California: Stupid Democrats Are Making Train Robberies Popular Again

California: Stupid Democrats Are Making Train Robberies Popular Again

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Ive been reading what the Dumb Democrats are allowing. Total breakdown of society. Nobody gets arrested. What a disaster. Why is it happening?

Because George Gascón, the paradigm “progressive prosecutor” who is L.A.’s elected district attorney, follows no-bail and wrist-slap policies, with burglary and grand-theft cases routinely pled down to trespassing, with no-incarceration sentences. Reminiscent of the high-crime 1970s, the criminals are back on the street, and back to the tracks, before the cops can finish the paperwork . . . if they bother to make arrests at all, given the pointlessness of the exercise: In the year ending October 2021, Union Pacific says train robberies are up by . . . wait for it . . . 356 percentAs Forbes notes.

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What do I care. I escaped California and NY many years ago. Let it all burn. They deserve it. Leave California, ASAP right-minded people.