WHY are blogs about Obama the false messiah disappearing?

  Its really strange.. I will look up something to find out info on the false messiah, I save it on my fav’s, and it just disappears… I saw this with TD Blog (TX Darlin), Michelle Malkin, even myself and the forum I had SHUT DOWN was shut because so MANY and much of my research disappeared. 

When we had Reagan, they called him “The teflon man” but Obama the false messiah cant be touched.. Even slick Will-Bill could be touched and he HATED negative publicity.  GW has probably taken the worst beating of them all.. but talk about Obama, and you are in an inquisition.  WHY IS THIS?? Is this now the ‘no-free-speech’ zone? And WHY?  Is it b/c he STILL HAS NO B.C.??

Well,  to this date, NO B.C., and no school records- NO INFO on the CIC of the USA- all I have to say is THANK GOD for UK and Scotland Yard for investigating this false messiah..

Comic CREDIT: http://morisecomics.com/  Comic Artist: LARRY WEST! ~HE IS EXCELLENT!