It Is Just A “Coincidence” That Southern Towns Are Being Hit With Destructive Weather?

It Is Just A “Coincidence” That Southern Towns Are Being Hit With Destructive Weather?

When I observe scenarios that seem to occur a lot… I always wonder if there is not a force of evil in the mix. Lots of the “Conspiracy” theorists believe there is weather engineering, weather warfare… Are they wrong? You know how the Leftist Communists hate Southerners with a passion.

There have been any number of destructive tornadoes this year in the south.

Here is one that just happened in Mississippi: TWISTER

More…In Arkansas:

TODAYNashville, TN: Severe weather possible Monday into Tuesday across Middle Tennessee

A few days ago in TX: The apocalyptic hail was so big in Texas yesterday that it went through roofs, destroyed windows and broke cars (videos and pictures)

This is something to seriously think about and if there is weather warfare being waged.

NEWS UPDATE VIDEO: Black Flash Mob/Riot Had 300 “Teens”-Robbing Over $1500- Of Goods From Walmart

Well…it’s only $5- a head, so they are not very bright.  If the King Negro, Obama wins a 2nd term, look for riots like this every day in every town they live in.  The last video went on private.. We hurt their feelings, don’t you know.  We are racists for reporting the truth because the MSM won’t.  Enjoy your America with a Negro in charge, who is emboldening these savages:

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(My opinion obviously excludes black patriots, Pastor Manning, Alan West, etc)



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-David Ben Moshe

America’s New 3rd Rail; NO TALKING ABOUT ISLAMIC INSANITY-Geller Banned From Speaking In TX, & TN

  Move over seniors, Hispanics & black people. Nope, not saying Jews, because Jew-hate is all over the place.  And I can debate you animals that hate the Jews. The ADL can’t, because they are LEFTIST COWARDS, but I can.   

  There is a neo 3rd rail: ISLAM.  Nevermind that this ‘religion’ is murdering people all over the world, the most courtesy should be given to B. Hussein Obama, by the way, for his love for Al Queda and the Muslim bro’hood.  Nevermind how these SAVAGES rip apart female genitals, have sex with goats, and cut off hands.  Not to worry, it’s all for the ‘greater good.’  Islam and Leftism are great friends, with their ally, The “American” Nazi party. 

  Pamela Geller from Atlas Shrugs has been banned from 2 hotels, for excersizing her 2nd Amendment right of free speech. One hotel in TX, one in TN.  Imagine the south allowing this. Unbelievable.  Pretty soon, they will be taking your daughters and sons, indoctrinating them in school and you, the parent will not be able to say a word, because it will be a hate crime if you dont allow your own flesh and blood to become an Islamic nut.

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AFDI/SIOA Condemns Nashville Hutton Hotel’s Cancellation of Freedom Conference, Capitulation to Islamic Supremacism

AFDI/SIOA Calls on Hyatt Hotels to Apologize, Institute Sensitivity Training After Caving Into Islamic Supremacist Pressure