Michael Savage Synopsis: Anti-white, Anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center; Who They Hurt

Great post by Michael Savage:

The SPLC has spoken against Arizona SB 1070, the anti-illegal immigration measure passed by the State of Arizona in 2010, calling it “brazenly unconstitutional” and “a civil rights disaster.”

Not a Jew, he’s a kike

Michael Savage: The ONLY One With The GUTS To Question If Mr. Breitbart Was Assassinated

I came to this conclusion yesterday: They killed him even if they did not outright ‘kill him.’  Why? This man spent 24/7 fighting the COMMUNIST-Left. He was on Twitter fighting them. If he was not on Twitter, he was on facebook. He posted, hour after hour on Breitbart TV. I cant tell you all how many times he put up videos that I found and emailed to him/his staff. If he was not online, he was fighting those that actively conspire against the united states of America, in their face.

I witnessed him, fighting Media Matters, Eric Boehlert and David Brock, every day.   If they did not outright murder Breitbart, they gave him an early grave. IMO, thats the same as if they shot him.

Shame on these people. Shame to them and their families.  Shame on them for celebrating death like the demons they ARE. And they KNOW they are.

Savage asks the question here, if he was assassinated:


God be with Mr. Breitbarts family, God please help to give them peace in this horrendous time.

Michael Savage’s 9/11/2001 Speech: 100% Positive Proof *Nothing* Has CHANGED

Savage said that Jews dont listen to him anymore on Friday (I believe) -Well, we listen to you, Savage and I have you linked up. I have been listening to you since 1996, San Francisco, KGO.

So there.


NOBODY picks this up. The REAL news goes unheard.  This is UNBELIEVABLE to me; A shootout between civilian gangs and the police/task forces in broad daylight!?  You should see many of these people, telling the writer of this story he is ‘inaccurate and racist’. Are we kidding here?! People are being MURDERED and these asshats still say “RACIST?”  WAKE THE FK UP! This subversion is getting more people murdered. If you  lack the courage to stand up to the bully, the bully will WIN.


Maybe some people are  too intimidated by these criminal, occupying invaders. I think so. At any rate this is the real news of the terror, REAL terror that Salinas residents are living in. There is still about 38% whites in Salinas. But, it is overwhelmingly Hispanic, and it is dangerous. This is what gangs and occupying invaders do; TERRORIZE. Islam has ZERO on these gangs.  This below story is the facts, with the exception of the body count; I don’t give a rats ass about criminal occupiers, but there are thousands of sneakers hanging on the cable lines in Salinas, which means there have been way more murders that the city allows to be printed.

Brown Supremist Terroristas; La Raza Meet In Open At Salinas, CA Restaurant

Go to fullsize imageI used to live in Salinas, CA for over 17 years on and off. It is totally UNBELIEVABLE how Salinas, CA once the town of the “Arkies, and Okies” is now a haven for anti-LEGAL scum.  Now, BROWN SUPREMISTS, 10,000 x WORSE than the Ku Kux Klan ever thought of being, meet in a restaurant to celebrate an election of Marxist militants in the disguise of the once great Democrat party. And why would I say ‘the once great Democrat party’?  Because my Grandmother and Grandfather were PATRIOTS and they were Democrats that were Conservative.

  My Grandmother and Grandfather lived in Salinas, CA.  My Grandfather stationed at Fort Ord & my Grandmother being one of Salinas, CA’s daughters.  During the Great Depression, my family lived on River Road. They had 29 acres of farmland, and never went hungry.  During WW2, my G-Great Grandmother had a home across the street from Steinbeck. When Sailors returned for furlough, my G-Grandmother had a sign that said “Annies Kitchen” and any sailor that was hungry could eat soup and bread, ditto during the Great Depression for any person that was hungry.

  My Grandmother used to talk about Salinas, CA as being one of the most fantastic little cities that she loved so much.  It was an all-American city with 3 theatres; The FOX, The Crystal, and another one, (I forget the name) Also many 5 and Dimes, Ice Cream shoppes, you name it, Salinas had IT. HUGE Victory parades during WW2. Many of Salinas’s residents were murdered at Pearl Harbor and they were also stationed at Fort Ord..  All of the farmers and big produce peoples children worked in the fields, until Ceasar Chavez, a Saul Alinsky/Che’ Guevara radical pulled the ever trusty race-card out on the indigenous “Arkies and Oakies” and in my family’s case- Portugees. 

  What is left of this once great little city? 28 gangs from the MS-13 to illegal occupying invaders that murder to drive-by shootings.  One man, Peter Andresen from the Californian paper having enough guts to call the ILLEGALS the TALIBAN, which they ARE. Salinas now, per capita, is now one of the tops for being the most homocial on a daily basis. 

