If Patriotic Americans Cannot Name “Libtards”, Communists, They Will Just Keep Losing

If Patriotic Americans Cannot Name “Libtards”, Communists, They Will Just Keep Losing

Americans lose every day.  Why do they lose?  Because they cannot name this enemy within, Communists.  They have NO problem naming the Islamics but refuse to call these ‘progressives’, Communists.  They will say Socialist or Marxist but refuse to name this evil, anti-redemptive, enemy – COMMUNIST.

Sen Joe McCarthy was taken through the mud in the 1950’s because he was right.  He pegged the traitor of the country, Communists because that’s what  they were and still are.   The “Liberals” (Commies)  psychologically beat McCarthy black and blue because he was onto them.  Even David Horowitz, who is an x-radical was scared to death of McCarthy.  Why?  Because McCarthy knew about the anti-Americans.  They were paralyzed by fear of being exposed as the Communists they were because that meant loss of jobs, reputation and even death.  Communism in America was & still is- treachery of the highest sort.  Evil always HATES being exposed: Think Julius & Ethel Rosenberg who were both executed.  

The first step in defeating your enemy is NAMING THEM. If you cannot name the enemy, YOU LOSE.

Listen up to this video put out by Beck, which will probably come to pass in our lifetime: