#BRAVEHEART! American Patriot Tells City Govt Authorities To FLEE THIS COUNTRY For Being Traitors:

BRAVEHEART! American Patriot Tells Govt Authorities To FLEE THIS COUNTRY For Being Traitors:

May God give every, single American patriotic man in this land the same bravery and boldness. This is a Braveheart. This is a William Wallace. This is what a patriot looks like. I don’t know what town or what city this is in but may God protect this man.

Youtube will boot this off of their Communist forum but here it is on Brighteon:


11 Wow-Worthy Women from New Jersey | New Jersey Monthly

Election Fraud Data Base Map: 1,298 Proven Voter Fraud Instances & 1,121 Criminal Convictions

Election Fraud Data Base Map. 1,298 Proven Voter Fraud Instances & 1,121 Criminal Convictions

The Communist (Democrat) Party claims that there is hardly any voter fraud. They always lie. Its not the the Republicans are a ‘good’ party, they have cheated here and there also. Its the fact that the Communist Democrat part is SO bad. They are pro’s with Voter fraud.


The Dems have been frauding America for over 7 decades.

23 Page ‘Overthrow The Presidential Election’ Document Posted BY MSN, (Transitional Integrity Project) (‘TIP’)

23 Page ‘Overthrow The Presidential Election’ Document Posted BY MSN, (Transitional Integrity Project)

FOR THE RECORD:  I am NOT a ‘ra ra ra’ Trump person.  I am pissed off that he allows cities to burn.

At any rate:

‘Anti-Trumpists are planning to prevent Trump from taking office, even if he wins in November. Their plans are on display via the “Transition Integrity Project‘   The rest here: Kaufman County GOP


How do their plans go? They will contest the election day results. They plan to stretch the election period into November and December. To make this happen, they plan to instigate chaos.

Breakdown of this 23 page report:

Color Revolution: Deep State to Steal Election From Trump or Negotiate Away Electoral College?

The report, linked up BY MSN (who is collaborating with these Marxists) https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/read-the-transition-integrity-projects-full-report/ar-BB17x0w3 

Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition 8 3 20 (PDF)

Preventing a Disrupted Presidential Election and Transition 8 3 20 (Text)

2nd Pandemic Exercise Planned by Sep 2020? (Just In time For Nov Election)

2nd Pandemic Exercise Planned by Sep 2020? (Just In time For Nov Election)

This Youtuber below believes that there will be a 2nd Pandemic exercise in the fall due to the fact that it states the plan on the “WHO” website in PDF form.     Isnt that such a coincidence?    Another run of insanity all planned out for us sheep in the fall right before the November election.    CommieCrats are just toooo predictable.  They just hate Trump and want him out, even at the expense of citizens.  I am not even a real fan of Trump anymore but to do what they are doing to Americans right now is treason.  Treachery.  Should be punishable by death.

Here is the “WHO” PDF on this matter:   (Page 39)


Jeff Berwick tells us about a WHO document “A WORLD AT RISK”. A report on global preparedness for health emergencies. They list progress indicators they plan to complete by Sep 2020. “The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least TWO system-wide training and simulation exercises, including one for covering the deliberate release of a LETHAL respiratory pathogen”.


Every Effort To Thwart Trump By Dems Will Be Met With Gods Expose & Reveal

Isaiah 45:7   “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create calamity: I the LORD do all these things.”

Image result for do not touch"

You Commie demons better get ready…because if Trump refuses to reveal your dirty shenanigans:  GOD himself WILL do it.

Your days are numbered, evil leaders.  As I see the devil get angrier as he works thru the Democrat party and many in the Republican party, GOD will send HIS  righteous anger and indignation at the Dems and the traitorous Republicans.

You see the recent death of Elijah Cumming?  Wasn’t HE in charge of the whole impeachment probe?  Well, he’s dead.  Rep. Elijah Cummings was key Democrat in fake impeachment of Donald Trump.  These were Elijah Cummings words:

“Trump will be re-elected over my Dead Body”
-The honorable Elijah Cummings (Dem-Maryland)

You see how Bernie Sanders had a heart attack?  

You think these things are ‘coincidence?’  THEY’RE NOT.

The anger of the LORD is here.  How many evil Democrats have to die?  Will they continue to mock our God?  They need to turn and repent before God brings more chaos and allows more death in the Democrat camp.

It’s not that DJT is an ‘innocent’ man.  Its not that he is pure as the driven snow, its not that hes not a womanizer, its not that hes not a shrewd business man.  He is all of these things and more.   BUT, God sees in the soul.  God knows the hearts of men.  In Trump’s spirit is something that God has touched and no man can ‘touch the cart’ without great pain coming to him for daring to put a finger on the anointed of Gods choice.

Don’t ask me WHY God chose DJT ‘for such a time as this’.  I have NO idea.  But, he has.

1 Chronicles 16:22:   ‘Touch not my anointed: and do no evil to my prophets.’


Daily Caller: Obama Trading 5 Terrorists For Prisoner Is Treason. And? What Will GOP Do? NOTHING.

Daily Caller: Obama Trading 5 Terrorists For Prisoner Is Treason. And? What Will GOP Do? NOTHING.

Nothing to see here, Kiddies… Because nothing will happen.  Remember, this is America…where we criticize Christian Russia while we aid in murdering Ukrainians…

SO:  Let’s look at the website, Daily Caller.. This is a website, where, if you tell the truth about ‘gay’, they ban you.  If they detect you are more of a truth-teller than they are: They block you.  Yes, you get banned from D.C. for telling the truth, without hate, just truths.   A holier than thou Blog that submits 1/2 facts and blocks patriots is upset because Obama committed treason, AGAIN.   In 24 hours, the Daily caller will have moved on to the next non-story and post a feel-good-happy-horseshit submission and all will be well in Obama-stan America.

