The U.S. Skies To Be FILLED With Drones~Enjoy The FASCISM, America

 Whip The U.S. Skies To Be FILLED With Drones~Enjoy The FASCISM, America..

Seems Americans like this. At least, it seems that American men have become paralyzed and are doing nothing to halt this insanity.Where are the ‘liberals’ to stop the fascism? They were there when GWB was in office. Now they fight Americans that are trying to stop it.  See? Democrat/leftists are full of shit.

‘Documents obtained under Freedom of Information laws show that show that more than 50 non-military organisations have asked to fly drone aircraft, many of which can carry cameras and surveillance equipment for spying within the US.’

If you ask me, we deserve it. MEN are doing ZERO to protect us. Women are going to have to arise to stop this insanity linked here, Hat Tip, QV.

Dont tell ME that America is not fascistic: