the name of ‘diversity and tolerance…’

 Sergei Glazyev, advisor to Russian president Putin claimed today that the US was spending $20 million per week on the Ukrainian opposition, including supplying opposition with weapons. It is clear from recent photographs that street gangs are more organized and better equipped each day.

This is what the ‘protesters’ are wearing now:

Ukraine unrest: Timeline  From:  BBC News

21 November 2013: Ukraine announces it will not sign a deal aimed at strengthening ties with the EU, sparking protests

17 December: Russia agrees to buy $15bn of Ukrainian government bonds and slash the price of gas it sells to the country

16 January 2014: Parliament passes law restricting the right to protest

22 January: Two protesters die from bullet wounds during clashes with police in Kiev; protests spread across many cities

25 January: President Yanukovych offers senior jobs to the opposition, including that of prime minister, but these are rejected

28 January: Parliament votes to annul protest law and President Yanukovych accepts resignation of PM and cabinet

29 January: Parliament passes amnesty law for detained protesters, under the condition occupied buildings are vacated

We have tried to post on Ukraine as much as possible:

Vid Of Victoria Nuland In Kiev, Ukraine. Nuland The Mad Jewess

Ukraine | The Mad Jewess

Think for yourself.. Meanwhile, Victoria Nuland has made this an international crisis with her big mouth and pushy ways: US ‘Ukraine-gate’ Threatens to Blow Up Into Major Conflagration