“Communists (DEMS) Want ‘Bloody Racial Conflict, Violent Revolution” – G. Edward Griffin, 1969

Communists (DEMS) Want ‘Bloody Racial Conflict ‘ Violent Revolution G. Edward Griffin, 1969

This has happened in our country: Cities on fire, the Coup of DJ Trump, the 40 plus goals of Communism for America. It is ALL realized, thanks to the Communist Democrat bastards and the cowardly “Conservatives” who never called the Left wing what they are: COMMUNISTS.

Bring America under Communism under the banner of Socialism’. ‘Bring America under Communism, but never ‘call’ it Communism’….Move the country toward Communism without the people even knowing it..’ WATCH:

The other day, some jackass called me an idiot because I call the Democrats, “Communists”. After you see this video, you will know why I ALWAYS call them Communists. This type video was required education when I was 12 years old. And, I thank God for that.

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now:

I Guess I’m A “Fascist”, Now.

Yesterday, I called some Lefty a “Communist”… Because he is. I believe in naming America’s enemies within, accurately:  If We Can’t Name Enemies (COMMUNISTS), No Defense Is Possible.

The first thing a Communist does when you accurately name them what they are: “Communists” …. is to scream ‘fascist’.   Let us remind the peace and love “Liberal” crowd that they are beating people in the streets, raping women in Seattle, burning down cities, vandalizing state property, intimidating people who don’t ‘belong’, tearing down statues and are admitted Communist/Marxist totalitarians.     That’s what they are  See for yourself..

I, however am a ‘fascist’.  

If below is what a ‘fascist’ is, I’m a proud one:

Because I believe that ALL of the founding fathers were Christian, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America was founded as a Christian nation, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that our country should have super secure borders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are two sides to every war, aka:  South vs North, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that Southerners should display their Confederate flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that statues and memorials should NEVER be torn down, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that children should be indoctrinated to be gay, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe there are 2 genders, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that America is a republic, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that a person should be hired on merit only, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that trophies should be presented to the best players, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I believe that English should be the official language, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that people should disrespect the flag, I am a ‘fascist’.

Because I do not believe that I am guilty because I am lighter skinned, I am a ‘fascist’.

People… I could go on and on.  Evidently, naming our enemies within makes me a ‘fascist’.  Believing in American sovereignty is ‘fascist.’ YES!



And,  you’re still a dirty, rotten, treacherous, stinking, spoiled brat Communist piece of garbage.

Communist, Garbage-Faced Scalawag, VA Gov Northam Removing R. E. Lee Statue:

Communist Scalawag, VA Gov Northam Removing Lee Statue:


This absolute, ugly piece of undereducated  Communist filth is removing a statue of R E Lee.  

When I visited Westpoint, R E Lee was a most admired man and was loved by Confederate and Yankee alike.   But, Northam the dirtbag would not know this because he is a Communist slug who should be thrown into the sea.  Should be hanged from the highest fleet in the USNavy.  

Removing history is what fascists, Nazis and Communists do.  Why?  Because they are bottom-feeding, pond scum and pigs.  Thats why.  

A statue is hurting NOBODY in the present day and all it is doing is creating bad feelings between people…But, that’s what the Communist “Progressive” monsters want.

See this garbage


[ skaluh-wag ]
a scamp; rascal.
U.S. History. a native white Southerner who collaborated with the occupying forces during Reconstruction, often for personal gain.
In other words: Pure crap.

Thought For The Day On Political Correctness At Christmas, ETC

WTG Rush Limbaugh For Calling DeBlasio Communist. He IS A Communist. Naming Enemy Within Is KEY

WTG Rush Limbaugh For Calling DeBlasio Communist. He IS A Communist. Naming Enemy Within Is KEY

Communism is treachery in America.  We do NOT have to go this route.  Expose these bastards.  Print up the Communist ‘goals for America’ from 1963, Judge Herlong.  Memorize them.  Corner this opponent bastard.

Limbaugh called DeBlasio a Communist yesterday.  That’s what DeBlasio is. New Yorkers that are patriotic should get the hell out and come to Arizona, especially Italians.  MANY Italians are in Phoenix/Scottsdale.  Patriotic people have to have somewhere to go to be safe from Communist fascists.


