#PLANNED Terror-All Mayors Of Leftist Cites Are DEMOCRAT Communists:

#PLANNED Terror-All Mayors Of Leftist Cites Are DEMOCRAT Communists

Russia Russia…(failed)  Impeachment….(failed) fake pandemic….(petering out) ……..Next..?
Look at the videos: The rioters are white! They are all frizzy-haired Antifa, and look exactly alike.
Think people, this is “what’s next”.
Part of the ongoing coup. And again – all in Democrat controlled areas.

First off.. I couldnt care less if these animals broil their cities.


You cant tell me this wasnt planned.  This reeks of Soros. To the max.

Barbara Streisand said that she didnt want to go back to normal.  Streisand lives in Malibu.  How do you like your ‘new normal’, b’tch?

This is what the Democrat Mob brought you. 
Mayor of Newark, NJ is a Democrat
Mayor of Houston, TX is a Democrat
Mayor of Austin, TX is a Democrat
Mayor of Denver, CO is a Democrat
Mayor of Nashville, TN is a Democrat
Mayor of Los Angeles is a Democrat
Mayor of Minneapolis, MN is a Democrat
Mayor of Baltimore, MD is a Democrat
Mayor of Philadelphia, PA is a Democrat
Mayor of Portland, OR is a Democrat
Mayor of Seattle, WA is a Democrat
Mayor of Atlanta, GA is a Democrat
Mayor of Salt Lake City, UT is a Democrat
Mayor of Washington, D.C. is a Democrat
Mayor of New York, NY is a Democrat
Mayor of Chicago, IL is a Democrat
Mayor of St. Paul, MN is a Democrat
Mayor of Detroit, MI is a Democrat
Mayor of Oakland, CA is a Democrat
Mayor of Lousville, KY is a Democrat
Mayor of Dallas, TX is a Democrat
Mayor of Phoenix, AZ is a Democrat
Mayor of Tucson, AZ is a Democrat
Mayor of Pittsburgh, PA is a Democrat
Mayor of San Jose, CA is a Democrat
Mayor of Columbus, OH is a Democrat
Mayor of Cleveland, OH is a Democrat
Mayor of Milwaukee, WI is a Democrat
Mayor of Rochester, NY is a Democrat
Mayor of Ft. Wayne, IN is a Democrat
Mayor of Kansas City, MO is a Democrat
Mayor of Des Moines, IA is a Democrat
Mayor of Charlotte, NC is a Democrat
Mayor of Boston, MA is a Democrat
Mayor of Memphis, TN is a Democrat


Hitlery Clinton, The BEAST Is Encouraging A Soviet/Bolshevik Revolt In Russia: SHUT UP B*TCH!!

Hillary SODOM Clinton is the most evil woman in the planet.  Right now, besides making Russia sick to their stomach with her FAT mouth, she is pushing the queer agenda all over the planet.  And this will enforce Gods wrath all over America. This BITCH needs to shut the hole in her face.

Just look at this vomitous gasbag all over the news:


See: Putin harks back to Cold War 20 years on...
See: Slams Clinton for encouraging protesters...
See: Clinton strikes back over missile threat...

China and Russia are in direct disagreement with this hag who does not GET that we are NOT the worlds powerhouse anymore and she is overstepping her authority:


Should a “revolution” take place, the primary target of shock will be Russia itself. The worst nightmare would be the disintegration of the Russian Federation. This is the result the West most desires to see most. (And Ms Hitlery)


Hillary is an America-hating, Christian hating, Jew hating, Israel hating, satanic SCUM!

DC Examiner: Pelosi LIES, Babies DIE, Media Matters LIES, America CRIES. M.M. Attack PRIEST.

Pro-life leaders say Pelosi lied, again, on federal abortion funding‎ –



************NO SHAME. None.  Media Matters is absolutely DEBAUCHEROUS. Enemy of Americans. One of Obamas FIRST Exec. Orders was to make AMERICANS pay, not only for abortions here, but overseas as well…
WASHINGTON (CNN)President Obama struck down a rule Friday that prohibits U.S. money from funding international family-planning clinics that promote abortion or provide counseling or referrals about abortion services. More at: 

Obama reverses abortion-funding policy – CNN.com

Obama’s pro-abortion executive order creates first clash with

Will Prince Harry Reid Follow Trent Lott to the Gallows…?

Reid was speaking from his heart,    as he may still be among the minority of Mormons who believe that people of darker skins are under the “Curse of Ham”, forever to be regarded as slaves by the rest of mankind.

Since Resident (Pres_ent) Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., or Barry Soetoro, or Mr Michelle Robinson, or Sock-Puppet, supposedly the son of an out-of-control teenager and a Kenyan exchange student, is of clearly much lighter skin tone than the majority of Americans of African descent, and did not have ancestors who were held in bondage, he apparently escapes this “Curse of Ham”, or at least it lies upon him much more lightly.

In his heart,   Harry Reid (along with a number of other liberals) may despise the descendents of the natives of the African continent, and appears to curry Presidential favor with the faintest of praise…

Obama, in his own book, said he often talks/acts white as to not scare away white folk.
Just imagine the fire storm if it were a Republican!
Trent and Newt left for way less.
When democrats do it – it’s just an honest mistake. Quickly forgotten.
Everyone knows when republicans do it, it is revealing their evil nature/s.
Obama is reminding me of the Battleship Bismark. Its guns were not able to track the old slow British Torpedo Plane..(Tea Party) and it got hit in the rudder and could only go backwards. Palin got it right..Obama is Backasswards.
The Democratic Party rooted in Slavery strikes again!!!
Reid is a liberal idiot, whether in private or not, it shows your intellect and racist views of the democratic party. Leave and take Byrd, Pelosi Nazi’s with you. You were a supporter of Obama because you wanted power finally and you rode in on the racist card to win.
Let us not forget>. Mr. Biden

Vice President Joseph Biden: “I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American presidential candidate who is articulate and bright and clean-cut and a nice-looking guy. I mean, that’s a storybook, man.”

If the black community hasn’t awakened to what the Democrats think of them by now, it’s hopeless.

Obama, in his own book, said he often talks/acts white as to not scare away white folk.

I didn’t read his pathetic book, but then, I didn’t have to…he EXUDES that attitude all over.

In other words, he’s being a phoney. He’s “acting” like something he isn’t, just to fool a segment of society (and get votes).

Is there NOTHING genuine about this guy? Someone said in an earlier post that he is a “cardboard cutout”…well, yeah, partially…except it would be easy to trace the cardboard to see where it came from.

As far as Harry Reid’s “poor choice of words”…what does that mean…he’s not sorry for what he said, just that he used the wrong words? How else could he have said it?

The whole damned District of Columbia is filled with phoney baloney commies, using our money to have a big ol’ time in Hawaii and we’re sitting out here wondering how we’ll eat and pay our bills this year.

Well, just keep sitting there, and you’ll die there.