What will the GOP do about Obama’s treason?  They’ll put Issa in charge who will blow off some hot air and back to square A we all go.

‘An Act Of Treason’

A fashion look from August 2013I see some Democrats are turning on the spoiled brat, Obama.  Good luck.  The GOP will do nothing for you, either… Unless you call them racists.  SO: Good luck with the race-card which you Democrats have totally worn out.

WTG Rush Limbaugh For Calling DeBlasio Communist. He IS A Communist. Naming Enemy Within Is KEY

WTG Rush Limbaugh For Calling DeBlasio Communist. He IS A Communist. Naming Enemy Within Is KEY

Communism is treachery in America.  We do NOT have to go this route.  Expose these bastards.  Print up the Communist ‘goals for America’ from 1963, Judge Herlong.  Memorize them.  Corner this opponent bastard.

Limbaugh called DeBlasio a Communist yesterday.  That’s what DeBlasio is. New Yorkers that are patriotic should get the hell out and come to Arizona, especially Italians.  MANY Italians are in Phoenix/Scottsdale.  Patriotic people have to have somewhere to go to be safe from Communist fascists.


Some of his quotes, below:  NYC Elects a Communist Mayor – The Rush Limbaugh Show 

RUSH: I am so happy I moved out of New York, folks.  I cannot begin to tell you. This guy, what did he get, 73% of the vote or something? (interruption)

Yeah, you can predict what’s gonna happen in New York.  You can literally predict it.  This guy is gonna go after the rich like they’ve never been gone after before.  That’s gonna be the sole focus of what he does.  They’re not paying their fair share. They’re gonna be paying taxes they don’t know they have.  They’re gonna be giving up money that they didn’t know they had hidden away.  This guy is gonna take everything he can from ’em.  I am so, so glad I left.  Let’s just get right down to it.  That’s what he is.  He’s a Communist. Everything’s “the collective.” Let’s just be honest about what this guy is.  There’s no two ways about it

You have no idea how right he is, New Yorkers & what a price you are going to pay. Sadly, you deserve it. Terrible city. Evil.

Rush did excellent:

He’s a Sandinista.

He’s cCmmunist,

I’m telling you, he’s a Communist.

Thank you, Rush Limbaugh.  Thank you.  You have guts.  You, Savage & Horowitz.  Thank you.  God bless.  Keep it up.  Don’t listen to the MSM, Right Wing Watch, etc.  They are Communists and they know it.  Their new term is “Progressive.” TO HIDE what they really are because Communism is treason. Anyone that knows anything about these sob Commies, knows that ‘progressive’ is just a fancy term for Communist.  Back them up against the wall. EVERYTHING they do is to destroy, kill, take, tax and totalitarian.

NAMING ENEMY WITHIN IS KEY.  BIG KEY.  Don’t believe?  Look at Senator McCarthy’s black list sometime.

They ARE Communists, stop calling them ‘liberals!’  They’re dangerous. They can be terrorists for the ‘greater good.’  They are evil.  More proof of their treachery can be found in both parties: 

Election Review: The Establishment in Both Parties Want a Repudiation of the Tea Party  (In other words: Kill, destroy, demonize, discredit, demean, defame)

Sean Penn Should Be Executed, Hung For Treason

Sean Penn Should Be Executed: Hung For Treason

What nation puts up with fascist-loving, Communist  traitors like America does???  It is time to end the treachery..

Idiotic, bad-acting, Sean Penn wants to have Ted Cruz ‘committed’ for mental health.  This is a subversive Communist, tactic (using psychiatry to silence opposition).   Ted Cruz is a patriotic individual. Sean Penn is a Marxist who aids enemies.  It is time for him to be hung–or at least, sent to Venezuela.

Ted Cruz has been absolutely 100% correct about everything he has said.  Especially the Obamacare fiasco.  Sorry, dirt-bag “Liberals”, I am right.  The ONLY people that need to be committed, hung, or shot would be Sean Penn and those that think like him.  Free speech does NOT cover treason.

See for yourself-Sean Penn: Maybe we should have Ted Cruz committed

In a sane world, we would 

this sonofab*tch.

*You know.. I am TRYING to be tolerant..but when I hear things like this, I get off the charts angered.

#IRS Valerie Jarrett Who Wants To Punish Political Enemies Says “Holder Is In His Position For Quite Awhile”

Valerie Jarrett Who Wants To Punish Political Enemies Says “Holder Is In His Position For Quite Awhile”  9:59 am Thursday

Ya cant make this shit up for a creature feature on a Saturday morning.  Eric Holder is a ghetto black. He wont ever resign.  Got that? He will not resign.  IF he does, I would be shocked out of my shoes.  In a sane would, Jarrett world be tried for treason and put before a firing squad as would Holder and Obama. Add Hitlery while you’re at it.

Video was taken down, here are the links:

This quote below is from “The Ulsterman Report”

TRAITOR, Obama Gives Chinese Govt Access to Millions of Barrels of Keystone XL and Gulf Reserve Oil

Treasonous, filthy, Muslim, foreign usurper.  He needs to be impeached and sent packing back to Kenya.  But, noooo, we are going to let this piece of sh*t stay here for our self-hating punishment.

Chinese government access to millions of barrels of Keystone XL and Gulf reserve oil. – See more