Stupid Brits: Make A “Queen” Fashion Stamp For Style Mag~For Michelle Obama Being ‘Best Dressed’

Stupid Brits: Make A “Queen” Fashion Stamp For Style Mag~For Michelle Obama Being ‘Best Dressed’

The Brits are out of their friggin minds.  There is NO England, now.  It is over-run with Muslims and this is what these yo yo’s worry about:

I don’t know if this is a joke, or what.  Because, for the most part, MO is NO person of great fashion.

Hat tip: May L

And buys these hideous clothes on OUR dime

Bloody Brits..

Worry about England for a change we can believe in.  Because anyone that knows anything sees that there is NO England now.

PS: I am obviously not talking about SANE Brits like Tommy Robinson & Ted (One of our bloggers).  I can’t tell you all how I weep profusely when I look at what has happened to England.  It makes me SICK.



There Is No England Now-The SHAMEFUL “Liberal” Progressive/Leftists Have DESTROYED England.

This is what leftism does, it destroys everything around it., it is a CANCER . Make NO mistake; The left-wing here in America are licking their chops, just waiting to burn America to the ground. 
  The terrorist ‘mob’ has already started in America, but stupid Americans, ESPECIALLY Faux News will NOT report the racist, terrorist ‘flash’ mobs that are beating the hell out of white people, terrorizing white people. That would be ‘racist’ to these abominable creatures.  They will not look at the post I wrote with a blogger about VAN JONES helping organize these terrorists.
  I cannot believe what is happening in England.  This was the strongest country there ever was. How can decent English people allow this in the streets of London, Manchester, etc?  Have they gone totally insane?  You all must understand that what happens in England WILL happen here.  This is sick and devastating.

  England is burnt to the ground and the P.M. is using ‘rubber bullets’ on these SELF-HATING WHITE TRASH “PROGRESSIVES” & black/Muslim TERRORISTS.  Damned WEAK England.  I have heard that the E.D.L. has had to take care of the situation because the London Bobbies ‘cannot handle it’.  Can you all imagine??  England had the strongest standing army in the WORLD for over 500 years and they are CONQUERED by leftist/satanists and Muslims. 

ENGLAND!! REPENT!! Like you did in the 1500’s when England burned!

This is England now, COMING TO AMERICA:


I have been SICK with what has happened to Americas mother, England. 

I am weeping as I am writing this, I can’t even write..