 Thank yourselves, Bravo to you, you evil left-wing SCUM.  You have destroyed my Grandparents HOME city. I warned these people at City Hall meetings all throughout the 90’s that this would happen, and what did I get for all of my warnings?  I got thrown out of City hall, my car shot-gunned, my apartments shot-gunned.  You get what you deserve now, City of Salinas, I WARNED YOU. Unless you all start making out La Raza to be THE terrorist, they will keep up with this BS. WOULD THE KKK BE ALLOWED TO MEET AND JUST CELEBRATE? NO. Why is this OK??!!

Here is the link below this warning where the dangerous Marxist NAZI La Raza met in the WIDE OPEN TO CELEBRATE THEIR LORDING IT OVER SALINAS.

View Image




Salinas police deny man’s account of officer shootout



My Response To A DUMB “Progressive” Jerk-off On You-Tube, Re: ILLEGALS

 Combust Feel free to join in this convo on Y.T.-it is one of Savages rants:

{For Newbies here-My Dad is WASP, & Seneca/Iroquois & My Mom is a Portugee Jew-in other words, HALF BREED… :D}

Here is the LIBO-NUT:

@ugha323a Seriously?! Are you Native American, claiming that your ancestors are not immigrants? I hope you are not talking about the rest of the entire population of American ancestors not being immigrants because that is exactly what they were, cant believe i even took the time to type that…

2nd, not a “JEW” but thx.

3rd, keep hating because that is exactly what all the world religions teach, HATE. It blows my mind that the vast majority of this world practice some religion, yet still hate.

—————–My response to this asshole “EIMAJISM” from above:

  • @eimajism #1. I am from the Seneca Tribe of the Iroquois Nation. This is MY LAND. #2. I am a Daughter of the American Revolution. #3. For a liberal creep to tell me I “HATE”, I take it as a COMPLIMENT. #4. The ‘evil’ white man did NOT screw up MY nation, you PROGRESSIVE pigs did. YOU ARE THE HATER NAZI.
  • FYI, satan; Americans that were here before the early 1900’s ARE of Indian blood, NOT Mexican.

    Ponquogue, Cutchogue, Mattituck, Montauk, all Indian names. Does THAT SOUND MEXICAN 2 U ASSHOLE?

  • @eimajism

    And another thing, SCHMUCK: There is a HUGE difference between a Good Jew and an EVIL,Commie, Bolshevik one. So you dont know a helluva lot about JEWS either.

    And this is hate: teaching Americans to HATE the troops, HATE this nation, hate white people, indoctrinating in schools that Tommy fucking Johnny is OK.

    You Progressives have TOTALLY screwed up this country.When us indigenous and patriots come after you, look at the reasons why- you are an IMMORAL and DEBAUCHEROUS people.

  • PDlumina from Youtube…

    I wanted to share this video from non other than PDLumina, from youtube. This guys makes some awesome videos, just wanted to share with you all. I have no clue what he is saying in this one cuz my audio is not working at the moment. (I have to redownload windows soon).

    I just love PDLumina (Pete) he is a nice guy. He knows what time it is and he is not afraid to speak up SPEAK UP!!!!! Kudos to PDLumina.

    While I am here, please try to enjoy your Thanksgiving and BE THANKFUL for whatever freedoms you have today, because we all know they could be dead and gone tomorrow.

    Please SPEAK UP!!!!

    If you want a great place to speak up…go over to http://www.congress.org and post in the LETTERS TO LEADERS section or the SOAPBOX ALERT section or if you want to send mass emails to every single tv/radio/news station and newspaper in the country, go over to the MEDIA section.

    I can’t seem to link it correctly, so C&P in your browser.!!!!!! oopsie….=o(

    FREEDOM OF SPEECH, do not take it for granted ok?

    I love you all..God bless each and every one of you, except for those of you who hate Israel…

    Above Scrutiny; Politicians & Rock Star Status

    Go to fullsize imageIf you seem to be a conservative and perhaps you are a Republican..you are not allowed to question the Republican Party of politicians… If you are a Democrat and center ‘liberal’, you are not allowed to question the DNC.. And that is politics in America now. 

      Take myself for ie…. I am not a Sarah Palin supporter.  Why? Because Palin quit her post in Alaska as governor. It is as simple as that.  The excuse?  That she wanted to go to the 48 states and build up the GOP.  She would have been better suited to remain on post and finish the job she started.  Thats MY opinion.. Why does all of this bother me? Because I know the Bolsheviks/Marxists, and am not in the dark how they attack:  ruthlessly, mercilessly, assault peoples characters and lives.  Do I believe that Sarah Palin can handle the attacks? Yes, I do believe that she can. Does this mean I would want her to be the next president? NO. 

      Now, why am I against Sarah Palin as a president? Because I am old-fashioned. I believe that America was great because we had ‘evil’ whitey male in charge, that’s why. When I look at the pictures of past presidents, I see no women, and I see no Muslim men, like who we have now, (Obama). I am not going to change my position, and you will not see The Mad Jewess EVER endorsing a woman for a president, or a minority.  Both have agendas.  I have not EVER voted a Jewish person into office either. Is it because I am an “Israel-hater?” Or a self-hating Jew-hater as Soros is?  No.  It is because Jewish people are predominantly leftists and I cannot ever vote for a leftist.  It is against America.

       Now, let’s take the center of the road liberal/Democrat.  They are seen as an enemy, because they do not like democrats that are in charge. I don’t like all of this ‘labeling’, just trying to get a point across. 

       The people that voted in Hillary Clinton were shoved to the back burner as Obama stole the election from Hillary, who was actually the rightful winner of the DEM. Not that I like Hillary, I hate her.  However, look at the DEMS that are not even allowed to question their own party now, because that is seen as ‘treasonous’ by the leftist machine.  So, often times, debating with these people, I have more in common, because they feel the ‘fascism’ as I do.

      Recently, an article was put out by Salon, a liberal rag, that had a truth about Sarah Palins constituent (A Soros paid ‘neo-con’, as they phrased it)  in a lobbying report that Becks people are calling ‘spin.’  It is not ‘spin’, it is a lobbying report.  It is one thing to call spin, spin, when it is spin, but another to hit back when the facts cannot be refuted.   Since I put this lobbying report up, I have had an array of emails from people that are angry. They are thinking I am ‘attacking’ Sarah Palin.  Sarah Palin is a politician who gets paid a couple million a year, plus she has a reality TV show. The Mad Jewess is an unpaid blogger with hard right wing values.  Sarah Palin may want to think of firing a person that works for Soros instead of justifying the phoney, pseudo-con Sheunemann.

      Either way, I am sick and tired of the fascism. And it IS on both sides of the spectrum, because the Bolsheviks have infiltrated into the once Grand Old Party.  This is why people call them ‘RINOS’.   I don’t like the rock-star status of politicians now. I don’t like how pseudo-conservatives are angry because I am questioning one of their people.  I don’t like how I was rejected at the T-party for being ‘too right wing’.  In my opinion, America should go back to being America, without the labels, without the attacks of people demanding loyalty that is a false loyalty to parties that have screwed up America to the max.

    This is a Savage video, who I also don’t agree with 100%, but I agree with this:


    Kim On Breitbart, a little blogger:

    Kim · 38 weeks ago  

    This is why I don’t let anyone tell me who to vote for.

    I don’t think anyone should vote for a candidate just because they’re “electable” how about someone who represents you and your values.

    That’s part of the reason we ended up with Bush ’41 and John McCain, no freakin’ thanks.


    What America Expects From This House Win: The TOTAL Impeachment Of Obama & His Staff

    Go to fullsize imageLet’s be honest; America knows that no jobs are coming back, and we are bankrupt.

       In 1993 Clinton signed NAFTA.  NAFTA not only opened the doors for outsourcing to Mexico and Canada, (China, as well) it also brought in the illegals through illegal back door amnesty programs called ‘sanctuary cities’.  The Democrat/Clinton had a choice in 1993, either to keep America sovereign, or sell her out to the highest bidder. The Democrat party chose to sell America out and follow the Bushs with their NWO agenda-which is  what the REPUBLICAN party stands for– all of you GOP or bust people. This is why I, personally left the GOP. This is why I do not trust Republicans either, and do not endorse them.

      Now we are faced with a fraud CIC, who we know nothing about. We know not where he was born, we know nothing about his records, we know zero. The far left wants this alien to stay in power because they want a dictator.  The far left wants America completely obliterated, most of the far left is comprised of people that are Communists. Obama is one of them.

      The only way to restore America, at least back to basics; is to impeach Obama and throw him out. Impeach all of his appointments as well; Kagan, Sotomayor, his 32? Czars, etc.  It is time to do this and get it done. This is the ONLY reason that America put the Republicans back in.  Much of this mess was created by Bush 41 and now it needs to be ax’d by Republicans that should start acting like Americans instead of worrying about special interests.  The Republicans have done nothing to vet out Obama, nothing. They better do as we say.  There are no exceptions  to heal America but to rid ourselves of this enemy within, the only exception being:


    The REAL Reason Maywood CA is KAPUTZ- Video From 2006

    A lot ofPeople wonder what happened to Maywood, CA-why it is totally BK and there will be no cops, just Mexican RACISTS and illegals.

    THIS IS WHY Maywood is GONE and lawlessness is out of control. In Maywood, there are still patriots, please pray for them, please.  See this what I wrote: 100% POSITIVE PROOF That 3rd Worlders Have SCREWED UP America