WETBACKS Threatening to “KILL AMERICANS?” What If This Was In Reverse?

“Welcome to MeriKa, folks, this is the place where inferior slime get to say what they want AND get away with it.

  In my old town, where the MS-13, Nortenos, and Sorrenos are out of control, this just happened: Man shot and killed late Wednesday in Salinas Full story: Monterey County Herald They also say that this is the 2nd murder in Salinas, CA this year. I will tell you that is a straight up LIE, there have been way more than that murdered in Salinas, Ca.  When will people that are decent stop playing nice? When? When I tell you they are threatening our lives, I AM NOT KIDDING–AND, Liberal SCUMBAGS, they dont give a shit if you are ‘on their side’ they just assume kill your ass too, dumbbells.

  What if we went and charged on all of our capitals in every city we inhabit and WE said:” WE WILL KILL EVERY LAST ILLEGAL WETBACK?”  They would throw our ass in jail.

THAT IS “FAIRNESS” people, THAT is the Liberal Idea of Fairness.  Well, I am sorry, it is time for us to get “FAIR”