Tiktok’s Megan Geha Is “Teaching” H.S. Students How To Be Communist Activists. Period.

Tiktok’s Megan Geha Is “Teaching” H.S. Students How To Be Communist Activists. Period.

I just observed Megan Geha’s Communist activist classroom:

I feel terrible for the kids that have to learn how to be Communists and white hating bigots in her classroom. Everything in her classroom is Communist, racist propaganda.

I graduated H.S. in 1983. The only things we had in our classrooms during Elem and H.S. was a painting of George Washington (in every classroom), the American flag, a clock, a chalkboard, eraser and chalk. That’s it. Some school art projects were hung for a few days at different times.

We went to school to learn math. Why? Because wherever you purchase a good or food, math is used. We learned to read. Why? So we could understand and comprehend books, newspapers, signs at the Grocers, etc. We learned American history. Why? So we could understand our form of government and the men who fought and died for our freedom. We learned to sing in chorus, paint in art class, work with metal in shop and learned to cook in home-ec. That’s it. These are the things we need out in the world.

Now….they teach children how to be Communist activists who have NO skills and NO brains. “We the people” never called these “Liberals” what they are:


And, this is why you see this crap in the classroom. Can’t and won’t name the enemy? LOSE. Lose big. Every, single time.

#TikTok Commie Mommy: “My Baby Is Crying White Tears To Get Her Way”

TikTok Commie Mommy: “My Baby Is Crying White Tears To Get Her Way”

Because babies of other colors don’t cry tears to ‘get their way’. Only white babies do. Ya can’t make this sh’t up! This nation is upside down and totally infected with the cancer that is “Liberalism”. There is no way out because Leftists love that they are absurd and ridiculous.

The poor baby is going to grow up to be a sick, deluded Communist like her Mother. I hate to say this, but I kinda support Leftists aborting their children.