Weiner’s Penis Picture is “Flattering” “The View” BaBa WaWa; ewwwwww

The perverted women on “The View” commented on the nude photo of Weiner’s penis.  Barbara Waters, the innocent, all of 81 years  states, she saw the picture before it was released, days ago, but choose not to share it with the her co-hosts of the View.( right lady) Joy, the flip mouthed, lib sucker thinks it could be Andrew Breitbart! Really, but Weiner did not deny it was him.  But BaBa WaWa remarked, ” it is a flattering photo,” as she smiled and batted her eyelashes.  Maybe the host will friend him now on Facebook. Beware of  elder women and their sexual appetite.

Listen Below to the Video in Question

Females On “The View” Suggest It Is OK 2 Call Women “Sluts”~OK, then- Mrs Obama Is A SLUT

How do ya all like that?  MRS OBAMA IS A SLUT.

BUT-To me she looks like GWB, a CHIMP

How do ya all like that? Hmmm?? 

It is NOT OK to call a lady a SLUT, you femi-nazi witches at “THE VIEW”

According to ‘The View’ it’s OK to Call Women ‘Slut’

Most Of FEMINIST Obamas Appointees Have Been Women~1 Word: PUSSY

What Radical Feminists ReallyHead Count | Tracking Obama’s Appointments | The Washington Post Take a look at the tab of his appointments at the WAPO.  People wonder why we have a no brainer as a Prez., it is because he has a bunch of feminist women. Feminist women are weak, cowardly, liars, emotional, apologetic.  This is what is running the show with dictators out there, Islam, Iran, N. Korea, Russia etc.  If you need further proof that feminism has destroyed America, than you are just plain stupid.


Bolshevism & Islam will defeat the USA. Count on it.