Thous Of U.S. Troops March On D.C. In Support Of R. Paul

Well, you all know how I feel; Anybody but Obama, 2012.  I dont like more than a few of Pauls followers, but I have met some super nice ones, as well.  Many have chased me away with their super demonic Jew-hatred.. AND: I don’t agree, at all with Pauls repeal of DADT, and his record of do nothing about illegals makes me sick.  I am value oriented.  I also believe R. Paul is wrong that ‘conservative, social issues, not issue’.  Our whole life and country hinges on regaining values, morals and ethics.

BUT, you all know what we feel here: AGAIN~ Anybody BUT Obama, 2012. I will stand with any of these phonies to unseat the Muslim occupying the White House. Even though I really am not fond of any of them, and consider none of them to be Conservative the way a Conservative should be, that’s m.o..

Vid H/T: Goldbug