Some of his quotes, below:  NYC Elects a Communist Mayor – The Rush Limbaugh Show 

RUSH: I am so happy I moved out of New York, folks.  I cannot begin to tell you. This guy, what did he get, 73% of the vote or something? (interruption)

Yeah, you can predict what’s gonna happen in New York.  You can literally predict it.  This guy is gonna go after the rich like they’ve never been gone after before.  That’s gonna be the sole focus of what he does.  They’re not paying their fair share. They’re gonna be paying taxes they don’t know they have.  They’re gonna be giving up money that they didn’t know they had hidden away.  This guy is gonna take everything he can from ’em.  I am so, so glad I left.  Let’s just get right down to it.  That’s what he is.  He’s a Communist. Everything’s “the collective.” Let’s just be honest about what this guy is.  There’s no two ways about it

You have no idea how right he is, New Yorkers & what a price you are going to pay. Sadly, you deserve it. Terrible city. Evil.

Rush did excellent:

He’s a Sandinista.

He’s cCmmunist,

I’m telling you, he’s a Communist.

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh.  Thank you.  You have guts.  You, Savage & Horowitz.  Thank you.  God bless.  Keep it up.  Don’t listen to the MSM, Right Wing Watch, etc.  They are Communists and they know it.  Their new term is “Progressive.” TO HIDE what they really are because Communism is treason. Anyone that knows anything about these sob Commies, knows that ‘progressive’ is just a fancy term for Communist.  Back them up against the wall. EVERYTHING they do is to destroy, kill, take, tax and totalitarian.

NAMING ENEMY WITHIN IS KEY.  BIG KEY.  Don’t believe?  Look at Senator McCarthy’s black list sometime.

They ARE Communists, stop calling them ‘liberals!’  They’re dangerous. They can be terrorists for the ‘greater good.’  They are evil.  More proof of their treachery can be found in both parties: 

Election Review: The Establishment in Both Parties Want a Repudiation of the Tea Party  (In other words: Kill, destroy, demonize, discredit, demean, defame)

ALL Christians Must Start Calling #Commie Liberal “Jews” ~#Marxists, #Commies, Monsters, Traitors, ETC

Christians Must Start Calling #Commie Liberal “Jews” ~Monsters, Snakes, Pigs, Filth, Evil, Traitors

Having to look at what Mikey Weinstein wrote for the Puff-Ho has made me make a decision.  Good Christian people must call out treacherous “Jews” for what they are.  And I am very serious.  Never mind when they call you “Anti-semite”, they are COMMUNIST traitors. They use that ‘anti semitic’ card when they’re cornered.  You have to call them out. Corner them with their Communism, borderline Nazi-ism. Just because they are Jews should not mean they get a pass just because Jesus was Jewish.

My friend Mike, a wonderful Christian man who has always been a great blogger and online friend is really upset over Weinstein.  He has every right.  These “Liberal” Jews are miniscule as he explains.  If you call out these liars, it will make it easier for you to tell US from them.  We believers in the Torah and Jew-tians like myself are tired of the constant defamation we receive from these ERAV RAV pigs that call themselves “Jews”.  My husband says that they are not Jews, they are kikes.  I am sorry, but it is what it is.  I know that sane Jews totally agree with me.

There is absolutely NO reason that Christian people should have to put up with this insanity in a country their/my forefathers founded.   Minorities do not know their place, refuse assimilation and need to be put in their place, daily.  

Please call out bad Jews. Call them #Communists on Twitter.



PS: Please enforce bringing ALL troops home. We are hated now more than ever.

NY Newspaper; “We’re Publishing More Names Of Gun-Owners Homes” So? We’ll Shoot Leftist Trespassers Dead

(CLICK: Community View: ‘LOHUD’ Gun owners have a responsibility <Yep, to shoot Communists that TRESPASS on our property.)  By the way; Gun control is NAZI, you over-bloviated bags of baked wind..)

Friends; Why all the hooplah over these bastards?  When the liberal/leftists come to bother us on our property, we will shoot them dead. End of story.  I see this as a great thing; The bad guys will know not to come to our homes.  And the crooks will know to go to the liberals homes because they have NO guns.



BUT: I will shoot. I have had to before, it didn’t bother me then, and I’ll do it again.   I didn’t buy these guns for nothing. I bought them to kill liberals-if I have to.


Gun Control for Conservatives;

Buy more guns, prepare to shoot invading liberals.

White House Commits Treason, AGAIN: Welcomes Bill To Limit Ammunition Sales

White House gives cool welcome to bill limiting ammo sales

More right along, dummies.  Romney is gonna change it all for us.  So, what is the reason that the filthy mongrel hordes want ‘limit’ buying ammo?  Because they do not want YOU to have more ammunition than them when they come to KILL YOU.  

   No, no, no, MJ… That won’t ever happen here.  Bullshit.  It is happening NOW.  Well…The pigs had better get prepared for me.. I have a f’n Bazooka.  To do away with you damned leftist-fascist slime.