Like Genocide Deniers: Yahoo News ‘Believes’ Over 1000 Witnesses Are Lying About Voter Fraud

Like Genocide Deniers: Yahoo News Believes Over 500 Witnesses Are Lying About Voter Fraud

We are witnessing the SLOW MURDER of the republic.

If you go to this link, you will see a barely 25 year old chick pretending to refute claims of voter fraud. Communist Democrats are good with mockery: @ Yahoo

In any event, Newsmax and Fox have both been threatened to be sued by Dominion voting systems. So, what do they do: “Debunk” what they reported.

Do you see how the Communist Democrats are denying everything that has transpired? Suitcases filled with ballots under tables? Pages and pages of people over 115 years old, ‘voting?’ 26 links of voter fraud: So Far, We Have 26 Links Of #VoterFraud Even Tho MSM Says “No Voter Fraud”. Arizona refuses to turn in their Dominion voting machines? This year had voter fraud like we’ve never seen.

But, the Communist media denies it. Just like a good genocide deniers. They remind me of the neo Nazi’s on Gab who constantly deny the Holocaust. Hundreds of thousands of photos of suffering but they deny it. The Left is just like them. Denying all of this.

So, think on this because it IS coming to America: The Communist Democrats have every intention of ‘genociding’ American Conservatives. As they murder you, they will deny it like any good Nazi.

2018: How Dems Stole 7 Seats In Calif By SWITCHING To Dem, AFTER The Election

2018: How Dems Stole 7 Seats In Calif By SWITCHING To Dem, AFTER The Election

The Communist Democrat party passed “Ballot Harvesting Laws” for NO other reason but to fraud the people.

California lost 7 of its 14 Republican House seats in the 2018 election cycle. This was after the state legislature passed ballot harvesting laws. Ballot harvesting is illegal in most states. GOP Lost 7 of 14 House Seats by Ballot Harvesting — After Election Day

On election night, the Republican Party lost 26 seats in the House, a serious erosion but not a catastrophic one. But two weeks later, seven races that had been called for Republicans switched and the Democrats were certified to have won. All seven were in California and no seats moved the other way — from blue to red.

The rest: How Dems Stole Seven House Seats in California

Another link as to what happened: California GOP Lost 7 of 14 House Seats AFTER ELECTION DAY …

NEVER EVER EVER Trust a dirty, lying, thieving Democrat MONSTER. And, just look now… More fraud:

CO S.O.S: ‘Early Votes In Favor Of Romney’. Dems KNEW This Was Going To Happen & Filed “Ethics Charges” A Couple Days Ago

An email from a friend:

Colorado secretary of state says that ROMNEY is far ahead in early voting. -tones

I want you to look at all of these links, below.  The ACLU is after Scott Gessler Grassley.  Read this link. The “Progressives” are hot on his trail.  First, they tried getting him on investigating voters that he thought may have not been legal.  Now, they are trying to get him over 2 grand for some extra expenses.

Colorado secretary of state target of probe over ‘expenses‘ Chicago Tribune

    1. ‎- 6 hours ago
      DENVER (Reuters) – Colorado’s secretary of state is the target of a criminal investigation over allegations that he spent public money to attend

Here @ The Mad Jewess, We Believe That MASSIVE Voter Fraud WILL Take Place In Nov. Courtesy: DNC

All of the talking heads, Rove, Morris, etc are getting America geared up for a ‘landslide’ GOP avalanche.. Even the Nazi “Jew” George Soros said that. But, we believe different.  We believe that the DEMS are planning a major voting fraud deception, to keep themselves in the house, ILLEGALLY, because they cannot win fair; they ARE crooks. The GOP is no better, but at least we can slow down this ‘progressive’ push to Communism, which is mass death and genocide.  Read this link:

  They have every intention of turning America into a 3rd world banana republic dump.   They have every intention of making YOU slaves, submitting to a huge Marxist/NAZI takeover.  Call us crazy, or conspiracy nuts, we don’t care.  Most of us have lived in city areas, the metro NYC, Cali, Philly, etc.. Vote Fraud is common in the inner cities. So, you have to go out, to the polls and stop the bastards. 

  In NYC, there was a woman, she said “When I came here this morning to vote, the police were not here, but when I returned this evening, to vote again, the P.D. was there”.    In another instance, in NYC, a man came to vote—FORTY-TWO times.  42, people.  Stalin, the Progressive/Commies hero said: “It does not matter who votes, it matters who COUNTS the votes”….. Hopefully we are wrong. We Pray we are wrong, but they are already messing with Military votes. 

 So, DO NOT trust these people, they ARE ENEMIES within.

Watch some of the evidence of voter fraud, ILLEGALS inc: